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In Topic: Best free agent acquisition by Gettleman this offseason? Vote now!

Yesterday, 10:55 PM

Underwood. Why? Because his fuging flattop. 





RIP to Underwood and his flattop 

In Topic: What is going on? Cam's QB rating keeps getting worse this season: 100.2,...

Yesterday, 10:54 PM

His OL sucks, his receivers are average at best, Olsen is barely being used/has to stay back and block, his RBs have been hurt, his coaches are mental midgets...yeah, his decline should be expected. 

In Topic: We aren't as good as the Saints

Yesterday, 10:48 PM

I'm slightly drunk, but I'd honestly just like to see what happens if RIvera was canned, and Shula was named HC. Just for the lol factor. 

In Topic: Listen up you negative nancies!

Yesterday, 10:48 PM

Here comes the ol', win down the stretch to get to a mediocre record.


Get excited!

In Topic: Official Panthers - Saints Game Thread

Yesterday, 10:15 PM

The absolute saddest thing right now?



This poo can't be fixed in one offseason. 

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