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    I have gotten a ton of feedback lately and people are really excited to talk Panthers, the good, the bad, and this new team incarnation. That is exactly what this forum is for. What this forum is not for is former Panthers fans coming in and poo'ing on the team constantly. That is smack talk and has never been welcomed in this specific forum. As such, if you find yourself doing nothing but constantly dogging on the team in every topic, you will likely find your account restricted to the smack and NFL forums. You are welcome to do that in the other forums, but not this one. If this was done in error and you are still a Panthers fan capable of contributing something worth while, please let me know. Love, JI
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    Wow! Jourdan is REALLY going in on the Panthers organization. No lies detected!
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    I don’t care what people have to say about his coaching style. Coach Rivera is a stand up man and has shown nothing but love for Charlotte and the players he’s coached. F**k cancer. Keep Pounding.
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    Bad checks? Guess he was a little short
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    So, I woke up this morning and enjoyed some coffee while reading this joint and reflecting on the loss yesterday. And you know what, I'm not even mad. The Carolina Panthers sit at 0-2, just like last season. But instead of looking out atthe deep dark yawning chasm of missed opportunities and more of the same monotonous crap year after year after year, we have something quite new. We have one of the youngest teams in the league with brand new NFL coaches including the youngest offensive coordinator in the league going toe to toe with established NFL teams. And you know what? It has been pretty damn close each week. A rocky start followed by effective adjustments (wtf are adjustments?) and comebacks making the games interesting well into the 4th quarter. The Panthers adjusted and went with primarily a three man rush while dropping OLBs in coverage and you know what? It worked. Tom Brady went just 6-of-12 in the second half for 19 yards. That in itself is pretty damn impressive. If not for Teddy's turnovers yesterday the Carolina Panthers would have won the game. If not for crucial 3rd down penalties that extended Bucs drives yesterday, the Carolina Panthers may have won the game. These things can all be fixed and are not intrinsic flaws within the team. In conclusion, these are growing pains we all expected. The good news is the Panthers are not getting blown out. They are scrapping the entire game and making it competitive. Sure, it sucks now. But I still believe, as I have said all along, that the Panthers will start winning games as the season goes on. Now back to my coffee. Love you, JI
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    I attended today's Carolina Panthers training camp practice. Here are a few abstract and sometimes unfinished thoughts I have mulling in my brain. - Teddy Bridgewater looks sharp. As sharp as any Panthers QB I have seen this early in camp. Most throws were on the money and good decisions. There were some off targets but no more than any other starting QB has thrown. - Teddy and CMC seem to have already developed a really good chemistry on the field. Teddy hit CMC in stride most of the time, aside from one throw that was thrown slighty behind him and intercepted. I find it very possible that CMC has an even better year this season with Bridgewater under center. - The backup QB position is a pretty far distance from the starter. Neither QB had a great day to my eyes. PJ threw an ill advised pass during goal line drills that was tipped and intercepted by Cole Luke. Will Grier did have a really nice touchdown in the back of the end zone during the same drill but otherwise had a pedestrian day. - I was impressed how everything in general was organized in this chaotic time. Checking in, getting temperature checked, and all the details that go along with practicing during a pandemic went smoothly. - The first highlight of the day was a touchdown pass from Teddy to DJ Moore on blown coverage. Bridgewater showed a nice touch on the ball to the back corner of the end zone. - I can confirm that practices are up beat and little time is spent transitioning from one set of drills to another. Again, everything is very well organized. - There was plenty of banter and cheering from both players and coaches during the practices. Clearly, this team has moved on from the old regime and is quickly coming together as the new Carolina Panthers. - I am more excited for Joe Brady's offense than I was before attending camp. I am prohibited from getting into specifics, but if nothing else the offense is going to be really fun to watch. I just hope the Panthers get several years with Brady before a team snatches him up in a Chudzinski move.
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    Matt Rhule just said this in his presser. Tell ya what, It wasn't the result I wanted and there is a ton of improvements to make, but I like his attitude. The buck stops here is always a winning perspective for any leader.
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    I see Paradis has returned to last years form.
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    ‘Cam fans’ and ‘Teddy fans’ Wtf happened to just being Panther fans?
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    I root for my teams QB.as a general premise of being a fan.
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    I'm glad she said it, but let's be honest, it's not exposing anything. At least half of this board has been saying this for years. It's just confirming what everyone with at least half of a functioning brain already knew.
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    Guy went from being LSU's passing game coordinator to putting up 30 points in his first NFL game. I'd say that is pretty impressive by any standard. Excited to see him improve.
