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  1. All I heard was "this year". Didn't say poo about the off season.
  2. Dilly Dilly!

    james bradyberry a bust ?

    Well, he's a bump and run corner being told to play 10 yards off. By the time the balls in the air, he's just starting to get in contact with his man. He never looks at the ball though, so there is that..
  3. Exactly. I just don't see a 2nd contract and his value is what it is. :(
  4. None of us are wanting this. But to stand under rain clouds and not prepare for rain, is silly.
  5. I guess you've never sold a used car.
  6. Our team is about to hit rebuild mode, like it or not. I'd consider tossing Luke for a similar deal. All players are only "one play away" but Luke is one concussion away from probably strait up retiring. Flame away.
  7. Valid question, if he is truly damaged goods. I say a team with 2 first that same year plus a 2nd and a 3rd, or, 3 1sts over 2 years and a 2nd. The team would immediately be better so long as our replacement was at minimum an Alex Smith (young Alex Smith) level player.
  8. Our D sucks, but I'm speaking on the lack of flags these past weeks. Guarantee the same this week.
  9. NFL won't let us win. Our season is over and politics have played a part.
  10. If we do not win today, burn it down and promote Scott Turner as interim.
  11. After the year Funch has had.. how much could he actually demand? What's a WR2/WR3 go for now days?
  12. That's college as a whole, brother. "Hey, let's spread Marxist theories and make them pay for it!"
  13. I have no dog in the fight. I just get tired of poo posters who bring zilch productive. Seemingly the only things i post are regarding trolls. At least you acklodged yourself as a troll.
  14. You're entire world is questionable.