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    After three years of constant work, four threads on the huddle, two huddlers cast in roles, and wearing on everyone else's nerves talking about it, I can finally announce that Point Man is complete and has been launched in the U.S. and Canada. As of this morning it's available for streaming on Amazon and iTunes and it's stocked at every Walmart in the nation. I waltzed my happy ass in the morning to buy my own copy and stood there with goosebumps staring at it for a solid five minutes. This thing has the Huddle's fingerprints written all over it. Many years ago I posted my travel photos here and @Jeremy Igo told me I had an eye for photography - the first time a professional had told me such a thing. It gave me the confidence to pursue something visual of this nature. Ditto the shot at writing articles for the site in 2015. I learned people liked my writing and maybe I could do something big with it. When I started Point Man it was just a backyard summer project. I was going to shoot it in North Carolina and enter it in a couple of festivals. The fundraising went far better than expected and changed all that. Kind folks like @RoaringRiot, @cookinwithgas, @ARSEN, @Chaos, @Cary Kollins, and @Captroop selflessly donated to the upstart campaign. It was all enough to rent a Huey helicopter for our first production dates, which gave us the production value boost needed to get investors on board. @Paa Langfart kindly milled a prop for us. Casting gave us Charlotte native and Panthers fan Chris Long in the lead role, and the Huddle's own @OneBadCat in a supporting role, with @Moorgan and a number of others joining us on set in background roles. Investment dollars gave us a shot at making a film that could get distribution and reach the world. On an unbelievably small budget we moved principle photography to Cambodia, providing us a world-class shooting location with unmistakably Southeast Asian topography as the backdrop for our film. We filmed over half the movie there, and later in the year ducked across the border and officially became the first original narrative Vietnam War film in American cinematic history to shoot on location in Vietnam. Big deal for a little shitcan production and a rookie director. We returned home to film domestically. @arbnranger set us up with some studio housing for a scene. @KJ89 did all our background photography and got us the shots needed for Sony to do our film poster. Speaking of Sony... last summer we inked a contract with Sony Entertainment and Vision Films to represent Point Man as our global distributor. They made some edits and we kicked off our world tour: a premiere back in Phnom Penh, a cast-and-crew premiere in Greensboro ( @Cat, @Johnny Rockets, @Floppin, @cookinwithgas, and others attended) and an award-winning circuit in Australia. We closed it out at the Academy Award qualifying St. Louis Int'l Film Festival last year and buckled in for the release. And that day is today. Point Man showing up in fuggin Walmart is an inextricable product of the kindness of the Huddle community, many of them strangers to me before this unexpected and incredible journey began. I am grateful to be able to present it here now and finally stop making these goddamn Point Man threads. Thanks to everyone who was a part of all this - you have my undying gratitude. Now go buy my fucking movie! Stream it on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Point-Man-Christopher-Long/dp/B07NBRWYRJ/ iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/point-man/id1448565221 Walmart DVD: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Point-Man-DVD/770242663
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    Lilsmitty also known as Connor has taken a job in video production with the Carolina Panthers. He was previously one of the guys that was responsible for Cam's videos. But before all that he was the guy that made cool Panthers vids and posted them on here and social media for people to enjoy. Congrats bro!
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    My second baby girl, Elizabeth, was born at 6:30pm. 7lbs 6oz.
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    Calling a players you nothing about a reach in the 5th is hilarious
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    Hey guys, it's that time of the year again, and my guy has been giving me some info about this years draft class. For those who don't know, my friend works within a scouting department of an NFL team, not the Carolina Panthers, and he has been kind enough to kind of help me learn to scout, write scouting reports, and leak me some info as far as what the general public might be missing in the NFL draft. -Kyler Murray is believed to be the #1 pick in this draft, regardless of if the Cardinals keep or trade the pick -Expectations are three QBs within the top 12 picks -Daniel Jones should be the second quarterback taken within the top 10 -Expect Andre Dillard and Jonah Williams to volley for the #1 offensive lineman off the board -He does not believe a corner will be taken in the top 10 ____________________________________________________________________________ 04/24 ***Final predictions**** Andre Dillard either goes to Bengals or Bills Kyler Murray goes #1 Daniel Jones either goes at 6 to NYG or they trade up to get him Hollywood Brown is the first receiver taken Jonah Williams goes in the top 10 At least five offensive lineman in the top 20 TJ Hockenson in the top 12, probably to the Lions Denver passes on a QB for a LB Redskins trade up for Haskins or Jones Only one safety in the first round Greedy Williams falls out of the first
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    lmao who gives a poo what john elway has to say he just said 35 year old joe flacco is entering the prime of his career
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    If you are the owner of a stadium who wants 365 days of potential use, not just 11 football games and the occasional soccer match, how is this “retarded” and/or “unnecessary”? This is is not a football only decision.
