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  1. Nfl rumors on twitter said Curtis Samuel is lobbying for WFT to get him. They are hit or miss on rumors.
  2. Sewell, Slater or Pitts would be my choices in order.
  3. Thanks for the input and welcome to the Huddle. I hope Sam can turn his career around and get a lot of wins here. He has a lot of promise and it will be interesting to see what we do in the draft to help him.
  4. But we were going to trade for Watson until his sexual assault allegations came out...
  5. Trade back this year? A lot of qb needy teams...
  6. This is a bummer to hear but isn’t this a report from every team every year that’s in the top 10 that doesn’t really need a qb?
  7. My bad, I wasn’t insinuating you were or anything, I’ve just read that on here about Wilson a lot, didn’t know if it was being said about Lance as well. I like both QBs, Wilson will be gone by then, so if it’s fields or lance, I won’t be upset about it.
  8. I haven’t paid too much attention to what writers and others are saying about this years draftees, are they saying the same about Lance?
  9. I’m pretty sure only one offensive player from Auburn that year got drafted after cam...and it was in the 7th. Cam all the way.
  10. Agree with John, sit tight and see what happens. BPA.
  11. The question is, what do we do with teddy? Say we draft a qb in the first, does teddy stay a backup, get cut or get traded? I can’t imagine him being a backup on a 60M contract.
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