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#1976733 How do you guys feel about the rest of the season?

Posted by rayzor on 02 November 2012 - 06:50 PM

I don't want Rivera and his brain dead staff to keep their jobs, so fug it.

what if they get things turned around and the light comes on?

not saying it's realistic to expect that, but if there's some way to avoid another "rebuild" i'm all for it.

i'm officially pulling for the rivera staff to pull it together.

i don't care who is coaching the team. i just want wins and i hope that the guy we have figures it out so we don't have to gamble with another coaching staff.

#1976392 Michael Jordan advice Cam Newton

Posted by rayzor on 02 November 2012 - 01:14 PM

in this context jordan may be the absolute best on to be taking this kind of advice from.

#1976389 Would you like to keep Rivera

Posted by rayzor on 02 November 2012 - 01:13 PM

Has that EVER happened? I do not see it under any circumstance.

yeah, it's kind of a ridiculous notion.

rivera would have no problem finding another DC job after here. no need for him to stick around and the team needs a complete break from the old staff, esp. if they still like the coach (which i don't doubt is the case).

#1976054 The real reason why the media hates Cam.

Posted by rayzor on 02 November 2012 - 09:16 AM

winning cures everything...esp. winning rings.

cam has a strong personality and hasn't been pandering to the media.

the only thing the media loves more than slobbering all over some big winning player is tearing down someone that is struggling. they love kicking a dog while it's down.

once cam starts winning the media will be drooling all over him again. they are among the most fickle bitches on the planet.

#1975972 Defense for real? Sunday should say much...

Posted by rayzor on 02 November 2012 - 07:49 AM

i think we'll look good the whole game against them. in fact i think they'll lead most of the game.

it will boil down to what the panthers do in the last 5-10 minutes that will decide the game, though. if river & co. decide to play it safe on D and stupid on offense then we'll blow another game handing the win to the other team.

we're as good and as tough as any team out there. you put last year's offense with this year's defense and you have a playoff caliber team. the problem is that we just can't finish.

i really hope we figure out how to do it this week.

#1975699 No Trades... No better

Posted by rayzor on 01 November 2012 - 09:20 PM

you think an intramural head coach and an interim general manager should be handling multimillion dollar contracts?


need to look at as the clowns runing the show until the real GM and coach is brought in did nothing further to f*ck up the team contractually further or screw us out of any potential draft picks.

#1975266 Jim Harbaugh will not be available. How about David Shaw ?

Posted by rayzor on 01 November 2012 - 03:35 PM

Don't get me wrong, I love the spread offense. I'm not disputing that it doesn't work. What I am mostly concerned about is his offense being a spread rushing attack type of offense that is reliant on being much faster/quicker than the defense. Call me out if I am wrong (I don't watch alot of Oregon games), but that's what his offense seems like to me. You are 100% right about him having no NFL experience being a big red flag though.

i think that's fine.

in fact i wish we were a lot faster paced than we are.

people may laugh at this, but i would love to have gus mahlzahn running the offense with cam again. he found the best way to utilize cam's abilities because he really does tailor his offense around his personnel, but he's also very innovative but uses much of the same basic principles used by NFL offenses. the thing that i loved most about what he did, though, is his no huddle, hurry up offense. the key for it was snapping the ball no more than 5 seconds after the spot on every down. this wears down defenses, taking away chances for them to adjust to what's going on and creates a whole lot of opportunity for the offense.

i don't really have a dog in this fight as to who we hire after rivera, but i don't want it to be a predictable offense or defense and i'd rather them be innovative to make it difficult for the league to adjust to. the key, though, is going to be in adaptability and variety.

#1975226 Jim Harbaugh will not be available. How about David Shaw ?

Posted by rayzor on 01 November 2012 - 03:13 PM

Yeah, I mean I have zero doubt that Kelly can coach a football team. He's an offensive genius, but is he a little bit too creative for the NFL? This might be way off base here (I don't know much about the guy), but his offense seems a lot like Chud imo. Doesn't he run a read option type of offense as well? All I know is that the offense he runs is strictly a college offense. Seems like his entire offense is based on having faster/quicker players and spreading everyone out, and I'm just not sure if that'd work at all in the NFL (although he obviously wouldn't run the same offense in the NFL). I wouldn't be against hiring Kelly, but I definitely have big reservations about it.

being creative isn't the problem.

being limited is the problem chud is having. he had become as predictable as jeff davidson.

read option is a good option to use....but only if it is a small part of a much more expanded playbook and playcalling.

spread offense works in the NFL, though. it's been working for years and most of the most prolific offenses have been using it and it's becoming more widespread.

chip kelly's offense would work...but him as a NFL HC wouldn't because he doesn't have any NFL experience.

i don't have a problem with him coming from the college ranks and the fact that he has HC experience puts him on pretty much equal level with any NFL coordinators w/o HC experience, but the fact he has no NFL exp. as a player or a coach is a huge red flag and he'd have to have a strong NFL presence on the rest of the coaching staff...including OC, DC, and Asst. HC.

