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The Next GM

Mr. Scot
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Guess it’s that time again :unsure:

Now truthfully, there’s plenty of time between now and next season, so a lot can happen. There are a load of possibilities here and frankly, not a lot of clues as to what direction the team might go. Throw in that front office contracts aren't generally publicized and titles vary from team to team, so it's kind of a crapshoot determining who might realistically be a candidate and who might not.

Still, the identity of next GM will likely be one of the hottest - if not the hottest - discussion topics of the season, so why not get an early start, right?

To begin, here's a list of potential candidates. Just so I'm clear, not all of these are names that I would endorse, but they are people who I'd consider possible options. Some have been discussed here before, a few more so than others.

Names that seem to be getting the most discussion so far...

Eric DeCosta - Assistant General Manager, Baltimore Ravens

Marc Ross - Director of College Scouting, New York Giants

Nick Caserio - Director of Player Personnel, New England Patriots

Other possibilities...

Omar Khan - Director of Football and Business Administration, Pittsburgh Steelers

Russ Ball - Vice President of Football Administration and Player Finance, Green Bay Packers

Doug Whaley - Assistant General Manager / Director of Pro Personnel, Buffalo Bills

Kevin Abrams - Assistant General Manager, New York Giants

Floyd Reese - Senior Football Advisor, New England Patriots

Lake Dawson - Vice President of Player Personnel, Tennessee Titans

Eliot Wolf - Director of Pro Personnel, Green Bay Packers

Ed McGuire - Assistant General manager / Executive Vice President of Football Operations, San Diego Chargers

Jimmy Raye - Director of Player Personnel, San Diego Chargers

Scott McCloughan - Senior Personnel Executive, Seattle Seahawks

Tom Donahoe - Senior Football Advisor, Philadelphia Eagles

Pat Moriarty - Vice President of Football Administration, Baltimore Ravens

Tom Gamble - Director of Player Personnel, 49ers

Randy Mueller - Senior Executive, San Diego Chargers

Dennis Hickey - Director of Player Personnel, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tim Ruskell - College Scout, Tennessee Titans

George Kokinis - Senior Personnel assistant, Baltimore Ravens

Vincent Newsome - Director of Pro Personnel, Baltimore Ravens

Brian Gardner - Director of Pro Personnel, Houston Texans

Will Lewis - Former Vice President of Player Personnel, Seattle Seahawks

Tom Heckert - General Manager, Cleveland Browns

Open to other names being thrown into the mix, but this is my starting list. I plan to research these and add info/links as I have opportunity. As mentioned, nothing definitive is likely to happen before season's end, so there's time to look around.

Here we go.

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