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  1. You mean like back before we had a black president ?
  2. New creepy HBO series based on the Stephen King novel. Really like how dark it is. HBO does a good job with how gritty some of their shows are. This one is kind of like True Detective with more of a supernatural evil. Enjoying it so far.
  3. Shut up lol. He’s guilty
  4. He made a total ass of himself...but that’s the norm for him. And good for joe for looking like an idiot too
  5. Rubi


    Charlotte Town FC- 11 servicemen have been reported as being injured from the bombing I remember you saying no one was present
  6. Would you say the same about the mueller probe. or no because it was your man under the scope that time
  7. Breaking News: Govt Accountability watchdog finds that withholding Ukraine Aid broke the law lets see trumpers defend him again...
  8. Not this poo again...they just reviewed her stuff again and found nothing. Turn the page bro
  9. I didn’t realize they were the ones that withheld aid to a foreign entity, currently in military conflict, for political purposes dumbass
  10. This is trump at his rally right now. He looks really unhealthy.
  11. Bernie gonna take a hit with this woman comment if true
  12. @g5jamz in here spreading fake ass news
  13. Well as long as trump could distract from impeachment and stroke his ego this is fine...
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