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  1. Rubi

    Official Mueller Report Thread

    Not sure how they can hide it at this point based on that embarrassment of a presser
  2. Rubi

    Official Mueller Report Thread

    Like I said the first time around. You guys need to focus energy else where. This govt is nothing but swamp monsters now. Gotta vote them out at this point.
  3. Rubi

    This sums up the Trump Admin

    Case closed.
  4. Rubi

    This sums up the Trump Admin

    You’ve already made your stance youre crazy
  5. Rubi

    This sums up the Trump Admin

    The fact that @retired is cool with rounding up people and displacing them randomly around the country just shows how fugging nuts he is along with any other trumper. Regardless of if someone is illegal or not. It’s irrelevant. The actual point is rounding people up. And dropping them off somewhere else. Wtf? Just the fact that Trump thinks this is a good logical response to immigration is absolutely crazy and @retired is cool w the idea LOL. You can’t make this crap up. Wow
  6. Rubi

    I thought Trump loved the military?

    Or when he lied to their faces about giving them 10% raises
  7. Rubi

    dotard drumpf the cheeto pt 2

    How would you deal with him?? me personally I’d go after everything he’s been accused of and everything known to be true. And I wouldn’t relent. I’d hammer him over and over
  8. Rubi

    Trump has officially lost it.

    Yeah he’s finished with people that even had an ounce of decency or empathy and that’s not saying much with Nielsen as the latest example.
  9. How awful of a poster is @CarolinaCoolin? it doesn’t get much worse than this reading his responses in here. Good lord his skull is far up his anus.
  10. Rubi

    The pretend government of America

    He just called immigrants..animals. Pull your head out of your corn hole and join the rest of us in reality
  11. Rubi

    The pretend government of America

    Slurp slurp slurp slurp slurrrpppppppppp mmmm slurp slurp slurpppppp
  12. Rubi

    Placating or actual concern?

    Like he actually gives a fug
  13. Rubi

    Official Mueller Report Thread

    You’re weird.
  14. Rubi

    Official Mueller Report Thread

    There’s 0 evidence to suggest it isn’t true