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  1. LOL waiting for the trump defense force’s response to this whammy
  2. Be an adult and order some masks.
  3. Pushing him further to his disinfectant injection habit.
  4. If you went back to 2010, or any time more than 5 years ago really, and told someone the president in 2020 would stop giving press briefings on a global pandemic/economic crisis b/c they are butthurt for being mocked when telling folks to inject themselves with disinfectants... and that the same person decided to de-fund an international medical community during a pandemic... no one would believe you lol
  5. This acknowledges they did something wrong way to self own lol
  6. How did you misinterpret that exchange so badly ?
  7. This can’t be your actual opinion...there’s no way you actually believe this
  8. BS they can’t go after them lol insider info + lying to the public.
  9. This is an atomic bomb sized scandal IMO and we will see how far the tentacles go thru the GOP with this
  10. You may be the worst poster on this board LOL
  11. You have 0 sense of humor
  12. Nothing says confidence like when the leader of the free world delegates responsibility in the face of a global crisis..to his 2nd in command..a guy who denies science. we’re fuged
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