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  1. Dude gonna be stiff arming mofos straight to the gd shadow realm
  2. Makes thread complaining about the huddle and them wanting to draft defense with 3 out of the first 4 then OP proceeds to say they want to draft defense with 3 out of the first 4 lol
  3. Bryant seriously might be their mvp against us the past several years. I literally don’t think I’ve EVER seen him miss a kick against us and that cocksucker regularly attempts long 55+ ones. Especially end of half and end of game ones. Great news for the whole division honestly... Bryant alone is worth probably about 3-4 wins per season for them.
  4. Wasn’t expecting avengers trailer right off the bat
  5. Man I didn't sleep worth a damn last night. Probably like 2 hours in total... bout to get ready and hit the road to Charlotte
  6. Damn, that's pretty impressive. I checked just for comparison's sake and it's nearly even with the Seahawks and Steelers twitter and a few 100,000 off from the Cowboys and Packers. There's only a handful of teams with more followers than us that I saw... those 4 and the Patriots. Patriots way up there ahead of everyone with 2.2 million. This team, fanbase and culture has done some serious growing this year.
  7. they called holding on sherman wow, hell must have actually frozen over
  8. Teddy Shitwater gettin another chance with great field position... let's see if they can manage a couple of yards for a FG
  9. Welp, that's pretty much game. Vikings offense ain't gonna do poo and Seahawks got a nice rhythm going now.
  10. Doug Baldwin with his weekly miracle catch. Sometimes multiple miracle catches in a single game.
  11. They let that little fuger get away with that poo so much
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