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    The fact he didn't find a partner is a sign that he used restraint and wasn't offering something outrageous. This isn't a bad thing......
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    Had a nice chat with him about Eagles vs. Panthers game last season. He said Norv Turner completely changed the game plan mid game and he had no idea how to stop the Panthers offense. Said it took him completely by surprise. Overall, Jim was extremely nice and he did not hesitate to talk football. He had nothing but nice things to say about the Panthers.
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    Yep! Nothing but a pure class individual. So glad he is the one retiring a Panthers and not Salty Williams
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    We already traded down week 17
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    A “solid CB”? Lol
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    CMC is awesome but i still think it's a reflection of the coaching staff that they couldn't figure out how to use a guy like CJ to make a positive impact on the offense. running CMC into the ground just seems spectacularly short-sighted.
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    For the love of god get rid of Mixon. Robinson was bad and this is a good change but Mixon is a million times worse. He needed to be the first to go.
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    A QB unable to throw the ball 20 yards because of a chronically injured throwing shoulder is kinda serious.
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    Well, Bucky did work with Hurney, didnt he? Maybe he has some connection still? That being said, I have two points: 1) if true, who would we be targeting? Bosa, Gary, Allen? 2) if true, there would be no greater symbol of the Rivera era than winning a meaningless game that drops you out of the top ten, only to turn around and give up assets to move up. Just lol.
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    Torrey Smith‏Verified account @TorreySmithWR FollowFollow @TorreySmithWR More Torrey Smith Retweeted TMZ Guys are staying out of trouble so we need news somewhere. I’m a country boy. I hunt. I eat what I shoot. This is not a story. Just be happy that you aren’t a hog or I’d come for y’all too
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    When Cole Beasley is making $29M over 4 years and Devin Funchess is making $13M for one year, Torrey Smith at $5M doesn't seem so bad at all... When Collins gets 6 years $85M, Amos gets 4 years $37M, Mathieu gets 3 years $42M, Eric Reid at 3 years $22M is a damn steal. Great pre-free agency moves from Hurney and smart to not get in on the insane early spending, of which pretty much all these deals will be huge overpays by bad teams. Yet to see about D. Williams but definitely looks smart to let him test the market and let it play out. We may still be able to re-sign him if he isn't getting the offers he expected (which may be the case since he hasn't signed yet). Still a long way to go for Hurney to gain any trust from fans as GM but he's started off this offseason significantly better than many of his unsuccessful seasons in his first stint here.
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    they were after jobs which they were blackballed from over their social justice demonstrations. the Panthers gave Reid a job so he no longer has reason to pursue legal action. not sure why this is so complicated to some people. yes i do. i'm just not allowed to say it.
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    Just do us all a favor and stay on that bandwagon.
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    Lol Luck? That’s the example you want to give? He routinely had the worst o-line in the NFL up until this past season. And we literally didn’t draft a single quarterback during Cam’s entire career here until now. Nevermind drafting KB, Funchess, Samuel, DJ Moore, and Christian McCaffrey all with 1st/2nd round picks in the last 5 drafts. You could argue that we’ve neglected to provide him with a top-tier o-line, but it seems odd to complain about that a few hours after trading up to the top of the 2nd round to get him a LT. It’s like you’ve been in a coma for 8 years and just woke up in time for last season. That’s the only excuse for using Andrew Luck as a model for how to surround a QB with help.
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    What a reach. We could have gotten him after the draft. Am I doing it right?
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    The Carolina Panthers held their first media friendly OTA session today which gave me the opportunity to get a preview of the 2019 squad. Due to policy I am unable to comment on everything I see or hear. But here are a few thoughts and musings I can safely share. - Cam Newton did not throw. Much like two seasons ago, he went through the motions of the quarterback drill but did not throw the ball. However, unlike two seasons ago his training and rehab does include aggressive throwing motions which is good to see. - Taylor Heinicke received the majority of reps at quarterback in Cam Newton's place. Following Heinicke was Will Grier. Kyle Allen took the third string reps. - Heinicke looked sharp for the most part. He connected on the majority of his throws. He showed a particular chemistry with Curtis Samuel who also had a very nice day. - Speaking of Samuel, he may be the breakout player of 2019 if today is any indication. He is light years ahead of where he has been in OTAs past. Samuel ended the day with a long TD reception over Eric Reid. - Will Grier continues his growing pains. Grier threw multiple interceptions and others that should have been. Grier's biggest hurdle at the moment is all mental. He appears to be thinking more than playing. His throws are a fraction of a second too late. I look forward to seeing what he can really do once he has a better grasp of the offense. - Rookie receiver Terry Godwin looked impressive in rookie camp and also again today. Godwin has an outisde shot of making this team if he can also prove to be an adequate returner. - Gaulden played both the safety and nickel positions, confirmed by Ron Rivera after practice. Gaulden was step for step with the speedy Curtis Samuel on more than one occasion and covered him well. - RB Jordan Scarlett showed impressive speed on multiple runs today. More people should be talking about him.
