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    if you're already muting leftists in april because you can't defend your candidate, how the hell do you expect to win against trump supporters. you haven't even got to the hard part yet. hit those phones!
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    i’m not leaving it to the court of public opinion. you’re not leaving it to the court of public opinion. joe biden is leaving it to the court of public opinion. he has to address this directly and he must unseal his records. it’s the only way to clear his name. it’s just a warning to a party that doesn’t have a nominee yet. they are not obligated to make biden the nominee. if they choose to nominate him despite recent developments then it’s on them, not me.
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    If Obama was in charge, he wouldn't be working the podium. He'd turn it over to the experts and let them present a solid unified approach. Go back and look at how he handled H1N1. Trump is an idiot because his own narcissism is the reason the press skewers him on a daily basis. If he didn't have the need to spout off everyday and attempt to use the time as a campaign rally, it might be different. And the press is being somewhat disingenuous and is not providing the citizens of this country with any real service because the easy story is Trump saying something stupid and reporting that instead of directing their questions toward the experts in the room. All the press needs to do to get Trump off the mike is start asking questions of the people who can provide factual information instead of going after the low-hanging fruit that is this administration.
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    the pandemic isnt stopping the 2020 election. so in light of that it is still their obligation to report on the race. we can walk and chew gum at the same time. a presidential nominee with credible rape allegations is news. YOU need to stop carrying water for a media not doing their job.
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    Reading the take down of Reade in this thread makes me think she was talking about being assaulted by a conservative SCOTUS nominee. There are some seriously internally inconsistent people ITT
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    i dont expect the party to treat this appropriately but if by some chance they did and if biden were forced to drop out this is exactly how his enablers would try to spin it. "oh you dont really care about rape!" nothing but projection from the shitlibs.
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    Co-signed. If he is innocent, he's got to address this head on. The whole "when reached for comment, his campaign claims the allegations are false" poo ain't gonna fly.
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    Oh, poo. My bad. Whoops. Missed this. Honestly, mea culpa. I was just going full rant mode cuz I thought a Repub had the gall to try to sermonize on this issue. Thanks @NanuqoftheNorth for setting me straight. Truly my bad. Yeah. fug Biden.
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    Seriously, Blue is not anywhere near being a republican. Stop punching left and hold Biden accountable for his actions.
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    A healthy news media has exposed Trump. The media would have gotten every other POTUS to resign long ago. Trump is unique to American politics. The most uniquely immoral and corrupt force to ever gain power (and that does say something as it isn't even close and we have had a lot of really horrific folks in power) Which again, goes to why Bernie, myself and most sane Americans view ridding ourselves of Trump as priority #1.
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    Seriously disappointed. A healthy news media should have been easily able to expose Donald Trump's dark side and derail his campaign. Instead, the MSM gave him 2 billion in uncritical free media coverage leading up to the 2016 election. In 2020, the MSM is failing to do their jobs yet again. Biden has a horrible political record, being on the wrong side of just about every important issue of the day for almost 5 decades. A healthy news media should easily be able to expose Biden's dark side and derail his campaign. Instead, the MSM is giving him uncritical free media coverage leading up to the 2020 election. So, do we now have to qualify every legitimate criticism of Joe Biden with "but Donald Trump is bad too"? We already know Donald is horrible. So why would we want to elect Joe Biden, the one democratic candidate that displays many, if not all, the same serious character flaws as the idiot that occupies the WH today?
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    there's a higher chance that Biden drops out than Biden ever being President.
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    Biden not dropping out is because the establishment knows dumb fuging chuds like you exist who will carry their water for them and they can get away with nominating a rapist. Take a bow you’ve earned it dip poo.
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    Republicans used the moral high ground against Bill Clinton.
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    Should trump step down? Yes. Should Bart step down? Yes. Now that we have the whataboutisms and non sequiturs out of the way can we get back to the topic at hand? Biden and his credible rape allegations are 100% disqualifying and if you are trying to justify it you are a hypocrite. This bullshit from moderate/centrist Dems is sooooo fugging weak. Have a fuging backbone for once.
