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  1. That deshaun Foster run in the playoffs made me fall in love with the run game.. my favorite plays in football is the power run game.. John fox had some of the best power run plays in the nfl at the time.. I love good running game and solid defense.. I’m glad we’re still using that philosophy..
  2. I loved the panthers from day one.. There like family to me. If my wife wasn't a panthers fan I wouldn't have married her.
  3. DW looks like a legit tough guy (Can't wait to see him a norwell maul people this season)
  4. In the picture beside kalil it looks like he has added some muscle
  5. Born in 1987 .. I've loved them since day one and always will.. Haven't ever missed a game
  6. I like it but hopefully we can get back in the third.. I wonder what it would take
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