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  1. Rubi

    Manafort Lied While in a Plea Deal

    Short answer: colluding Bigger question: can it stand up in court?
  2. Rubi

    Trump concedes there is no national emergency.

    Only AOC can save us 8-)
  3. If the the issue is cartilage damage/labrum thats the kiss of death for a throwing arm. That shoulder will never be the same.
  4. Rubi

    SOTU 2019

    This made me lol
  5. Rubi

    Look like we got a new safety

    Hurney has an obsession with taking a CB and making him a S. Stop missing draft picks and we don’t have to go through these projects that don’t produce anything.
  6. LOLOLOL yeh I’m sure that’s who god chose...Trump probably starts to feel his feet getting hot as soon as he steps in any church....
  7. Rubi

    Another Trump win for rich people

    Republicans literally have nothing to offer other than a tax cut. And they never work. They have no message. They don’t give a fug about people in general. And they generally ignore mountains of evidence when it comes to scientific topics.
  8. Rubi

    FBI arrested Roger Stone

    I can’t stomach it haha. I’d need to take a shower after if I tried that
  9. Rubi

    FBI arrested Roger Stone

    I love hearing from @E CaT PanTHer 2 that everything occurring right now with the Russia probe is fake and that these raids, arrests, and indictments aren’t real LOL
  10. Rubi

    FBI arrested Roger Stone

    Everything you’re saying about Clinton isn’t true. Her life would be over if it was Now compare what you think about Hillary vs reality in what has happened in the last 2 years regarding the Trump crew. Proof is in the pudding
  11. Would love to see a climate change denier present their case with evidence that supports their viewpoint instead we will just continue to get dumbass threads like this from another idiot trump voter.
  12. Rubi

    How a Pile of Sh!t Can Ruin the Whole House

    “Wahhh wahhhh no one is loyal to me in govt like my daddy with all of his money and my dumbass kids. Wahhh”
  13. People can bitch and moan and whine about Hillary. I agree, She was a horrible candidate, ran an uninspiring campaign etc...but I’m willing to bet she would’ve been a slightly better prez than trump. Lol People got what they voted for/didn’t vote for....at least I knew how fuging horrible trump was going to be its only going to get crazier from here.
  14. @Marquis = Russian bot
  15. Rubi

    What will Trump do on Feb 7th?

    He will find a way to do something so insane in order to distract / deflect. Things are about to get really bad. Time to see if republicans actually care about their country. Or are they just protecting their man.