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    Yeah let’s get someone like CJ Anderson and never use him
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    Exciting to see Tepper and the Panthers embracing Megan Rapinoe at an organizational level! The message they're sending is clear: this ain't Jerry Richardson's Panthers, and if you have a problem with this team's inclusivity and progressive bent you should go to some other shithole team and fix them up the way you want. You won't be missed. I'm proud to be a fan of this organization!
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    Just got back from a few days in Spartanburg and I am now getting around to putting my thoughts into what I saw. - Cam looks excellent. Great attitude. Great accuracy. Great zip on the ball. Etc. He is back. - Will Grier had a rough start to camp. Many incompletions. Held ball too long. BUT... He was dropping bombs on Monday. He has the best deep ball accuracy I have seen. In a drill where the QBs were throwing 20 yard lobs to the corner of the endzone into a net, Grier tossed his with ease. Nothing but net. Once he gets the mental part of the game, he could be something. He got noticeably better every practice I was there. - Terry Godwin is not getting enough attention. He caught everything thrown at him and looked to be the most natural when handling punts. I expect him to get a lot of preseason action. - Jarius Wright is our most consistent receiver. Curtis Samuel is our biggest playmaker. DJ Moore has the most potential. Will be fun to see these guys settle into their roles. - Brian Burns hits harder in practice than other players. Goes hard every snap and gives a pop to every ball carrier if he can. - The runningback battle is closer than many think. CMC looks outstanding. I mean... All-pro good. Jordan Scarlett is EASILY the best 3rd down back behind him. He will make the roster for sure. And he will see regular season action. The real battle is going to be between CAP and Holyfield. We know what CAP is. He is a solid, but unspectacular back. Holyfield broke many tackles in redzone drills and also showed more burst on the outside than I expected. Preseason games will determine this. - Jaydon Mickens is making plays on offense. He is really fighting to be the last receiver to make the roster. Two receivers to watch: Damion Jeanpierre - fantastic short area quickness and burst off of the line. Had to be held by Donte Jackson during 1 on 1s because he dusted him off of the line. Deandrew White - This kid was either a huge play or a concentration drop. If he can be more consistent, he has a shot at the PS. - The coaches seem to really like CB Josh Thornton. He got a lot of snaps. - Marquis Haynes is getting a lot of looks on 1st and 2nd team defense. Team really wants to know what they have in him. - The pass rush looks sick. There will be no better practice for our offensive line than the depth and talent being thrown at them right now every day. Those were the things that stood out to me. Feel free to ask me about other stuff and I'll do my best to answer.
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    Calling a players you nothing about a reach in the 5th is hilarious
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    Hey guys, it's that time of the year again, and my guy has been giving me some info about this years draft class. For those who don't know, my friend works within a scouting department of an NFL team, not the Carolina Panthers, and he has been kind enough to kind of help me learn to scout, write scouting reports, and leak me some info as far as what the general public might be missing in the NFL draft. -Kyler Murray is believed to be the #1 pick in this draft, regardless of if the Cardinals keep or trade the pick -Expectations are three QBs within the top 12 picks -Daniel Jones should be the second quarterback taken within the top 10 -Expect Andre Dillard and Jonah Williams to volley for the #1 offensive lineman off the board -He does not believe a corner will be taken in the top 10 ____________________________________________________________________________ 04/24 ***Final predictions**** Andre Dillard either goes to Bengals or Bills Kyler Murray goes #1 Daniel Jones either goes at 6 to NYG or they trade up to get him Hollywood Brown is the first receiver taken Jonah Williams goes in the top 10 At least five offensive lineman in the top 20 TJ Hockenson in the top 12, probably to the Lions Denver passes on a QB for a LB Redskins trade up for Haskins or Jones Only one safety in the first round Greedy Williams falls out of the first
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    That kid is going to be special
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    We are finally not keeping players way past their prime for sentimental reasons. Thank fuging God!
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    if margins are so slim....I would think that the Panthers essentially missing an ideal week of NFL practice/prep prior seasons is kinda a big deal. I mean that is why we have a bubble now. Because the margins are so slim.
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    According Adam Shefter. Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter · 3m Former Buccaneers’ DT Gerald McCoy is signing with the Carolina Panthers, per sources.
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    The fact he didn't find a partner is a sign that he used restraint and wasn't offering something outrageous. This isn't a bad thing......
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    if you don't like it,,, LEAVE
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    This is exactly what I want our players focusing on after looking like complete and utter poo on the field. Sigh...
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    On Undisputed this morning, Gerald McCoy agreed that he joined Carolina over Cleveland because “One team feels like they can be winners, the other already knows they are winners.”
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    Doesn’t require cap room or a roster spot. It has a Tepper Steeler connection and only requires RR to acknowledge that he is willing to listen. Make a call to a HOF CB/Coach who is considered the father of the zone blitz.... Dick LeBeau. He was let go by Tennessee last year and is a football junkie with an enormous wealth of 3-4 knowledge. Bring him on as a consultant and open your ears and minds. He not only has front seven expertise but early on as a secondary coach almost always oversaw double digit interceptions. We could use a “Godfather” with Super Bowl experiences.
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    Drafted DJ, Ian, Jackson (we will see what this year's drafts pan out) Signed a plug and play Kalil replacement Signed some immediate pressure on D in McCoy, Irvin Got Hogan for a steal Didn't fall for sentiment and let TD walk This my friends is a new man!!!
