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  1. Yeah, I think it’s more gray area and fluid than some people want it to be. You can do a partial short term rebuild around some veteran talent. It doesn’t have to be a complete blow up. We can be bad next year, good the year after and great the year after that. If Cam is healthy, he could conceivably go way more than 3 years.
  2. Good lord I hope he’s better than Ron at it. Starting personnel decisions, anyway.
  3. No thanks. I’d rather someone else overpay him to underperform.
  4. I’m not a Cam fan. I am a Panthers fan. However, if Cam is healthy he is borderline elite QB. That’s hard to replace. He very well may have five great seasons left in him. Plenty of time to find his replacement and win a super bowl or three with him. I don’t know why that’s so bad. Even if the team sucks, if Cam looks healthy/great this coming season, you extend him and continue to build around him and his eventual successor. I don’t see why that’s such a bad thing.
  5. Nah, Marty will address every position of need.....in order. They will all be bums, but reaching for need is what Marty does best. All the message board GMs love Marty’s drafts because all of the boxes will be neatly checked. It’s when his picks have to actually get on the field and play is when the problems arise.
  6. I would agree if it were just the coaching, but the roster is in shambles right now. Hence the three year leeway.
  7. I agree, but Ron’s message is new and fresh to them and players do play hard for him. He’ll get a 9-7 season out of them in year 2 or 3.
  8. True. I just wanted to see what most people‘s timeline looked like. I believe that perennial playoff team should be the goal. I think it will take a minimum of 3 years. After 5, the seat would start getting hot if I were Tepper. I would hate going through a 3 year rebuild just to end up with a Rivera-like halfway decent every other year type thing.
  9. For the few of us that are optimistic about the new coaching staff. How long do you give them before you turn on them and start calling for their heads? (to the crybabies that wanted to keep Ron or hire some retread, stay the fug out of my thread. There are dozens of others you can spew out the same nonsense over and over.) Me personally? If I were a coach, with a rebuild situation, I would want at least three years before I were judged. There are going to be some growing pains, no doubt. (Bonus content:) When Rivera get his one and only winning season in Washington in 2021, people on here will lose their minds. It will be amusing. Enjoy.
  10. How many promotions have you turned down?
  11. Everyone acts like RBs are so replaceable, but were it not for Cam, our running game would be total garbage with the likes of a Cameron Artis-Payne, Fozzy Whitaker, or even J-Stew on the bike on the sidelines. I would love to see CMC AND a cheaper power back in the backfield. Especially with a QB that can run and a staff that wants to get away from 1985 football. Our ground game would be insane.
  12. Yep, but at least they’ve had a taste at the NFL level and have seen the workings first hand. I hope this means that they won’t be totally overwhelmed.
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