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  1. Browns fan got cops called on him because he was a little too excited about the OBJ trade https://twitter.com/_MattSewell/status/1106199370549133313
  2. Gettleman is like this mafia hitman ... this dude does not play
  3. this game reminds me of our 2003 game in tampa where kris jenkins blocked a pat
  4. As good as AP is, he pulls poo like this in the playoffs ... choke job
  5. i agree. vikes stopped playing. you do not stop until you hear a whistle
  6. Seattle OC is an absolute moron. Doing the same poo again and again and expecting different results is insanity
  7. this game is confirmation of my season long opinion that Seattle really is an average team. If you stop AP, there is no excuse for not beating the vikes. Vikings got AP and a defense, that's it
  8. another stupid penalty by the seahawks. every yard counts in this game. dude was going out of bounds, and there was no need to even touch him what a stupid penalty to negate a great special team coverage
  9. Vikings just need to get creative with their running game, mixed with safe passes like quick outs, hitches etc...
  10. Wilson is one of the best young players, but he gets away with a lot of hand grenades. Lot of his deep balls are horrendous.
  11. that was a huge penalty ... they basically gave them at least a potential FG
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