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In Topic: Top 5 TV shows

Today, 04:53 PM

Can't do just 5...



1. The Wire

2. The Sopranos

3. Breaking Bad

4. Game of Thrones

5. Parks and Rec

6. South Park

7. Seinfeld

8. Mad Men

9. House of Cards

10. Chappelle Show

11. Fresh Prince of Bel Air

12. Boy Meets World

13. The Walking Dead

14. Friday Night Lights 

15. Sons of Anarchy


And shout outs to Colbert, Stewart, and John Oliver, Louie, the Office, Californication, True Detective, Better Call Saul, Always Sunny, Community, Scrubs, Archer, and How I Met Your Mother 


In Topic: SBnation mock draft

Today, 04:41 PM

Saw it yesterday, and frankly would love it. Grab a WR in the 3rd like Justin Hardy, BPA the rest of the way, and I'd smoke a victory cigar. 




The idea of grabbing 2 rookie OT's, to go along with our two 2nd year guards, could set up a nice line for the next few years once they all grow and gel together. Granted, there's an obvious chance one of the picks would bust, but just coming away with one OT to anchor either the RT or LT spot in our lineup for the next decade would be great. 

In Topic: I met a stripper on Friday ...

Today, 03:57 PM

Turn OP's dating advice into a Huddle web series. Now. 

In Topic: salary cap released

Today, 03:41 PM

I highly doubt Cam is getting 23 million a year.


We shall see. Luck supposedly is getting 25. the Seahawks have said they'll make Russell the highest paid in the league. QB contracts are going to continue trending up for franchise guys, just as they always have. Following the patterns, this new class of franchise guys (Cam, Luck, Wilson) will raise the bar just as others in years past have. 


I'd love to think Cam is staying for 18-20 million a year, but I also think people banking on that are slightly crazy. Especially if they're judging today's market based on contracts signed a few years ago, from which the cap has risen tens of millions of dollars. Sure he helped deliver a Super Bowl...but Joe Flacco was the highest paid player in the league when he signed his 20 million a year contract. With a 123 million dollar cap. And has since been leapfrogged by Rodgers and Ryan (a lesser QB than Cam IMO). And soon will be jumped again by Luck, Wilson, Cam, and whatever other young QBs come after them. 


Contracts aren't going to stagnate or go down for top players until the league starts losing money and the cap decreases. Read...not in the near future. 

In Topic: House of Cards

Today, 02:50 PM

Season 3 was weird to me...aspects I loved, aspects I felt were rushed, but overall another good season. 



The door is open for tons of stuff for season 4 and beyond. The election, Frank/Claire's separation, Frank's obvious bi-sexuality (his political undoing?), Stamper coming back in the fold, the book/writer, and oh yeah, the Russia situation which could lead to war.