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  1. Nah our first color rush game was the 2015 game against the Cowgirls on Thanksgiving
  2. Jeeze... is he really 30 fuging 3 now? Ugh. Crazy how the time flies.
  3. Lol wow he had possession Welp, we've completely lose all that momentum we had. Either going to let the game slip away or it's going to be a fuging butt clencher
  4. Already shut the offense down I see
  5. RelaxImaPro

    Kavanuagh confirmed

  6. A tie counts as .5 a win and .5 a loss. We've won 185 games and lost 185 games. 185 + .5 = 185.5 A record of 185.5-185.5 is .500
  7. Kind of hard to reboot and have everyone know it's a reboot if you don't recast the actors, as unfortunate as that is. Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool is one of the few characters that could survive keeping the same actor going into a new cinematic timeline/universe after a reboot just due to the type of 4th wall breaking character he is. The DC Universe was a dumpster fire. It was going nowhere as it was before the hinted at reboot.
  8. RelaxImaPro

    Red Dead 2 Thread?

    Already cleaned my poo up of games I doubt I'll ever play again in preparation for that monster.
  9. RelaxImaPro

    Beware the PS1 Classic

    What? No it wasn't. There weren't even that many games that even utilized the original dualshock controller... Ape Escape is literally like the only one I can think of right off the top of my head. Others just added gimmicky features like Metal Gear Solid's Psycho Mantis using his "telekinesis" to move your controller by making it rumble. Actually, MGS might be the ONLY other game that utilized the dualshock outside of Ape Escape lmao. Not to mention dualshock controllers didn't even come out until towards the end of the PS1's life cycle. In it's original state it was little more than a gimmick in response to the N64's analog stick and rumble pack. Lol people boycotting it based on the lack of a dualshock controller is laughable. NOT having a dualshock controller would be more true to the real original PS1 experience. I hardly even knew anyone that had one of those controllers back during the console's original run. I sure didn't and never had a single problem.
  10. Ugh you're lucky honestly. 2012 was a fuging poo show on and off the field and the forum was still pretty damn anti Cam back then. There were multiple dumb as fug threads a day about trading/cutting/benching Cam - how immature and bad of a leader he was, and the Luck, RG3, Wilson, Kaepernick circlejerks were in full swing, etc., etc. The media and fan hate toward him was at its absolute peak during that time. It was a pretty fuging miserable time to be a Panther fan honestly until that December stretch. Basically, @TheRed was right in his element back then and I don't think he ever recovered.
  11. Meh, thinking about 2012 still pisses me off. All those close games we blew literally in the last minute. If not for that then we were easily a playoff team. Lol such a wasted season. Going back looking at it we could've been like 13-3 that season lmao. Would've been rolling into the playoffs red hot too playing some of the best football of any team in the NFL at that time.
  12. Geeze, if you started following in December 2012 then you missed all of it aside from those couple of games to start 2013 lol. I think we were undefeated in December of 2012... won like 5 straight to close out the year and were playing excellent football during that stretch, then carried that over into what became the 2013 12-4 season. December of 2012 onward was really the birth of this "modern" Panther team where we started figuring things out IMO.
  13. A large part of this stigma comes from the 2011 and 2012 season. I don't know if you were following the team that closely back then... but holy poo it was ridiculous. It seemed like we led every single game those two years going into the 4th quarter only to find some creative way to blow it. We were like the Browns in ways we found to lose. A lot of people, including me, are still haunted by those first couple of Ron seasons... and even the same poo to start the 2013 season until he finally earned the "Riverboat Ron" moniker. It just brings back flashbacks when old Ron rears its ugly head and we start giving up yards and points in quick succession at the end of games while the offense continues to stall over and over. A lot of it back then was bad luck, but that's all it takes... one bad bounce and you lose the game at the very end playing that style. Think we would've won that 2015 Giants game if Gano misses the FG at the end and it goes to OT? How about if we didn't recover the onside kick at the end of the Seahawks playoff game? Two games that had NO business coming down to one final play, did... and both those teams had EXTREME momentum on their side and likely would've capitalized on it to give us an L. All it would've took was a bad bounce at the end in games where we had 30+ point leads at halftime.
  14. Lol no one even attempted to go for that fumble