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  1. Tepper should’ve rebuilt this team the day he got here. Coaches / staff / GM
  2. You must believe in Santa read the transcript and u know this is rubbish hell the conversation was found in a top secret classified server because they wanted to hide it & the people testifying are all lying? ... come on dude
  3. It’s amazing you nerds still talk about Bill or Hillary. There are more pressing topics to worry about and you idiots can’t get over mean old Hillary...
  4. Getting your rocks off via the Clintons is very weird fwiw
  5. There’s no breaking through to him.
  6. Your life is that bad huh lol
  7. Not your dumbass again...Sgt Red Skull has returned..
  8. @retired stop defending trump. He was just ordered to pay $2 million because he illegally used a charity for veterans for his own political purposes. Have you no shame at all? That’s as slimey and corrupt as it gets
  9. This been reported on numerous times. His office deferred the complaint to the inspector general.
  10. GOP officials can slam the table and yell real loud defending trump and defy reality and there’s no consequences. that’s the true/scary/sad part in all this.
  11. People defending trump and saying this inquiry is a waste of time = blaming/being upset with a cop for pulling you over when you’re driving 30 mph over the speed limit half drunk in a neighborhood with a stopped school bus picking up 6 year old children
  12. Retired in here spreading more bullshit to defend his dipshit idol
  13. Your alt facts won’t fly here any more. It was a stunner upset and the race was close from the start. Trump didn’t do poo. This has been reported on Another blue win in the heart of red territory.
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