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  1. More breaking news : things and what not. More at 11
  2. Can we utilize this time of crisis to get rid of Hurney too? Maybe send him to the unspecified location to guard the statue? For public safety?
  3. Yep, that was the beginning of our defense losing its toughness. Literally stopped laying the wood, because it hurt OBJ’s feelings.
  4. Well...they were wearing masks.
  5. Yeah, if the guy couldn’t catch a football, we’d be talking about his mental illness and how he needs help.
  6. I didn't know the Sears Wishbook was still a thing! I'm ordering some for li'l Khaki junior! They almost look like a real uniform! Adorable, girlfriends!
  7. So why is Rhule talking about four man fronts and drafting 4-3 DEs? Best smokescreen ever?
  8. If you have to watch a really bad movie, it’s better to watch one that you haven’t seen 272 times.
  9. What?! Turn in your Southern card and BoBerry Biscuit at the next depot.
  10. Exactly. I don't care if this year is a poo show just as long as it's a different poo show than we've been watching for the last 17 years.
  11. valid. Looking back, it's weird that Old Man McWiggleJeans would hire Rivera and draft Cam in the same year. Oh well, hindsight is 50/50. (I'm going to miss those Cam-isms too.)
  12. To be fair to Hurney, we’ll never know how much autonomy he’s had. There’s evidence that JR was pretty heavy handed behind the scenes. It wouldn’t surprise me if Fox and Rivera were 100% JR hires. It’s pretty obvious that Tepper had a lot of say-so in Rhule’s hiring.
  13. Nothing to add. Just wanted to quote the “War and Peace” length OP since that’s a thing now.
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