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  1. Khaki Lackey

    Cam’s Shirt

    Everyone on the huddle should know the importance of punctuation. “fuging-A, dude” can immediately turn into “fuging a dude.”
  2. Khaki Lackey

    Can we get a Poe update?

    I didn’t hit the mega millions. I am still poe.
  3. Khaki Lackey

    The Bucs come back wasnt Riveras fault

    Maybe it was my perception, but I was wondering why we weren’t running the ball and killing the clock in the second half. For once it seemed like we had a big enough lead to use Rivera’s prevent offense, and we decided not to.
  4. I played Cam in Madden
  5. Khaki Lackey

    Is Ron playing chess?

    Yeah, his conservative nature is very frustrating to watch a lot of the time. I get the feeling by his, "a season has 4 quarters" talk that he's ok taking a few losses early to save some things for later in the season or playoffs.
  6. We all know Ron's weaknesses as a coach. His questionable clock management and his personnel decisions favoring struggling vets over promising young talent, but I have a hard time thinking he's the dolt that some folks on here make him out to be. I think Ron places a lot of value in not showing too much too soon. I don't thinks it's a coincidence that we are seeing new offensive formations and blitz packages in week 8. I don't think it's adjustment, I think it's been by design. Ron has been holding his cards close to the vest and he and Norv will probably have more new looks come playoff time. Long story short, I think Ron would love to win every game running the ball up the middle and only generating pressure with the front 4. To a fault. He's reluctant to open the playbook too soon, but with a competent OC, this will be the year we finally see adjustments. We're starting to see a lot of thinks we've wanted to. CJ and CMC on the field at the same time, blitzing etc. We're gonna see Cam deep to Samuel eventually, if necessary. This team is going to make some noise in the playoffs. Also, letting a rookie sit and learn for a while isn't necessarily a bad thing. Who knows? Maybe he just reads the huddle.
  7. Khaki Lackey

    Fire Rivera fanboys must be on vacation

    That's really impressive considering we've only played 7 games. Gruden would have definitely gotten us to that game we missed because of Ron.
  8. Yeah....except for the fact that he's been a decent starting CB. (I'm going to assume that you missed Josh Norman's first 2 years.)
  9. It’s a shame because he used to throw such a great deep ball. Hopefully, he won’t injure it further this year and another offseason will get it back to normal.
  10. White pants?! After Labor Day?! This is not good, girlfriends!
  11. Khaki Lackey

    This really pisses me off

    Uhhh..nobody does well against #1 defenses, or they wouldn’t be #1. I agree it’s odd that they singled Cam out. I’m sure no one pointed out how Peyton did against elite defenses after the Seahawks kicked him in the dick in the SB.
  12. This forum is not as much fun as it used to be
  13. Khaki Lackey

    Friday notes

    Dude...A quarter? It’s going to be 3 quarters then post blowout garbage time air raid.
  14. This is what bothers me the most. Dynamic playmakers on the bench. I thought we would have some plays with both CJ and CMC in the backfield. Has that even happened at all?