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  1. I am always confused why people think that Funchess would make a good #2 receiver. He plays small, has average speed at best, his route tree is limited, doesn't create seperation and his hands are some of the most inconsistent that i have ever seen. Why on earth would we consider keeping such a player, when he does more damage than good when he is on the field?
  2. Funchess might be one of the worst wide receivers i have seen. Every once in a while he makes a great catch, but most often he drops passes as long as he is just a little bit contested. One of the most frustrating guys to watch because he leaves so many plays on the field and i am seriously struggling to see why we would pay him as he does more harm than good to this team.
  3. Colin Jones is straight up trash
  4. The D-line is getting 0 pressure. Dalton has all day
  5. Donte Jackson is AMAZING
  6. GREAT drive by Cam and Funch! KEEP IT UP FUNCH
  7. Ron Rivera logic: CMC is burning the bengals D. let's stop feeding him.
  8. GREAT fugin play by DJ! He looks awesome
  9. Bradberry beaten twice in a row
  10. Dam'n are they even trying??