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    Now that the season is starting to get rolling, wanted to address one small thing. We all know the lingering chance that the season could stop due to Covid. We all know the uncertainty. It isn't breaking news. As such, please refrain from having a pointless "yeah but Covid" in every damn thread in this joint. Most of us need some outlet to just enjoy football for a while. I sure as hell do. So while there will be topics if and when Covid impacts the Panthers, let us try to enjoy what the players and staff are doing for us. We owe it to them. Love, JI
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    Honestly, the Panthers better hope and pray there isn’t a season this year because Cam is about to make the team look very, very stupid for releasing him.
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    When he was drafted people thought he'd be looking for the first opportunity to leave Carolina to chase brighter lights, but ended up being the most loyal player you'll ever find; too loyal, as he sacrificed his career, body, and brain, for this mediocre organization.
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    I watched him anchor the line all damn game. Dude was out there getting double teams and holding his own. With that kind of attention, someone could have gotten a sack from being guarded 1 on 1.
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    For the median American... basically, if he were you and I this is how much of his money he would have given away proportionately. It's a disingenuous stat in it tries to make him look like some kind of skinflint cheapskate and completely washes over the astronomical impact that giving $22 million dollars does have. And in the end, if every American gave $178 towards helping out, that would be somewhere in the neighborhood of $63 billion. That'd fix a lot. He's doing his part and to decry his efforts as tightwaddery is just kind of sad.
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    Tank for Trevor rolls on with or without you, top dawg
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    i'm happy to sign the greatest QB of all time only to coach him to 2 picks on the way to a loss, as long as i don't use any damn college stuff!
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    100% facts. The blame for Cam's "injury history" has always sat at the feet of Ron Rivera and the front office.
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    I hope they win the Super Bowl... that would be the ultimate FU...
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    So basically the same percentage of Panthers fans that would have filled BOA stadium in 2020...
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    > fantastic play clock management > decent situational awareness > situationally appropriate up-tempo offense > punt coverage wasn't a flaming trash pile the jury is still out on rhule and co. but these are vast improvements over rivera's regime. amazing that he couldn't improve in any of the areas during his decade-long tenure here.
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    Well, many pro athletes were poor, nameless minorities at some point, and the money and fame they get is viewed to be from white Americans who are willing to splurge for entertainment purposes--until the athlete's value drops and they are cut/released. While they rise above poverty, they do not stop being African American and they still feel an obligation to their race/culture. In other words, they cannot be bought. When they allow covid-19 to grow, calling it a hoax and failing to warn Americans because it is ripping apart minority communities, when they blame the protestors who are upset about blacks being shot walking away or running from police and then make it about rioting and vandalism to justify beating and gassing innocent, legal protesting--they cannot continue "tap dancing" for the man so they can get a few coins thrown at them. I am white--and I feel the rage they must be feeling and I get it. I cannot be with them because their shoes do not fit my feet, but I can support them by speaking out. If they do it, they are criticized and labeled. If I do it---it demonstrates to whites that this is not a black problem--it is a white problem that privilege cannot see because people who think "ME" cannot grasp the concept of "WE." I am proud of them, and if whites lack empathy after 200 years of spirituals, blues, and rap music, if they still do not understand after peaceful protests on bus seats, dining counters, or walks across bridges, maybe it will take the main thing blacks can control, sports, to wake people up. If we tolerate fabricated fears that hurt Americans, if we are complicit to the gas lighting of Americans and hate that spews forth, then we are part of the problem. The Panthers are kids who stand to lose millions by kneeling to have a voice. Support them.
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    Well I’m a patriots fan now
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    Two games in and you're already deeming a player a massive bust? LOL!
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    No, that’s what you chose to read. What was actually said is that Teddy dumps it off a lot and seems to have more of a dink and dunk skill set than stretching the field. In 2019 his success came almost exclusively from short passes. He does not take many chances downfield. This is obvious from stats and watching him play last year. 75% of his passes were less than 9 yards. He averaged 5.8 yards in the air per pass which was the lowest of any starting QB in the entire NFL. It’s a legitimate concern. His high passer rating was bolstered by short passes, and even when there were open options downfield, he often opted to dump it off. With one of the best olines in the game and legitimate downfield threats, one has to wonder why more chances were not taken. And for Panther fans, especially concerning with one of the worst olines in the NFL. This video isn’t relevant to what was said at all.