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    "“I reached out to Will, and I actually saw him play in high school with him being in Charlotte. And I’m just excited. Like I said, for him to come on a team that I know he possesses a rare talent, and I’m excited. . . . It’s my job to put myself and my team in the best situation, and get everybody ready, . . . I want to make sure that I’m [the] best teammate and my best self for everyone.”" If only Cam's fans could bring themselves to think like this.
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    Not surprised Hurneys draft board was fuged up
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    Listen, now that our #1 pick is taken, take the god damn phone out of hurney's hands. let someone else handle it.
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    I’m so glad Dave Gettlman is no longer the Panthers GM
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    Now that I have had 24 hours to digest the Carolina Panthers rookie camp over a bottle of Crown, I submit to you the following thoughts. - Seeing Brian Burns and Christian Miller play the edge in a 3-4 set is really exciting. However, when they moved down into the 4-3 set together with their hands in the dirt it was equally as concerning. I doubt we ever actually see that in a game. Neither have the size to handle a NFL OT nose to nose. - Burns could put on some lower body strength, which he no doubt will over the next year. People compare him to Von Miller which is great, but Miller seems more physically proportional. - Kyle Allen was probably the most impressive player in rookie camp. For the first time in a long while rookie camp had a QB that didn't struggle for the majority of the time. Sure, he had bad throws, but the number of good throws outnumbered them by far. - Will Grier had a typical rookie camp. New scheme, new coaches, new players. Not exactly ideal for any rookie. He struggled for most of it. Ron Rivera said he was impressed with how fast Grier is picking up the offense, so thats good. - I don't believe Grier and Allen are fighting for a roster spot. Grier makes the team no matter what. Kyle Allen and Taylor Heinicke are fighting for a jersey. To most fans Allen seems like the sure fire winner here but that isn't exactly how it worked out last season. Who knows with Rivera. - WR Terry Godwin looked very impressive. It just isn't clear where a small rookie receiver fits on this team. Perhaps if they release Torrey Smith? - Greg Little is big. That's really all that can be said about him at this point until contact is allowed. He got most of his looks at left tackle. - RB Holyfield is slow I am told, that is why he was not drafted. However, he looked like a NFL RB to my eyes. The fact that he caught every single pass thrown to him is encouraging. - My shoes are still not dry from Friday's practice.
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    Huddle: we must get an OT in the first 2 rounds. Huddle tonight: Hurney is an idiot for drafting the best OT on the board
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    Let’s go boys!!!! Draft tomorrow and more playoff hockey in the Carolinas!!!
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    Win consistently Problem solved
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    This is really good news. Arguably the best DL for the Panthers last season.
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    I'm just here to enjoy all the dietary bro-science.
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    All I read is Sam Mills now has head coaching duties
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    Absolutely not, awful idea. Cam has weapons, Cam fans need to seriously stop this ‘weapon’ thing. Franchise qbs need to elevate everyone around them not the other way around. Weapons, elite oline, backfield threats, elite coaching....like really any qb would thrive with that. What about defense? Pass rushers? Left tackle? But put a first rounder and more resources in Brown...another weapon? NO. Giving Cam a defense is giving him a weapon. He needs a DE...he needs a LT. Just solid players. Not flashy moves but what he has offensively weapon wise is more than enough for a franchise qb to succeed. Cam took us to the Super Bowl with a defense that kept him on and the offense on the field to score and a decent oline that allowed him to make plays. And that was with no CMC, an aging Stewart and Ginn, Bersin, Cotchery and Funchess as his weapons. THAT is what franchise qbs do. It’s time to learn that.
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    I will never understand why people post pics of themselves on a message board. Now everybody knows thebigcat looks like a 35 year old virgin.
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    also, does anyone here think rivera wanted brenton bersin on the team? lol

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