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In Topic: If you could pick 5 teams to suck complete ass for the next 50 years, who are...

23 February 2015 - 06:23 PM


In Topic: that was fun while it lasted..

18 February 2015 - 09:51 AM

That was my hobby.. I know people hate me so much but give me credit. .
That was a masterpiece of trolling..

Half of RC going Dave this and Dave that.. I didn't cuss or rip anybody 1 time.. Just defending the Panthers and Cam and not giving up my Identity.. I became most hated in a week..

Then WFW part how bad does he look..

Dude I had people talking about my fake 8 cats...hahaha

Give credit where it's due..

Lol congrats on your master troll job dude. What are you, like 35? Your mother must be so proud.

In Topic: that was fun while it lasted..

14 February 2015 - 12:23 PM

I say again, Reece, you need a motherfugging hobby.

In Topic: Which QB will worry you more if they go to the Bucs..

14 February 2015 - 12:22 PM

I actually think either would flourish in TB. Winston does seem to have a higher ceiling, however.

In Topic: help wanted

28 January 2015 - 04:27 PM

I'm not entirely sure if ole Alice hasn't offer himself. He hasn't been on any of the forums. I know he was banned here, but not TATF.

Hope his obesity didn't cause a major health episode. Guy kept SC interesting for years.