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  1. This We made mistakes bla bla bla ... but at the end, we had a chance to win the game. You don't get 5 yards in 3 attempts, there is something wrong somewhere.
  2. I honesty don't see us winning, but this team has surprised me before like going to New Orleans and smacking the saints in 2014 when the season was all but over and we were terrible for weeks before that
  3. Washington ain’t getting fired. If he does, it’s when he takes Rivera down with him.
  4. LA_Panther

    Jay Gruden trolled us

    Gruden was playing to win. Last 3 possessions of the half is all you need to know
  5. LA_Panther

    Don't panic. This happens every year.

    Worst case (5-11) Wins: Bucs, Browns Losses: Bucs, Eagles, Saints (2x), Falcons, Steelers, Ravens, Seahawks, Lions are all losses if our D keeps this up Best case (10-6 if our D figures it out) Wins: Bucs (2x), Saints at home, Falcons, Ravens, Browns, Seahawks Losses: Eagles, Steelers, Saints at the dome, Lions we’re somewhere in between
  6. I’ll cross those bridges when we get to them Ya, we’ll get scalped by drew Brees
  7. Smith is the one guy that came to play today. In order to show his value as a deep threat, he needs to be thrown some deep balls
  8. We’ll probably split with Tampa and beat the Browns ... I don’t see our D stopping anyone else left on our schedule unless we put up 40 plus points Redskins are not a good team. And we are worse than them
  9. LA_Panther

    CJ Anderson says...

    Doghouse? Cuz it makes no sense. With the $ we’re paying him he should get some touches
  10. LA_Panther

    Eric Reid

    I’ll give him another couple of weeks, but dude has been bad so far Let’s try Gaulden. Safety play can’t get worse.
  11. No such thing as playing down to the competition. The better team is the team that wins the game. Were not a good team right now
  12. You just needed 5 yards ... Crucify me all you want ... beating a dead horse here , but we got a very gifted QB that still struggles with the fundamentals like pocket presence and read progression in his 8th year Cam isn’t the sole reason we lost, but we could have stolen this W if he recognized the blitz and stepped up in the pocket. Heck he could have picked them up with his legs
  13. Look at this this way. Even if we pulled off the W, this team ain’t going nowhere this year ... we’re at best 9-7
  14. Just get the 1st down we got time