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In Topic: Pete Prisco (CBS Sports Senior NFL Columnist ): I think I was wrong about Kel...

Today, 10:07 AM

I'm happily eating my crow. I was optimistic about the pick, but a little worried. Obviously didn't think he'd show such flashes and sure hands this early either. We clearly need KB to have an OROY type season...so please keep it up kid. 

In Topic: Scott Fowler blog : His take from the press box

Today, 10:02 AM

Seems to be sensationalizing the Cam news, but maybe that's just me. With RR saying he's alright and going to play against the Steelers, will be interesting to see how he comes out, if he's truly hurting or just roughed up.  

In Topic: The Huddle Podcast with special guest Jonathan Jones

Yesterday, 11:24 PM

Awesome stuff. Hardly ever listen to podcasts, but good work all around. Football, beer, dirty jokes and innuendo throughout? Sign me up. 

In Topic: Meanwhile, in Iceland...

21 August 2014 - 07:26 PM

Holy crap I had no clue Iceland was so small population wise.  Around 325,000 people (not even half of Charlotte)...and pretty damn impressive they haven't had a police shooting in so many decades. 



In Topic: Set-up in Furgeson Actors? 2012 Video Predicts Events

21 August 2014 - 07:12 PM

What I got from the video...the guy says Obama is undocumented and all Muslims will/want to kill you. Kewl. 



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