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  1. Well, bout to have a replay of 2018. Start off solid, experience an all-time ass-whooping, team completely shits the bed and proceeds to look like a bunch of clowns the remaining of the season
  2. Boy that ref was quick to signal Tennessee ball before you could even tell wtf happened lol. Along with the BS PI and the no call on Greg... meh
  3. Chase is going to be a HC before long. Dude has really taken off as a coordinator and our STs, which has been a joke for- seemingly-ever, finally looks like not only a legit unit under him.... but rather one of the best ST units in the league the past two seasons under his tenure. You know a gifted STs coach is likely going to have his team super disciplined as well.
  4. TD should still be here as a depth rotational piece and should’ve had his role seriously reduced as far back as 2016 so Shaq could begin to take the reigns.
  5. Same. Had to take a straight up sabbatical from everything football after that season and the shitty way it ended. Said I’d never let this poo effect me like that again. I don’t care nearly as much as I used to. Still, sometimes though I’ll catch myself getting a bit riled up during a game and just have to remind myself to calm the fug down, it’s just a game... lol it makes handling the losses a hell of a lot easier.
  6. Not even just this year though, he's always been that guy. Even the years they were good it seemed like you could replace him with any run of the mill QB that wouldn't throw the game away and they wouldn't have skipped a beat. He'd rather take a sack or throw the ball 5 yards short of a 3rd down rather than doing anything that effects his precious completion %. And when they're desperate for a play he'll throw some complete bullshit to Julio where he has to make a tough catch because chances are he'll make it. Hell, I've honestly always been more scared of Matt Bryant than Matt Ryan. Always seemed he was the one scoring all their points. All Ryan had to do was cross the 50 and they were in Bryant's range
  7. Maybe one day the NFL will actually address and do something about this dog poo officiating... lol nah who am I kidding but seriously, these refs need to start being held accountable and they need to be full time
  8. Matt Ryan puts up the most deceiving stats of any QB I've ever seen by far. You look at the stats at the end of the game and it blows you away. You actually watch him play and it's like you never see him do anything meaningful the entire game. Dude is the GOAT of useless stats.
  9. I don't know, Cam's deep ball was pretty putrid in 2017 outside of that playoff game. Even in 2018 before the Watt hit, when he was having that statistically great start, his deep ball looked very off. I think you'd have to go back to 2016 pre shoulder injury to see Cam making those kind of throws... and damn that makes me sad. Dude used to routinely make those throws and throw straight LASERS that distance.
  10. I'm assuming you're talking about when Todd Bowles was DC of the Cardinals? Todd Bowles was already HC of the Jets in 2015, which we didn't play that year.
  11. 13 attempts in 4 games. Completed 12 of those 13 attempts for 3 TDs and they were over 13 YPC on average... that kinda at least has a good bit to do with why he hasn't been down a lot, because he's played his best football by far the times he has to take the lead back.
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