#1974945 Rebuilding Plans

Posted by rayzor on 01 November 2012 - 11:47 AM

Tell that to Takeo Spikes

apparently life is easier to deal with when you expect the worst.

#1974768 "Serious" chance D-Will gets traded

Posted by rayzor on 01 November 2012 - 08:14 AM

Explanation per D Gantt

For Williams, the $3.2 million bonus allocation would continue to apply this year. For a post-June 1 trade, the remaining $9.6 million would apply not this year but next year.

The cap charge would be offset by avoiding Williams’ $4.75 million base salary next season, which means that the Panthers would carry a net hit of $4.85 million in 2013, if they trade Williams before the 2012 trade deadline.

not bad.

#1974365 Shannahan's take on the read option

Posted by rayzor on 31 October 2012 - 07:13 PM

hasn't the media been calling out our coaches for several weeks now?

#1974260 Cams presser 10/31/12

Posted by rayzor on 31 October 2012 - 06:24 PM

Cam seemed mopey. This does not bode well for the team. Last time I saw him acting like this at a Wednesday presser was after the Atlanta game. Then the Seahawks game happened. His behavior at this presser is night and day from him before the Atlanta game or before the Dallas game. He just doesn't seem confident.

the team is 1-6 and can't get into the endzone. there's very little reason for confidence right now and there won't be until they can get a couple wins.

he's acting like any normal person would in this situation. if he was acting confident and had some "swagger" going on he would get criticized for that. he's literally in a "can't win" situation.

#1973378 The 2010 San Francisco 49ers season

Posted by rayzor on 31 October 2012 - 08:31 AM

moral of the story...don't hire former chicago bear linebackers who took part in the superbowl shuffle as head coaches.

#1973352 The main reason for Cam's demeanor and "slump"...

Posted by rayzor on 31 October 2012 - 08:08 AM

there was a culture of apathy here long before rivera got here.

the only thing required for you to get a huge contract was that you were drafted by the panthers. there was no expectation of being great. all you had to be was decent. that was on hurney.

the team itself never had the bar raised as far as expectations. fox, after that first and legendary meeting with the team wher he told them all that no one's job was safe, never really challenged the players to be great. all they had to be was just good enough to keep your job. excuses were constantly made for being underachievers and a mindset of "it is what it is" permeated the team. apathy.

in hiring rivera, it seemed we got someone with fire but really all we've seen is fox minus an winning season. maybe if he had inherited a better defense and an oline that was roided up rivera might have had equal the success, but the bar was never raised moving from fox to rivera.

part of the problem remaining is the players on the team that were used to losing and just shrug their shoulders and continue saying, "it is what it is" only now they've added to their language, "here we go again" kind of just expecting things to fall apart at the first sign of trouble. but what do they care? they still get paid.

this team might need another gutting or a heart transplant. we might need to get more off the team from the fox/hurne era than what has already been cut off.

all of that said, cam has the power to change his own perception and mindset. he may have been brought down by a losing culture that is here, but that's no excuse for not being able to fight back. all of the guys on the team have that same power...or at least they should. most of them are followers, though. just a couple are actually leaders and cam is one of the few and probably has more power of influence than any one else in that lockerroom.

he can be a ray lewis type leader, but first he needs to start fighting again and quit being so controlled or influenced by his surroundings. the only one that can make that happen is cam. but the other grownups on that team need to suck it up as well and quit accepting defeat. they need to be players that make things happen at the end of the game. they need to be guys that turn it on at crunch time.

i think they fight most of the game, but at the end they just allow themselves to get slack because they don't have any confidence in themselves to be able to finish. they expect something to go wrong rather than expecting themselves to be that clutch guy that makes things happen when ther number is up.

#1972604 Does Peter King know something we don't?

Posted by rayzor on 30 October 2012 - 04:24 PM

Its hard to motivate guys over 30 who've been on losing teams most of their careers and are feasting off Marty Hurney's contracts.

no offense, but that's a cop-out. he doesn't need to worry about those guys. there's only a couple of them there. the rest of the team, tho, is young and quite capable of being molded into something better.

i've said it quite a few times. cam has one of the most infectious personalities i've seen. we've all seen the positive effect that he can have on people. he's known for being able to walk into a room and win it over with just his smile. with blinn and auburn he was primarily responsible for those two team's national championships and if you watched him at auburn you essentially saw him will his team back from pretty significant deficits because he knew what everyone there was capable of.

he walked into those situations and ended up owning them. he got those teams fired up in a big way and he could do the very same thing here...but he's not buying it himself yet. i'm sure he gets frustrated at what others do, but i think he gets more frustrated at what he does...the mistakes he makes and he can't shake it off. that feeling of "oh crap. here it goes again" comes from him as much as any and as soon as people on the team see him feeling defeated, the rest of the team will become infected with the same doubt he feels.

if he can somehow rise above his situation he'll be able to get the others to do the same. once he pulls that off, this team is going to start winning consistently and there's not any bad coaching that would keep that from happening. there's no 30+ year old with a loser complex is going to be able to get in his way.

if he can get his mindset back to where it was at blinn and auburn, he can get this team's mindset back where it needs to be.

should all that be on his shoulders? probably not, but it is.

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