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  1. Imagine being told Matt Moore would one day win a Super Bowl back when he was starting for us and we thought he was the future
  2. I mean if you successfully stop the run while also run the ball well you have a pretty good chance of winning... nothing inherently wrong with the philosophy if you can actually do it.
  3. awesome i'm in the fantasy championship and my opponent has brees as his qb and this cocksucker brees is throwing to everybody EXCEPT michael thomas, my workhorse i hate these mother fugers lol
  4. yeah it's cool dawg don't throw the ball to mccaffrey or anything, throw it to bersin 2.0 instead
  5. well you remember more than i do that night... i had a big watch party at the house and i was hammered right after halftime. most of that game is like a fever dream to me. i knew we were going to lose the moment they screwed us early on with that cotchery catch and started tossing them back in quick succession at that moment but afterwards, yeah, i knew we fuged up big time and had a feeling we'd never get back. i didn't think the collapse would be THIS fuging disastrous tho lol there really hasn't been very much joyful panther football since that 2015 nfccg cards game
  6. imagine going back to 2015 and telling ourselves then what a poo show this team would become immediately after that nfccg game lol
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