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  1. Well done, still get a wr at 39 or BPA?
  2. Got ya thanks. I wouldn’t be shocked if they don’t decide the day before the draft.
  3. Damn, we have more than I expected. They saving for an extension or wither signing?
  4. I’m late to this, but TD says “like you said DJ” what did Daniel say about our pick, is he hearing AR too?
  5. I hear you I used to think like that but the way I look at it, trading up to 1 overall when we weren’t the worst team in the league, close to making playoffs, all eyes on us, competent coaching staff, our pick of whichever player we want…this poo doesn’t happen often. Let’s sit back and watch the show.
  6. And it will be the same when they go to ARs next week. I love it, the speculation is entertaining.
  7. Don’t you have to have your original first round picks to do the Lamar trade on the tag?
  8. Yes and they will have smiles and googley eyes for him tomrw as well. Rinse and repeat until the last one (AR) and we will still have no clue who they are picking
  9. This. And that is exactly why they traded up to one. Take their time and pick the right one.
  10. I’m glad our staff showed happy emotions for stroud, my guess is they will act like towards young as well. If they don’t, the answer is simple.
  11. He def got the advantage of having the first pro day of “the big three”. It will be interesting to see how Tepper and crew act towards the other two.
  12. Many of us have been very satisfied with this entire hiring of the staff process (and selection of coaches) and FA signings, if they want AR, who’s to say it’s the wrong move? They seem to be nailing everything the vet done since Rhule was canned. To me, young, stroud, AR, I trust the staff. Weird to say after the last three to five years.
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