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  1. Khaki Lackey

    NFL: Bengals cut Vontaze Burfict

    Sign that man!! We're not trying to start a boys choir are we? Am I right, ladies?
  2. Yeah , the Kalil contract was Gettleman’s worst mistake by far. If I’m not mistaken though, we could have moved on from him after last season with minimal damage, but Hurney restructured it. Right?
  3. Creed-bombing was essential to our run in 2015.
  4. Khaki Lackey

    REPORT: Greg Olsen will play next season

    He has potential to be the first NFL player in a wheel chair holding out for a new contract.
  5. Khaki Lackey

    Tepper is not JR

    It’s not like Marty Hurney is an unknown. Truth of the matter is, we don’t know poo about David Tepoer and he might be infinitely worse than JR.
  6. Khaki Lackey

    What to do with Matt Kalil

    Have you seen "Old Yeller?"
  7. Did we increase the use of nickle package when Ron took over the D? I've seen Ron be way more loyal to way lesser players than TD. Are we supposed to believe this is all Ron's doing?
  8. Khaki Lackey

    You want to contend again, right?

    I don't see how keeping TD around in a reduced roll for a reasonable salary could hurt this team. Changing of the guard would mean new GM and coaching staff.
  9. Khaki Lackey

    Why do you love the Huddle?

    I love seeing the term "lame duck" misused over and over.
  10. Yeah, I agree that he might not get an extension due to his inconsistency. Usually coaches that are doing well don’t go into the last year of there contract with things up in the air, but I wouldn’t blame Tepper if he didn’t want to extend him.
  11. 1.) Unless he’s been told that he’s gone next year whether he wins it all or not (unlikely) it’s still not a “lame duck” scenario. 2.) Coaches rarely get fired after playoff runs. Possible, but not likely. I agree that it’s possible that due to inconsistency, he might not get an extension.
  12. He's under contract through 2020. If he makes a run next year, he likely gets an extension. How is this a lame duck year? No one this forum has ever used this term correctly.
  13. Frontman and vocalist are two different criteria. David Lee Roth couldn't sing for poo, but back in the day, he owned the stage like no one else could. Dave Grohl and Aaron Lewis aren't fit to hold Axl"s weave as far as frontman standards are concerned.
  14. Khaki Lackey

    I miss John Fox

    That’s because that coaching style was more effective back then. They’re pretty much the same guy.