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    I need to know where this is and how to get there.
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    btw harry kane is the real fuging deal over there at white hart lane, spurs have been playing well. don't see how anyone can say poch isn't doing a great job cleaning up from the avb disaster. a good january and spurs could make a run at top 4
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    The reason I became a fan was being a stoner in college and listening to pi k floyd's album "Meddle" and on the song Fearless it ends with the you'll never walk alone chant apparantley recorded at a LFC ARSEnal match. I never knew what the hell it was until I watched the FA cup final in 2006 between LFC and Chelski. They started singing it and I just decided to cheer for them. Plus I lived watching gerrard, torres, kuyt, masch, Xabi...
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    it's the old foul on every single possession and dare the refs to call it every time strategy. i thought they only did that it football though.
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    I fuged up lol this was supposed to go in the transfer thread
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    Lol the ref gives Aston Villa goalie a yellow card for leaving a box... what a fuging joke.
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    Refs saving Manchester United again... This is sicknning. There have to be some kind of investigation, seriously. Every fuging game they get ridiculous calls their way.
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    Just pick Liverpool. We are just as disappointing, but we stay in top flight.
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    Why do all these former players and faculty members "hate" unc so much? I mean do you really believe all these different people associated with unc have gotten together and lied because they hate unc so much? How many more athletes need to come out and back up what MW has said for unc fans to pull their heads out of the sand?

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