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  1. Makes thread complaining about the huddle and them wanting to draft defense with 3 out of the first 4 then OP proceeds to say they want to draft defense with 3 out of the first 4 lol
  2. RelaxImaPro

    Falcons cut Matt Bryant

    Bryant seriously might be their mvp against us the past several years. I literally don’t think I’ve EVER seen him miss a kick against us and that cocksucker regularly attempts long 55+ ones. Especially end of half and end of game ones. Great news for the whole division honestly... Bryant alone is worth probably about 3-4 wins per season for them.
  3. They also didn’t hit that guy in the head or neck.
  4. Wasn’t expecting avengers trailer right off the bat
  5. RelaxImaPro

    National Championship Game

    Well, outside of that one deep pass and the following TD run this Clemson offense is looking rough... gonna need to step it up.
  6. RelaxImaPro

    National Championship Game

    Well this is looking like it’s gonna be a fun one so far. Gotta get up early as hell in the morning but I might stay up after all if it keeps up like this...
  7. RelaxImaPro

    National Championship Game

    Easy one for me here... I can’t stand Alabama and it’s nice to see any Carolina team do well as long as it’s not Duke. Go Clemson!
  8. It was those games as well, just not as bad. He hasn’t hardly been able to push the ball downfield or put his trademark zip on his throws all year. It’s just progressively gotten worse as the season has went on.
  9. I stopped getting super invested with this team after 2015. You could do a fuging case study about the fan psyche on that season. The highest of the highs, and the lowest of the lows at the worst time possible. Still love em but it’s just not good to get too invested in something you have zero control over.
  10. RelaxImaPro

    Red Dead 2 Thread?

    Honestly one of the best games I’ve ever played and even better than the last one, which also was an absolute masterpiece. It’s soooo much better if you just slow it down and take in the whole world and all the small things rather than try to rush through it. This game is meant to be a slow burn. Even all the side activities from fishing, hunting, poker, blackjack, random encounters, challenges, etc. are all A++. Lol I don’t want this game to ever end Even during the Ravens game the other day I couldn’t wait to jump back into it... and nothing gets in the way of Panthers football if that tells you anything
  11. RelaxImaPro

    Red Dead 2 Thread?

    Already cleaned my poo up of games I doubt I'll ever play again in preparation for that monster.
  12. RelaxImaPro

    Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    Man I didn't sleep worth a damn last night. Probably like 2 hours in total... bout to get ready and hit the road to Charlotte
  13. RelaxImaPro

    One Carolina

    Damn, that's pretty impressive. I checked just for comparison's sake and it's nearly even with the Seahawks and Steelers twitter and a few 100,000 off from the Cowboys and Packers. There's only a handful of teams with more followers than us that I saw... those 4 and the Patriots. Patriots way up there ahead of everyone with 2.2 million. This team, fanbase and culture has done some serious growing this year.