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  1. This is the same team that cut Khalil Mack
  2. LA_Panther

    Historic collapse if finishing 6 and 10

    The collapse is dramatic, but let’s not forget 2001. We won the season opener when we were underdogs in Minnesota. Steve Smith first NFL touch was a kickoff return for a touchdown as we upset the Vikings. We didn’t win another game lol ... 15 game skid
  3. I’m more concerned about them intentionally whooping our a$$ next Monday
  4. Appreciate your optimism, but Saints are gonna torch us next Monday .... What have you seen in the last month that makes you think we will beat them?
  5. LA_Panther

    Kelvin to Chiefs

    Watch him win the SB without seeing the field
  6. Great news: We win 3 out of the next 4, there is a very good chance we are in Bad News: There is a very good chance we don't win 3 out of the next 4
  7. LA_Panther

    Kelvin Benjamin released.

    It's wrap /career
  8. Got a feeling we’ll probably beat the browns, somehow pull a W against Atl or Saints, end up 8-8 / 9-7 and dude saves his job for another year
  9. I agree I wanna go younger and faster everywhere, especially defense. Don't care of we struggle for a couple of years. Rebuilding is overrated anyway if you have a good coach. Look at Seattle. Notice it's always the old guys with declining skills defending a lame duck coach?
  10. Someone's gonna be inactive against the browns lol Rashaan Gaulden, there is your shot baby
  11. He forgot to fire the parking attendant. But Seriously Imamura? Corners actually have been decent this year given the fact that our front 7 has been bad most of the year
  12. LA_Panther

    CJ Anderson To The Chiefs

    Great for CJ. We did him wrong here
  13. They fugged up when they fired Marty Schottnheimer
  14. Yes he was eight. Even hurney won’t sign them after this season provided he outlasts them here. Logically, this brings some of us back to still not knowing why he was fired.