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In Topic: Trai Turner seems like a vet according to J. Jones.

Yesterday, 06:31 PM

A lot of people were screaming OT and mad when we picked a Guard...but I'll be damned if it doesn't seem like we've gotten a potential steal with Turner. Love this pick more and more

In Topic: Lookin at our Schedule if we can even crack 10 wins this is a super bowl lock

Yesterday, 04:53 PM

10 wins this year and I'll be ecstatic honestly. 

In Topic: Boomer Esiason's most overrated players...guess who's number 1

Yesterday, 04:49 PM

This is the Cam narrative. It's always going to be the Cam narrative to idiots like Boomer/Peter King/etc. This narrative moves the needle, but is easily dispelled by actual intelligent analysts like say a Bill Barnwell, who has actually studied and wrote about the team at length.



Pay attention to people who know what they're talking about. Not these fools. 

In Topic: Deadpool

Yesterday, 02:22 PM

Reynolds is one of the few who could pull this off. IF, you're getting the "Waiting" and Van Wilder Reynolds. If he wasn't playing Gambit, I could also see Channing Tatum maybe pulling him off. Either way, please Hollywood...make this movie and make it right. 

In Topic: 15 Charlotte Twitter Accounts to Follow This Football Season

Yesterday, 01:19 PM

Also telling of Joe Person..I just found out like 2 weeks ago he blocked me (for a comment I made at him during the draft). Only took me 2-3 months to realize I was no longer reading tweets from the awesome Panthers beat writer. 

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