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In Topic: Answering a Few Questions

Today, 09:18 AM

So where do I put in my application?



But seriously, thanks for all your do, Jeremy. It's weird, but once I found/lurked/joined the Huddle, I've never missed more than a couple days in a row. Love this place and all the changes.

In Topic: Guess who the number 2 CB in the league is (pff)

Yesterday, 06:11 PM

I was/am a Gettleman homer, but was a little irked when Gettleman traded up for this kid I'd never heard of.



I now don't question Gettleman. 

In Topic: Week 3 Power Rankings

Yesterday, 11:15 AM

Not too shabby for a young, cap-strapped team, eh? 



In Topic: Whiskey River is going full retard

Yesterday, 11:13 AM

Getting this thing cancelled is a beautiful thing. Not only to piss off Steelers fans, but to show that our fanbase is growing and gives a damn again


In Topic: New Pic of Jennifer Lawrence Topless

Yesterday, 11:05 AM

Saw this thread and a new post in the Fappening thread.


Now...I am disappoint. 

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