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  1. Adb6368

    Matt Kalil?

    If it was going to happen it would have by now
  2. Do you know how many seats that stadium in that little town of Ann Arbor, Michigan holds? College football is a completely different beast than the NFL.
  3. Adb6368

    Couple more observations

    I have seen a lot of holdings go uncalled this year... always seems to go against us
  4. Adb6368

    Couple observations

    This play isn't nearly as bad as the touchdown pass on third and seventeen. Does no one know how to turn around and look for the ball? Also... pass rush
  5. Adb6368

    Shaq Thompson

    He helps us reach the cap floor to comply with league salary requirements
  6. Adb6368

    Devin Funchess

    top 2 posts on the huddle relate to Funchess and Vernon Butler. One we spent a first round draft pick and the other we traded up to get. Neither will be a Panther next year and neither will we miss.
  7. Adb6368

    Halftime thoughts....

    Takes us 20 years to become a good offensive team and just 1 offseason to become defensively inept.
  8. Darryl WIlliams is going to get paid, regardless of his injury status. He will be getting $8M+ alone because of his All-Pro season last year.
  9. It's beating a dead horse at this point. He can come back and be paid as a WR3 next year behind Moore and Samuel or he can go get a nice payday and play somewhere else. Everyone knows it including him.
  10. Cleveland is showing they have some talent also. And I have a feeling all 3 franchises will want the same type of coach
  11. Adb6368

    This is what we needed to happen

    That new scheme you speak of will be obsolete once we fire this coaching staff
  12. Might as well stop reading about the team on the internet while you're at it also... it would be doing everyone a favor
  13. Adb6368

    We Also Worked Out 4 Kickers Today

    You can say he lost us the last 2 games. He doesn’t deserve the job. But he’s guaranteed like $9m so he’ll be alright regardless.
  14. Funchess is to catching what Gano is to kicking. Two uneven performers that can look like All-pros one week and benchwarmers the next.
  15. The fan base has not been known to rally around a sinking ship. Hopefully the PSLers didn’t sell all of their tickets to the wine and cheesers
  16. Adb6368

    Paging Simon Cowell...

    One Direction to go... I'm a loser (for those non-losers out there - simon cowell created the group one direction)
  17. Adb6368

    what we need to do this offseason

    We need to get there first...
  18. Adb6368

    Panthers WAIVE CJ Anderson

    Kelvin, is that you?
  19. Adb6368

    Panthers sign Travaris Cadet

    It doesn’t matter whether he is better than Anderson (he’s not). It matters whether or not he can rub norvs offense better. We may have a back that can spell cmc for a few plays now so he doesn’t have to retire at 25.
  20. Adb6368

    Panthers WAIVE CJ Anderson

    Cutting a player that plays 5 snaps a game does not lead to collapse. We may be heading that way but it won't be because we cut our backup RB.
  21. Adb6368

    NFC South

    This Cadet fellow... he rush the passer?
  22. The worst case scenario would be having to play the eagles in philly again. And with Washington’s injuries that’s looking more and more likely by the minute