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    Yep! Nothing but a pure class individual. So glad he is the one retiring a Panthers and not Salty Williams
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    Julio you see that? Don’t settle for anything under 105 bro
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    Dude. You’re a good poster and I really dont care if the Panthers support Megan Rapinoe or not because it doesnt affect my life in any way but how do you praise “inclusivity” then tell anyone with a different opinion to “fug off and find a new team?” Zero logic bro Liberals always wanna shove this “be open minded and inclusive” rhetoric down peoples throats but then condemn anyone who offers a different opinion. Im only 25 and im already tired of it. Just my 2 cents before this thread inevitably gets sent to the tinderbox
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    A QB unable to throw the ball 20 yards because of a chronically injured throwing shoulder is kinda serious.
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    Jourdan Rodrigue‏Verified account @JourdanRodrigue 2m2 minutes ago More Jourdan Rodrigue Retweeted Adam Schefter Kawann Short, Dontari Poe, and Gerald McCoy is your three-man front. That is...prodigious.
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    Sapp literally listed a laundry list off pro bowlers that all played on the same defense. Brooks. Sapp. Lynch. Barber. They all played together. and yet he acts like it is a mystery why McCoy hasn’t had more team success? I think Sapp answered his own question.
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    A quick summary of what all has happened this off-season and why. Ron Rivera had doubts about Gaulden early on, alluding to his move to nickel as far back as February. But hey, why not give the kid one last chance and give him until training camp. Camp came, and he was awful. So let's see how he looks at nickel. Well, Gaulden looked like a damn football player at nickel. Looky there. That's where he belonged the whole time. Better that than be a complete bust of a third rounder. The Panthers still like Cockrell at free safety but you can't go into the season with a guy that has never played there before. So you go get Tre Boston on a one year stop gap contract. They don't want Boston. They need Boston. They were hoping to have someone average enough to not have to sign him. His last season with the Panthers he was part of the problem on defense. That must be the last impression of Boston that Rivera has. So today the defense has improved since February. The Panthers have more depth at free safety and nickel and that's a good thing.
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    He doesn't seem like a particularly compassionate person, and maybe it makes me a dick but I doubt he'd give a poo about cancer if it hadn't claimed his mom. He strikes me as one of those people who only cares about something if it happens to directly intersect with his life in some way.
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    Big man. Big personality. Big leader. This is unreal.
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    Cut Torrey Smith, sign McCoy- profit
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    In the olden days, the Panthers would not let someone they really wanted leave while not under contract. Cut Torrey and Butler. Sign McCoy and another safety. Call it a day.
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    Lol Luck? That’s the example you want to give? He routinely had the worst o-line in the NFL up until this past season. And we literally didn’t draft a single quarterback during Cam’s entire career here until now. Nevermind drafting KB, Funchess, Samuel, DJ Moore, and Christian McCaffrey all with 1st/2nd round picks in the last 5 drafts. You could argue that we’ve neglected to provide him with a top-tier o-line, but it seems odd to complain about that a few hours after trading up to the top of the 2nd round to get him a LT. It’s like you’ve been in a coma for 8 years and just woke up in time for last season. That’s the only excuse for using Andrew Luck as a model for how to surround a QB with help.
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    This show has honestly shown me why Tepper has faith in Rivera. Say what you want but the guy is a hell of a coach.
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    I do not get the hate for this guy. He was a solid player. The talent has now improved at the receiver position. He did his job when he was here....IMO.
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    Best day I have seen from Grier yet. Played with the 1's the entire practice. Plenty of solid passes with few misses. Showed a particular chemistry with CMC on the quick throws. Got a few "whoas" from.the sidelines. The Panthers would love for him to win the #2 spot and if today is any indication that is possible. A drastic difference between today and rookie camp. Exactly what needs to happen .
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    Not surprised Hurneys draft board was fuged up
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    What a reach. We could have gotten him after the draft. Am I doing it right?
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    Huddle over reacting to preseason?? No WAY
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    "He only got MVP once in 9 seasons...." Man, DeAngelo comes off really dumb right there.....
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    Irvin is excited.
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    The Carolina Panthers held their first media friendly OTA session today which gave me the opportunity to get a preview of the 2019 squad. Due to policy I am unable to comment on everything I see or hear. But here are a few thoughts and musings I can safely share. - Cam Newton did not throw. Much like two seasons ago, he went through the motions of the quarterback drill but did not throw the ball. However, unlike two seasons ago his training and rehab does include aggressive throwing motions which is good to see. - Taylor Heinicke received the majority of reps at quarterback in Cam Newton's place. Following Heinicke was Will Grier. Kyle Allen took the third string reps. - Heinicke looked sharp for the most part. He connected on the majority of his throws. He showed a particular chemistry with Curtis Samuel who also had a very nice day. - Speaking of Samuel, he may be the breakout player of 2019 if today is any indication. He is light years ahead of where he has been in OTAs past. Samuel ended the day with a long TD reception over Eric Reid. - Will Grier continues his growing pains. Grier threw multiple interceptions and others that should have been. Grier's biggest hurdle at the moment is all mental. He appears to be thinking more than playing. His throws are a fraction of a second too late. I look forward to seeing what he can really do once he has a better grasp of the offense. - Rookie receiver Terry Godwin looked impressive in rookie camp and also again today. Godwin has an outisde shot of making this team if he can also prove to be an adequate returner. - Gaulden played both the safety and nickel positions, confirmed by Ron Rivera after practice. Gaulden was step for step with the speedy Curtis Samuel on more than one occasion and covered him well. - RB Jordan Scarlett showed impressive speed on multiple runs today. More people should be talking about him.
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    "“I reached out to Will, and I actually saw him play in high school with him being in Charlotte. And I’m just excited. Like I said, for him to come on a team that I know he possesses a rare talent, and I’m excited. . . . It’s my job to put myself and my team in the best situation, and get everybody ready, . . . I want to make sure that I’m [the] best teammate and my best self for everyone.”" If only Cam's fans could bring themselves to think like this.

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