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  1. Sheena is saying we are still talking to Clowney people.
  2. It was on twitter so I don’t know if it’s true, but did anyone else read that we haven’t decided on Horns 5th year option yet?
  3. Yeah it’s probably where he ends up, but from what I’m reading it’s just the jets really want him, not the other way around. I remember a quote from one of the Grumpy Old Men movies: “you can wish in one and crap in the other and see which one gets filled up first”.
  4. Seriously, everything Tepper decides on is garbage. I know he’s not referenced in this, but he hired fitt
  5. Twitter rumors saying he’s going to NY, that’s if you can trust random ppl behind a keyboard…s/o PrettyRickey though, he nailed almost all FA news.
  6. Ok thanks, I guess I’m confused, did he meet with us last week?
  7. Not surprised, this is what happens when you suck.
  8. This would be huge, i hope they can pull this off.
  9. Take it for what’s it’s worth, the twitter rumor mill seems to think he will be a Jet
  10. Wow could a social media like really foreshadow a signing?
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