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  2. she was the big winner of the town halls yesterday imo. she spoke policy and did it pretty well. pete did the worst imo, that dude is hilary clinton reincarnated, managed to get asked simple direct questions and ramble for 5 minutes in response without ever answering anything. bernie did alright but half of his questions were gotchas from plants from the harvard centrist club (literally) so he wasn't asked anything of substance
  3. I agree we need less stupid people. Including Trump.
  4. Exactly, except for the first bullet point. He had parameters set at that time by DAG Rosenstein. Everything he did was within’ those guidelines.
  5. Ziggy is more up and down than a cardiac monitor. Bare minimum 1 yr deal draft Sweat and Drew Breese announces his retirement on Friday morning.
  6. We arent paying our backup top 10 pick money and then paying him a 5tth year option money. Come on people. Think
  7. Josh Rosen averaged 5 YPA, threw 11 TDs against 14 INTs and had a 66 QB rating and 3-10 record last season. But in talent "it's no question" he's better than Will Grier. El Oh El
  8. I don't really need to point out the difference in a "something happens" regarding a future event and the "something happened" regarding 9/11 do I?
  9. oh I see... We have this problem lately of empowering stupid people. I don't endorse this current trend of thinking we need to dumb everything down so that complete morons can comprehend it. The problem with going down with that line of thought is even when you dumb down words you fail to actually reach a lot of those people anyway. Because they are dumb and simply resist facts to begin with. the problem isn't the usage of Easter. That is correct. The problem is stupid people. We need less stupid people. That should be your concern. Not just everyone being stupider for the sake of the stupid people. But I get how this gets into the MAGA issue. Because Trump talks at a 2nd grade level to reach people who comprehend at the 2nd grade level. So let the outrage begin when others refuse to use the "best words".
  10. I'm not offended. I just like pointing out the fine line liberals must walk regarding their dealings with christians and other people of faith, except for the ones they truly fear.
  11. Do you think Josh Rosen, who showed nothing as a rookie, is better than Will Grier?
  12. Everything thing about Rosen Appears to be better than Grier. If we are talking talent then it’s no question. Arm, accuracy and decision making. If you can get a first round talent who is highly superior to almost any talent in this class you do it.
  13. Have the Panthers had any meetings/visits with Hakeem Butler?
  14. Yeah, but he also has a 5th year option b/c of that as well. Would still have the rights to him for 4 years. I really doubt this is true, but if the Panthers could get him for a 3rd round pick, even the higher one, Marty would be all over it... I really doubt this is true though Having Rosen to back up Cam and letting Heinicke and Allen battle it out for QB3 would drastically improve this team
  15. You don't need to dedicate your life to proving it yourself.
  16. uh oh you said the bad words that got Omar in trouble
  17. I am. You assume everyone knows that Easter=Christian holiday. There are plenty of ignorant people in this world.
  18. Only if you're looking to make an issue out of it. It's an extremely common conceit in English grammar to identify a group of people by the event they were gathered at. Or are you such a dick that you read the headlines about the Vegas shooting that said, "concert-goers fled," and all you could think was, "Is it so hard to call them, 'Jason Aldean fans?' Because I and my delicate sensibilities are the real victim here."
  19. what provides the the greater context? Saying Christians were attacked during church? A church was attacked during an Easter worship service? 2nd one actually says more.
  20. I'm laughing my ass off just thinking of how the huddle would implode
  21. So glad we showed the Saints a lesson and won a meaningless game. We haven't had a pure LT since Gross. It's time
  22. Rest in peace Omar Higgins. passed away a few days ago when they were just starting to really catch on. for those who don't know the band, they would cover nazi-punk songs and make them anti-racism anthems
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