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    Every year around this time I begin to spotlight players I think may fit the mold of a Dave Gettleman draft pick. Last season my first spotlight was Shaq Thompson. Lets see if lightning strikes twice. Up first... Kevin Dodd - Defensive End - Clemson Clemson actually has a couple of defensive end prospects coming out in the draft this year. Only one fits the Dave Gettleman profile. When looking at anyone on the line, I look for size. Dodd is listed at 6'5 and 275 pounds. This is the physical prototype for a rookie 4-3 defensive end. As good ole Dave says, it takes big men to win games. Dodd finished the season last year with a sack in the final 5 games of the year. He also put up 3 sacks against Alabama. That tells me he rises to the occasion, an intangible that should not be overlooked. Dodd is currently projected as a late first round to early second round pick right where the Panthers could grab him. He would not only be the best player available, but fill a huge need as well. Charles Johnson was nearly invisible this past season, and now his status as a Carolina Panther is up in the air. We have yet to see if the Panthers will keep him around or release him. His large 2016 cap number tells us something will be done with him. Addison, Horton, Delaire, all backups at best. The Panthers need a full time starter opposite rising star Kony Ealy. The biggest downside to Dodd is his lack of experience, which may be why he drops to the Panthers position in the draft. History tells us that Gettleman won't hesitate to choose a player high on ability but low on experience. You only need to look as far as Kony Ealy to validate that statement. View full article
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    I don't think folks forget this. I just think they get ideas in their heads and want their own theories to work out. Gman fills out the bottom of the roster with those cheaper FAs, then uses the draft to fill in the top of the roster with, hopefully, talented young guys. It has worked well for him, and us fans, for two years. That said. This is the first year he actually has a few dollars to play with. We may get a different look at the Gman this year. Will he stick with what got him here? Or will he make a splash or two? The ONLY thing I do know. He will do what he thinks is best to make this team better. And that my friends, is all we can ask. If Gman can improve this team again this off-season. We WILL be a team to contend with for a long time.
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    Daniel Jeremiah, Gil Brandt, Rick Gosselin and Rob Rang are good for draft info. There are others, but those are the first names that come to mind for me.
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