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  1. Not sure if it's been posted but anyone know the active roster for the game?
  2. Lol. The cards are an embarrassment to the NFC. What a bunch of f'ing clowns. Get the hell off our field
  3. How's that "worst second half team in the NFL" working out for ya Bruce? F**k you and f**k your team. Go warm up your busses you f'ing scrub. Get the f**k outta my city.
  4. After the constant, ignorant ass drivel that hit this site last week, im glad to see the opposing fan base keep to themselves.
  5. Hahahahahahaha. Suck it Seahawks. You're clowns. The lot of ya.
  6. WE all knew this team was capable of this(well us true fans any way), now the WORLD will know what this team is all about. Take notice world.
  7. Seattle are clowns. F'ing clowns. Get these losers out of Charlotte
  8. Hahahahahahahahaha f**k you Wilson. F**k you.
  9. This team just stronger at every level. Nothing to "fix" for Seattle, they just aren't strong enough
  10. That was against Washington with RGIII as QB. Not the 15-1 panthers. Stop acting like a punk ass scared little b***h.
  11. Not sure Iv ever seen this team this fired up. These dudes are angry. Let's go fellas. Put the foot on the throat and twist. Gut these f***ers!
  12. Get the F**K outta here with that mess!!!!!
  13. The only thing certain, this team is absolutely, head and shoulders better than both GB and Arz. Let's get past Seattle and then pencil in that trip to the SB!
  14. It doesn't matter who wins, the winner just used up every bit of luck and energy they had on reserve.