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Carolina Panthers Deangelo Williams Hitting His Stride

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Adrian Peterson, Chris Johnson, Marshawn Lynch, Arian Foster... all running backs who are being out performed by the Carolina Panthers own Deangelo Williams.

Deangelo quietly ranks 4th in the entire NFL, yet you won't hear his name in the media.


Deangelo Williams

With the promotion of Mike Shula to Offensive Coordinator, the Carolina Panthers doubled down on a running game still being important in a passing league. A risky move, but it appears to have some early returns. The Panthers have the second ranked rushing attack in the entire NFL.

An amazing accomplishment given that Jonathan Stewart has been unavailable due to injury.

By far Deangelo's most efficient running has been to the left edge with blocks provided by Jordan Gross where Deangelo is averaging a whopping 6.9 yards a carry. Interestingly, his second most efficient running is behind the right guard, who this season has been a mix of players.

In a career with highs and lows, health and injuries, Deangelo has kept the right attitude.

"It's not how many times you fall. It's how many time you're willing to get up. I'm willing to get up every time."

It remains to be seen if a premier rushing attack can again elevate teams to the NFL playoffs. No one is more hopeful than Ron Rivera and Mike Shula, who have wagered on this notion with their jobs on the line.

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