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  1. Shaq / JB have never been as impactful as the guy you are describing
  2. Pro tip don’t over spend for avg players. Shaq & JB. Let them walk Save the cap room & draft better. Yes that’s correct.....draft better.
  3. This is your takeaway? Not trump on the recording committing political suicide?
  4. “In my culture, Death is not the end” RIP King
  5. You’re a shoe shiner for the 1%
  6. “I know the best people”
  7. @ViolentPanther ^ this guy thinks he’s a fascism expert meanwhile trump is literally destroying US Mail so he can win re-election Tell us more violent were all ears to your expertise
  8. It amazes me after 4 years of trump, I’m reading about the complaining and bickering about who his opponent is. Do we want to see a repeat of another 4 years of the trump clown car? He+His admin literally has a hand in 160k American deaths via pandemic. ‘It is what it is’ no pick is perfect. That’s not how American politics works here. But my god wake up. Lives are on the line
  9. Bull’s points are so bad I actually feel bad for the guy for being so dumb
  10. Trump could’ve leveraged this entire covid era to his advantage. If he decided to take control of the situation from the beginning by owning it and being the president that saved us from covid19, the election would be over by now. but instead he’s at serious risk of losing now imo where he wasn’t a few months ago. I guess it’s just not in his nature to be the hero but he decided to stick to his villain role.
  11. LOL waiting for the trump defense force’s response to this whammy
  12. Be an adult and order some masks.
  13. Pushing him further to his disinfectant injection habit.
  14. If you went back to 2010, or any time more than 5 years ago really, and told someone the president in 2020 would stop giving press briefings on a global pandemic/economic crisis b/c they are butthurt for being mocked when telling folks to inject themselves with disinfectants... and that the same person decided to de-fund an international medical community during a pandemic... no one would believe you lol
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