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  1. LA_Panther

    CMC & CAM forced coaches hands

    Unless source of a story is identified to at least give me an opportunity to evaluate its credibility, I will always assume such sources are located between the butt-cheeks of the messenger. When a source is not named, it's your cue to stop reading
  2. I take solace in the fact that there is one team out there that will be more miserable than us (falcons) about saints winning the Super Bowl
  3. So happy for CJ. We did him dirty.
  4. This is exactly what the colts needed! They just let in the guy that blocked the punt so wierd
  5. Chiefs D came to play, that’s the difference so far
  6. It’s not over, but colts need to start running the ball and easy playactions. If they keep passing they are playing into the Chief’s hands
  7. On that 4th and 1 run, crazy how Williams was ahead of the blocking. He ran into the lineman that pulled. If that lineman was there that probably would have been a TD.
  8. Colts are gonna get their clock cleaned But I’m gonna give props to Frank Reich’s beard. It’s legit. Besides he is out 1st ever QB
  9. Didn’t the chiefs play the colts in the playoffs a few years ago, they were blowing them out and Luck staged a crazy comeback?
  10. Chargers - Rams All LA super bowl even though no one here cares about the chargers.
  11. Mahomes is an absolute stud! He’s only 23
  12. We want cowboys to beat the Rams. They are the only team that match up well with the saints. Rams are not winning in New Orleans
  13. Looks like the tweet is deleted. Something tells me it's because 99.9% of the replies lit up her dumb-a$$
  14. I don’t want him back, but it sucks he got canned after 1 season. One season cmon man. At least give people 3 years to get their people and system fully in place.
  15. That’s my QB!!!! Fugg your dustpan. I like how they play the “oh it’s a kid”.