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    it begins! traded Trai for nothing lmfao MARTY 2.0 you're on fire baby!!
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    Jags and Washington won. So we are in first place for Trevor right now.
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    I found this to be a bit of a curious choice---a 210 lb LB and SS. From what I can gather, he runs in the 4.5-4.6 range. I found this: Draft Diamonds' Damond Talbot writes that Temple senior LB Sam Franklin "[h]as extreme burst on a blitz or attacking the run." Talbot notes that the 6-foot-3, 210-pound Franklin "[p]lays hard, has a nonstop motor & plays with a little nasty." The linebacker began his career with the Owls as a defensive back before shifting over to his current position. That experience in coverage shows, with Talbot writing that Franklin's "coverage skills are something that stands out" on film. The senior finished the past season having registered 63 tackles (7.0 for loss), three sacks, an interception and a fumble forced. He should benefit from having had a full offseason of continued development at linebacker as he looks to blip onto the NFL radar. Ok, if you want this to make a ton of sense, imagine having players who can play the run AND cover the slot WR. These guys (Franklin, Chinn) can. So exactly what is the big nickel and why (and when) is it used? Basically, instead of having 3 CB’s and 2 Safeties, teams flip it and have 2 CB’s and 3 Safeties on the field. What this says to an opposing offensive coordinator is “we are gonna play nickel defense against your 11 personnel group, but we will not hand you the running game on a platter”. The 2 positives of playing big nickel are 1: getting the Sam LB out of the game. He is typically the worst pass defender, so he’s a liability in the pass game, and he can’t carry the TE (Y) on deep over routes unless he’s an All-Pro-caliber Sam LB. 2: This is hedging the bet against the run game by putting a 3rd safety in the game. This is a guy who does not mind becoming a box player if he reads run. He also is a better candidate to blitz than a CB would be. Teams that play “Big Nickel” will typically play it on normal Down & Distance (where the threat of the run is greater) and on 3rd & Long will look to play “Regular Nickel” or just straight up “Dime” (6 DB’s) defense. However, there is a bit of a downside to playing “Big Nickel”. Typical 3rd Safeties are not going to be able to cover a regular S (slot) receiver man to man. They can get eaten alive by guys like Cole Beasley on shallow crosses and all the quick game routes these types of receivers will run. (Chinn and Franklin, apparently, can cover the slot WR, play the box, and blitz. Expect to see this defense a lot.) I am learning this, so I thought I would share--this info made me understand the Franklin move, the Chinn move, etc.
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    Yep. I wanted him over McCaffrey at the time. I'll take my L.
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    I get that. Personally I never really follow a player once they leave Carolina.
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    - barely an off-season - no preseason games - new coaching staff trying to put everything together and create identity - pretty bad supporting cast - getting double teamed like crazy Just ridiculously unrealistic to expect great things right away. Yes other rookies have looked better. Chinn has looked great. But flying around in those positions, its easier to make plays and stand out than being on the line. Not going to judge a player 2 games into his career. Although some expect rookies to look like hall of farmers 2 games in.
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    Hurney has practiced for this moment for years. Just IR him and blame that for another bad year for a great excuse to use with ownership.
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    If he can win games he could average 5 yards a throw and I wouldn't GAF.
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    I wonder how responsible he feels for wasting a generational talent at QB during his prime with Mike Shula.
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    The writing had been on the wall for a long ass time about the old regime. Everyone knew it would be another year of more of the same. Mediocre football at best, 2015 being the anomaly. Sure, we tried to be optimistic, but deep down we knew. Now, we have no idea what to expect and that is exciting. Instead of old players on the decline, we have younger players on the rise. It is a totally different feel and I dig it. Anywho, just wanted to post some optimism. I do believe there will be a season. I do believe it will be fun as hell to watch. Love, JI
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    Tepper ain't playing. He is becoming a huge figure in Charlotte to dismantle the long standing good ole boys network locally. Good on him.
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    The more I see of Teddy the more I like him a as QB and a leader on this team. This is a great answer. Mm6Lak-MCzhCGWqV.mp4 I still believe the Panthers win some games this year. I really do.
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    Sounds right.
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    Luke needs to be on a headset straight to Shaq’s helmet every game.
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    Cam wins his first game with the Patriots Rivera wins his first game with Washington Greg Olsen scores a TD for the Seahawks Panthers lose a very Panthers-esque loss. What a day.
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    I’d love to see some protesters take that stupid statue of old man Richardson down like an old confederate monument.
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    Yall act like there is a All pro CB available.
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