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  1. RelaxImaPro

    Castlevania (Netflix Original)

    @Dex If you don't mind going back and playing an older game (PS1 era) then you should definitely jump on Symphony of the Night. The game is a masterpiece and is the pioneer (along with Metroid obviously) of the Metroidvania genre of games that are so popular among indie developers nowadays. It's the game that made Alucard a fan favorite and why grown men like me were fan girling out when he finally made his appearance at the end of the first season. I think they just released it on the PSN and Xbox Marketplace, though they removed all the cheesy 90s voice-acting which was part of its charm I guess. edit: if you do decide to run through it make sure you unlock the upside-down castle. Look up Alucard's hidden moves too, because he's got an entire move list the game straight up never tells you about.
  2. RelaxImaPro

    Castlevania (Netflix Original)

    Saw the 1st season back when it released and it was fuging awesome. Like it was so unexpectedly great it kind of blew me away at how good it was. I'm not much into anime either... I've watched all of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z and that's about it. Haven't got around to watching the 2nd season yet but it's really damn high on my to-do list once I get some time to do it. From what I can tell the 1st season is sort of like a prequel to Castlevania 3 on the NES. In that game it was the first one to add light exploration and RPG elements and also introduced the Alucard character as he was one of the 3 playable characters. Not sure how season 2 plays out but it seemed like it was heavily being set up to be a modern anime retelling of Castlevania 3. That's pretty cool since Symphony of the Night, by far the best Castlevania game ever (and one of the greatest games ever IMO), was heavily inspired by Castlevania 3 and expanded a lot of that story... maybe they'll carry it all the way to the SOTN timeline.
  3. Welp, I finally did it. That was officially the first game I've ever turned off in my life before it was over.
  4. Wow. Take him out you fuging moron.
  5. Why the hell is Cam and McCaffrey still out there.
  6. Lol wow that was over a yard short and they give it to them... jeeze.
  7. Jesus Christ. Yeah, I'm seriously about to turn this poo off.
  8. Damn refs, they're doing a good enough job beating our asses already, don't need you to help them as well
  9. Well that's all folks. If it wasn't obvious enough already.
  10. Lol this game is a joke. Might be the fist game I ever turn off and just quit watching.
  11. Dude was a beast all throughout 2013, what are you talking about? He was a beast against the run (might've actually been the top 4-3 DE against the run that year as well), constantly got pressure even when he didn't get sacks, got double teamed regularly, and was able to effectively rush the passer from inside in our NASCAR package which allowed an extra edge rusher. Dude was straight up dominant that year. Also, we only played the Saints twice in 2013, like we normally do, and one of those games was one of the best games of his career here.
  12. RelaxImaPro

    Cam on His Blocking Skills

    Cam Newton: "After having observed many incidents I have come to the conclusion that quite the amount of people aren't very keen in receiving fisticuffs from yours truly."
  13. Bet you wish you still had those 3 timeouts you blew in the matter of 10 seconds, huh?