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  1. This gaulden fellow you speak of... he was determined to be a bust weeks ago. Therefore any good news is unacceptable as he has been labeled already.
  2. Everyone that reported from training camp talked about Scarlett being a lock for the roster as if it was assumed already at this point. I don’t think there’s any doubt he’ll be on the 53. The question is if the coaches are smart enough to give him a jersey on game days.
  3. Don't care about Luke but would have liked to see Cam get out there in games 2 and 3 while sitting games 1 and 4. This means Cam will have 1 game (let's call it a half of a game) of football to get ready for the defending NFC Champions and defensive POY assuming he doesn't play in the preseason finale.
  4. I mean absolutely 0 disrespect here and I do not mean this in a negative way whatsoever... BUT has there ever been a Panther player more unrecognizable than KK Short? I had to go to the tweet to find out who he was talking about. If I walked by him on the street I would honestly have no clue who he was. Obviously a beast on the field but I don't see many interviews with him. Maybe I'm just not paying attention though. You don't play DL for the fame and glory...
  5. Is that why they drafted Harrison butker?
  6. Imagine thinking that somebody owes you their private plane for your personal use?
  7. Remember the time he bad mouthed cam then blew him off during pregame? is it possible that cam is playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers?
  8. If the goal is to put your best 11 players on the field at one time then this would probably be the right move...
  9. Where is the Calvin Ridley hype train? Is that a cliff I see it falling off of?
  10. Haven’t heard a word about gaulden other than that he’s starting safety by default. Would like to know if he’s earning it or if it’s a placeholder for now.
  11. Would agree that it is new worthy that they cut players ALREADY IN SPARTANBURG (see Hood, Elijah). I don't know the reasoning behind that unless you are bringing in someone you expect to be for the long-haul. However, this does not seem to be a long-term answer. A bit of a head scratcher to me but what do I know...
  12. I thought this place had moderators? 3 days until training camp and this is what I’m reading about?
  13. 2 offensive tackle spots for 3 players: a former all-pro, last year's breakout player, and this year's second round pick. Getting this decision right may be he difference between the playoffs and a new coach coming in during the summer of 2020.
  14. State of the panthers: Better than the state of the hornets
  15. If 2018 wasn't a breakout season for CMC I don't know what is. Cam is the face until he stops playing. League MVP and most valued position. RBs can rarely, if ever, be the face of a winning franchise in this NFL.
  16. Let's hope you are right. Teams that win Super Bowls do not draft the Rashaun Gauldens, Edmund Kugbilas, Daryl Worleys, or Zach Sanchez of the world. We need to start hitting on more of our mid-round picks. No one doubts our first and second round picks are hits more times than not. But our depth is piss poor. Every year we are an injury or two away from irrelevance (Cam obviously but even moreso than that).
  17. Great post. Only thing I disagree with is, unfortunately, I don't think Olsen can be a top-3 TE in the league anymore. I really hope I'm wrong but I think he will turn into a Tony Gonzalez or Jason Witten in their final 2 years. By no means is that bad. But I don't see anymore 1,000 yd seasons in his future. I think 600 yds and a good red-zone target may be his ceiling. That's why we drafted a WR in the first and second rounds the last few years. It's time to play modern football. If I'm completely wrong than this will be the best offense in Panthers history, by a mile.
  18. I stopped reading when the observer decided it was a smart idea to put a page limit on free reads. I wouldn’t pay a cent to read 95% of their articles. It’s all opinion and little to no new information. The huddle is just as good if not better than the content you can get from them.
  19. It's been thrown around a few times but, with the signing now official, we need to know the most important remaining question. Where was the lunch held? It will come out one day, and the winner will be showered with all the internet respect one can buy. I've gone back and forth on this, and my gut tells me that they did not go to a 5-star steakhouse. My guess... Pinkys Westside grill
  20. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
  21. Seeing that we having less players under contract and less cap space than several of the teams below us, that would be a reason to why spending a lot of money in one place would be a bad idea.
  22. I wonder when he will bring out the Panther special: Pie charts
  23. We throw this phrase around a lot, but Samuel truly is our X factor this year. DJ proved in limited time last year his has the ability to be a #1. Samuel has the chance to be something we haven't had since Mushin Muhammad, a true, #2 playmaker on the outside, something that Devin Funchess was supposed to be and failed miserably at (let alone his go at #1 WR). When Samuel is on the field, he makes plays. He can be special. He needs to prove he can play 16 games first, though.
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