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In Topic: dear defense ... please save me

Yesterday, 07:08 PM

so conflicted right now.

In Topic: Luke's jersey is best selling

Yesterday, 09:39 AM

I might take the tags off his jersey I bought at Goodwill and wear it tonight.

don't do that. wear those tags like a badge of honor.

In Topic: Luke's jersey is best selling

Yesterday, 03:16 AM

this Dick's site currently has him 4th behind manziel(wat?), peyton manning, and luck.


newton is 12th. the only other team with two jerseys in the top 15 is the bears with cutler(11th) and marshall(9th).

In Topic: a whole lot of kuechly love from the steelers (w/ a little for TD as well)

Yesterday, 03:07 AM

Well, Indy was going to take Luck and I highly doubt anything could dissuade Redskins from taking Griffin, so it's just the 6 other teams that screwed up by not taking Luke


i would say the redskins screwed up by taking griffin and moving up to get him the way they did, esp. when they picked up the better QB several rounds later.

In Topic: 6 years, $150,250,000, $54,000,000 guaranteed, Projected contract f...

Yesterday, 03:04 AM

Yes W's and L's are not always on a single player. 




A win and a loss CAN fall on a single player. For example, a QB imploding throwing multiple picks, overthrowing WRs, etc. etc. 


QB's and players in general can wilt or excel under pressure. 


so are you saying that cam is the reason we don't have more wins and didn't win in the playoffs last year?

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