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  1. Personally I think mastermind Gett wants to sit him behind the vets so he can sign him for cheaper. Then he can set him free.
  2. It's been a good year. We just aren't quite there. We need some more depth in the OL and KB back at WR. Also a replacement for Harper and we are easily in contention for SB 51
  3. Whether we win or lose this has been an awful super bowl to watch
  4. Love this conservativeness by Denver
  5. The energy has been off this game. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think Cam has smiled since the game started
  6. Question is if we get it to 16-16 do we go for two or trust in Gano?
  7. It's crazy how as bad as we've been we have the potential to get this game within 2 points
  8. Crazy how it always takes DEs 4 years to develop..
  9. Well on the bright side we have at least 6 more years of SB contention. It's not over though