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  1. Kramerica

    One Carolina

    Right on cue! Go Cats!
  2. Kramerica

    One Carolina

    I sent a tweet to my alma mater (WCU), but to no avail so far.
  3. Kramerica

    What Cardinals Fans Are Saying

    I've never seen Casserly say anything complimentary towards Cam. I still remember him from that highlight video of Cam's rookie year basically calling Cam stupid: "This guy doesn't get it. His offense was one read and throw. In OUR league..." The fact that he's spewing this nonsense almost five years later indicates that he hasn't watched our games because he can't deal with how wrong he is about Cam.
  4. Hahaha what a stupid bird. "durrr hay guise get a load of this moving ro--ACK!" Good write-up this week.
  5. Powerball didn't work out, so I'm due. <3 the CarPan.
  6. Thread of the year comes on 12/29. Reading this in full has truly been transcendent experience. Many thanks to all who were involved.
  7. Torture rack? Absolutely. Hell, even Hogan had to tap out of that.
  8. Olsen: "Ohhh, look! A heads-up penny!"
  9. Newton looking like a member of The Shield on page 14.
  10. White guy on Panthers D? Must be Kuechly!
  11. Lol Peppers! He real mad.
  12. This is fantastic. Excellent work, Phil. Time for a Huddle auction?!
  13. Great photos. Now that I think about it, Tolbert's TD reminded me of another Panther TD against Philadelphia...
  14. Kramerica

    Kelvin and Devin , Devin and Kelvin

    Funchess all like "I have to go now. My planet needs me."