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  1. I’ll give credit where it’s due. I didn’t have to waste my time reading an actual report. Cheers, OP.
  2. The pass rush wasn't that great and that was minus Reid and Jackson, so it's kind of hard to compare seasons. But I get your point.
  3. We had zero pass rush last year. It made our secondary look worse than it was. Hopefully getting younger and faster at the edge will make a difference. but yeah....we need a FS.
  4. Hurney 2.0 has been a pleasant surprise. Pretty good draft and FA period. No ridiculous contracts yet...Maybe he learned a lot. Maybe JR had a hand in some of the ridiculous decisions.
  5. Sign that man!! We're not trying to start a boys choir are we? Am I right, ladies?
  6. Yeah , the Kalil contract was Gettleman’s worst mistake by far. If I’m not mistaken though, we could have moved on from him after last season with minimal damage, but Hurney restructured it. Right?
  7. He has potential to be the first NFL player in a wheel chair holding out for a new contract.
  8. All I know is that if we are going to get by with discount connahs, our pass rush has got to be better than last year.
  9. This talk of KK being "quiet" at times is ridiculous. He's approaching double digit sacks, which is about as noisy as you can get for a DT.
  10. If it makes Cam happy, then it tickles the sh!t out of me.
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