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  1. He’s playing to avoid injury. He done got his money luke playing to avoid head trauma as well.
  2. The news has not been nice to team Trump lately LOLOLOL
  3. Rubi

    Trump - Raking and cleaning things

    Really this is the best you got ? Pathetic
  4. Rubi

    Trump - Raking and cleaning things

    Pretty damn quiet from the Trump nut huggers on here.........
  5. Rubi

    Trump - Raking and cleaning things

    You can’t be serious
  6. I just notice Luke doesn’t fly downhill into the line of scrimmage like years past. I don’t know if it’s scheme change...I don’t know all the X’s O’s but I just see a less aggressive version of him. I just have to think he’s trying to preserve his brain. Which I don’t knock him for, but he’s just been different.
  7. Luke is playing to avoid a big head hit again. It’s making him less effective.
  8. Rubi

    Trump - Raking and cleaning things

    This situation is an incredible example of how inept this guy is as a leader please trump defenders come forward and explain this
  9. Rubi

    Trump - Raking and cleaning things

    The lack of knowledge and general education from this 70 year old president is just mind boggling. Wtf were people thinking voting for this idiot. Imagine if an iceberg size problem occurs (not to say one hasn’t happened already) and this is the captain of the ship. Holy ..... Jesus lol
  10. Rubi

    Trump - Raking and cleaning things

    First catch of the day explain yourself meat
  11. Rubi

    Funch and gano

    notice how Funchess is constantly falling down during the process of the catch and he’s constantly on the ground. I think the guy sees headlights when a defender is around him. Guy his size should not be always hitting ground when the ball is thrown to him you don’t see Antonio Brown or Julio Jones on their ass constantly when they catch and run routes.
  12. Rubi

    ron rivera is a terrible leader

    It’s time for Tepper to move on from the previous regime’s staff and GM after this season
  13. Trump explains that Finland doesn’t have to deal with wild fires because they do a good job of raking and cleaning the floor....the floor of the forest...... please someone come defend why they voted for this dumbass...he is literally this stupid
  14. Rubi

    Charlotte City Council

    (Your opinion)