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    Do you ever not argue in bad faith?
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    Presumptive. But if it counts for anything, I'll be voting for Bernie in the D.C. Primary one way or the other. Although I'm almost certain by June it will be fait accompli.
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    at least they didn't have to watch him marry a much younger woman. god can you imagine
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    isn’t that a clear pattern of behavior though? at some point every single rapist in human history “hasn’t shown a pattern of behavior” if the standard is irrefutable evidence that they are a rapist. it’s not proven until it’s proven. i understand due process but if biden and a complicit media seek to elude process then imo it’s left up to the court of public opinion. either biden unseals his records and allows the process to carry out or each of us on an individual level can decide if the words of his accuser and the corroborating evidence we have are enough to judge him. i personally say yes and i won’t vote for him on those grounds. he could adopt bernie’s platform entirely and i wouldn’t vote for him because i’m not going vote for a rapist. i’m not going to help make a rapist the most powerful politician in the world.
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    “believe women!”* *offer not valid when accusing a democrat of rape
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    Roy Moore lost, to a Democrat, in Alabama. almost all of his endorsers withdrew their support, including Ted Cruz. by continuing to support Biden, the Democrats are proving they have no moral highground over the likes of Cruz, Trump, and the rest of the GOP.
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    you mean the sexual assault claim? yeah, pretty sure all the news outlets have been looking into that very thing. And the reason it hasn't been wall to wall air play....is because of the lack of credibility the claim has. I mean that is what news does. Someone claims X. Real news doesn't just then start yelling about it. They look into it. They investigate it. And when looking into Reade's claims....a lot of it doesn't add up as credible. So they keep looking into it. Too many evolutions and oddities to her and her claim for any news outlet to treat her claim as they did Ford, Carroll, etc. Because those woman aren't comparable. Now, maybe it all did happen. But it is clearly understandable why the news isn't running with it yet. But they eventually will cover this story in one way or another. No doubt about that.
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    It was news in 2016, too. Didn't seem to change anything.
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    Man, if I could go back to myself in 2010, I'd just tell him, "Remember when the President didn't occupy your every waking thought?" And he'd say, "Yeah. That's every day for me. I go days at a time without thinking about Barack Obama, or politics in general." "Embrace that feeling! Use that free mental energy to learn some new skill or a second language or write a book or something. Because in about mid-2015, there's gonna be a land rush on your mental real estate bigger than the California gold rush."
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    found a new type of #resistance grifter
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    If you went back to 2010, or any time more than 5 years ago really, and told someone the president in 2020 would stop giving press briefings on a global pandemic/economic crisis b/c they are butthurt for being mocked when telling folks to inject themselves with disinfectants... and that the same person decided to de-fund an international medical community during a pandemic... no one would believe you lol
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    you are right. but when has the media ever just gone by how big a story is? one could argue dems voting to give more money to trump for putting kids in cages, expand his spying powers, increase military budget would all be pretty big stories in the context of dems saying trump is the most dangerous president ever. yet here we are, about to nominate a senile rapist for the dem nominee.
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    We've heard a lot about the concept of "herd immunity" in regards to COVID-19. Now the WHO is saying there is no evidence that recovered people have immunity. https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2020/04/25/844939777/no-evidence-that-recovered-covid-19-patients-are-immune-who-says
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    seeing where right wingers are going full “FOLLOW THE MONEY” and attributing the high number of deaths to hospitals recording non virus deaths as virus deaths to make more money. when our healthcare system allows poor people die simply because they’re poor it’s “let them die” but when our healthcare system reports bad news for their team it’s “FOLLOW THE MONEY IT AWAYS LEADS BACK TO THE MONEY” note that these positions are at least somewhat consistent. both create and preserve the conditions that allow black and hispanic people to die at higher rates than white people. these people are genocidal freaks and i for one encourage them to organize in public without masks.
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    Trump administration has handled this as badly as possible. We will pass the total number of Vietnam deaths this week. Anyone who thinks trump cares about you, your family, your livelihood, of your business is a moron who has had too many Lysol martinis.
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