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Recap of all 2013 moves and estimated current cap space.

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Players restructured

Greg Olsen-Shuffled money around and saved 2.4 million for this year's cap but added to later years

Ryan Kalil -Shuffled money around and saved 3.45 million for this year cap but added to later years

Jordan Gross- Saved 6.8 million for this year for this years cap and add's 3.6 in future dead money

Haruki Nakumara- Saved 500k for this year

Jonathan Stewart-minor move that raised cap figure $200k, unsure of why we did this.

total net savings for 2013 cap from ^^ = 9.75 million

Players Cut

James Anderson(June 1st designation)-Signed With Bears saves 2.8 Million in cap space

Chris Gamble- Retired wealthy on his 30th B-day.- Saved 7.9 Million in cap space

Ron Edwards - Saved 2.5 million.

total savings for 2013 cap from ^^ = 13.2 million

combining the restructure savings and the outright cuts = 22.7 million in total savings for 2013 Cap

Dead money committed to 2014 cap from these moves = 5.4 million...this does not include increased future cap figures for Kalil and Olsen from their restructures..didn't feel like looking up the specific's on them.

2013 Signings and cap hits *all 1 years unless otherwise noted

Captain $1.1 million (including $300k signing bonus)

Derek Anderson $850k

Tedd Ginn Jr. $750k

Mike Mitchell $725k

D.J Moore $715k

Drayton Florence $620k

Ben Hartstock $620k

Colin Cole $555k

Richie Brockel $555k

Dwan Edwards TBD- 2 year deal

Chase Blackburn TBD- 2 year deal

Free agents not resigned

Gary Barnidge -Signed with Browns

Louis Murphy-Signed with Giants

Jason Phillips- Signed with Eagles

Sherrod Martin

Antwan Applewhite

Mike Pollack

Nate Ness

Andre Neblett


Exercised option on Tolbert to remain with team thru 2015.

Estimated current cap room=7.636 million.*not including Edwards and Blackburn signings.

(PFT said we had $936,00 before the Gross Savings of 6.8 million and accounting for the Dwan Edwards and Chase Blackburn signings)

Cap room will also jump 2.8 million after June 1st once James Anderson cut hits the books.

Lastly the Rookie pool for our 13 Rookie class is expected to cost us around 4 million.

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