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  1. This is what happens when you don’t play in preseason. You don’t know who or what your team is. And now their 0-2 with a brutal schedule
  2. I remember early in Luke’s career during a Baltimore preseason game he absolutely took over. Had an INT after a pass interference and a strip fumble and made just about every tackle. Man that was exciting to watch then.
  3. I said it a year ago. Labrum injuries never get better. It just changes that shoulder/arm. It never feels like it did before.
  4. It’s just a game bud. Trust me, these guys are gonna go home in their lambos and range rovers to their exquisite homes and sleep with a bag full of money under their heads.
  5. Easily the post of the night. Well done
  6. I’m having trouble understanding why every pass was headed towards the sideline. That would seem tough for a guy who lacks consistency in his touch and accuracy
  7. You couldn’t have paid me enough to believe this season would start like this. To witness the end of Cam is damn depressing.
  8. Looks like my sundays will involve sitting in the deer stand a bit more instead of in front of the tv.
  9. The Rivera era is just stale at this point. Had a couple of nice seasons but overall...def a let down as a whole given the players we had. This team does so many things that you don’t see the top level teams do. Just too many mistakes, terrible game management etc. just head scratching stuff. very frustrating Wonder what Tepper will do during or after this year
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