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Do you think we are better off with lance or Gordon Hayward.

06 November 2014 - 09:58 AM

I know we can't change it anyways but I was super excited when we offered a max to GH. I
knew his game and thought it played in perfect.
19.2 6.6 5.6

That stat like looks pretty damn nice

I'm not gonna say I'm against lance but up to this point he's really disappointed not only me but the fanbase. Atleast scoring wise.
6.6 10.0 5.6
Now those assists and rebound numbers are pretty damn great for a sg but those ppg are not cool.

So would Gordon Hayward fit this team better. Would we be better off. I'm Not ready to say we are. But I wished we coulda got Hayward. But I think lance can start scoring more we will be pretty great. But what's your thoughts

Could we be pursuing Bledsoe?

14 July 2014 - 11:01 PM

I like Kemba and think he's our second best player and has helped turn this team around so I'm not wanting to start this crap about Kemba needs replaced. So don't do it.

But seeing how the suns have 4 pg's including Bledsoe I feel like they would not match. Just curious to what our plans are. And if we could be entertaining the idea of him playing the 2 guard. Hell idk. I kinda think it would be a bad idea but to me this offseason is looking bad...free agency wise.
And since we don't seem to be interested in lance then idk what the hells going on.

So Bledsoe....good idea or bad idea?
I vote bad. But like I said at this point I'm just wanting some news and a marquee name coming in.

The super ninja cho draft selection

20 June 2014 - 07:45 PM

Basically cho has never truly let the cat outta the bag about who we will select.

Last year I was very very very surprised that we took zeller that soon. It wasn't until draft say that I saw rumors about how much cho liked zeller. But didn't think much of it.

Even in years past I was surprised by cho with biyombo and MKG.

This may have been posted before but I gotta feeling that we will take someone who's not even on most of our radars. If u had to pick one of those sleeper picks who would u pick.

I'm going with James young.

The Charlotte hornets draft... Jabari Parker

10 May 2014 - 03:38 AM

Yes u heard that right. Not a mishap.

The thread mentioning if u would give up 8 players to draft a qb in the panthers thread got me to thinking.

We need that star. We need that franchise player. We need that lebron.... Kevin love.... Melo.... That Jabari Parker.

Why not give up some of our future to get it. Even if it does take a lot. We can't get big name players to sign anyway. We can lure superstars. So the only way to start is by drafting our own.

So trade this: the portland 24 overall pick, the Detroit pick. And a future first. Hell even 2 future firsts. Throw in a player. Do what u gotta do. Surely that package with mkg is atleast enough to make a team atleast think twice.

Hell with our drafting luck we might as well go ahead and get the sure thing.

Them we can start signing players who want to come here. I beleive honestly in my heart I would do this kinda scenario. I know some will say its way too steep. Or not realistic. But how sweet would it be to have Jabari Parker in a hornets uniform for a long time.

And discuss....

Mortal Kombat

16 April 2014 - 12:34 AM

Recently my youngest brother has been playing the most recent game from the series. MK9 I believe. Just got me thinking how classic and awesome those older games were.
And how cool the graphics and games are now.

What was your favorite character to fight with?

And why don't they make a motion picture out of it today? That would be awesome with all the graphics and special effects in the modern day.