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  1. Jackson with safety help on AB...Bradberry JuJu straight up...Extra pressure to pass rush/stop the run and I think we can do enough to slow them down. We can’t let Conner run all over us and we simply can’t give up too many explosive plays to their pass catchers. Considering Cam has never beaten the Steelers (which I’m positive he’s very aware of) I feel like our offense is going to get theirs. Also the team overall I’d hope will play with an edge considering Tepper is from there and you know he’s probably let the guys know it means a little more.
  2. CashNewton22

    If you like hybrids...

    For a second I thought you were going in an ENTIRELY different direction when speaking on hybrids lol
  3. Not sure what you’re implying but if Wegher had anything close to the talent of CMC he'd likely still be in the league. He was a good guy who ran hard who plain and simply wasn’t talented enough to stick in the NFL. No shame in that though he got his shot.
  4. It’s incredibly unlikely he’s gonna be back for the Giants game but it’s looking like he might be able to make it back by the Eagles game with the Redskins game being unlikely but not impossible.
  5. It’s clearly a new boss in town. I love you David Tepper.
  6. You’re not a terrible fan and I understand the concern but it’s entirely possible the staff saw something on film indicating we could run on the Bengals and I’m pretty sure they were right. The offensive gameplan was great imo.
  7. A lot of bold reaches and reactions off of a conversation relayed via message board. No offense intended at all by the way op that was an excellent observational post....but some of you alls reactions are ridiculous. I’m absolutely positive that Tepper won’t coddle Thomas Davis like JR likely did but he can still play football. At the end of the day it’s gonna be a football decision and I think to a man even TD himself knows he’d be most effective in a lesser role. Do you think he’d rather uproot and take a lesser role with the Saints Falcons or Patriots or take it with the organization he’s been with his entire career? Nothing is in stone but some of y’all need to get a grip. If he comes out and stinks it up he’s gonna be shown the door if he’s still a solid TD that’s lost a step but can still be a valuable player in limited playing time and he still wants to play I’m sure we’ll offer him a fair contract. No top team is gonna pay him to be a 3 down linebacker and if he goes to Buffalo or Arizona or a comparable team to be a starter good luck and I’ll wish him well from afar.
  8. CashNewton22

    Panthers on Mint event

    My Wilmington crew of 10 are gonna try and make it but it all depends on how rowdy we get Saturday night tbh....
  9. Darn man thanks for letting me know.
  10. It’s been well documented about Norv Tuners prowess on the offensive side of the ball....but what are the most noticeable chsnges from the previous OC vs the current OC do the offensive players see.
  11. CashNewton22

    Failcons Lost PIE thread!

    The Falcons playcalling in the red zone is shameful and I love it!
  12. Yeah step one should be mending fences with 89 as far as alumni affairs go. He definitely played a part as well but it’s a shame he’s not closer to this franchise. He put the entire franchise on his back for years (offensively at least) and I Really hope we can get it done. There should be NO question as to what jersey Smitty retires in. He’s a Panther for life and I hope he someday feels the same.
  13. I stopped reading after you lead me to your first point. Trash thread bro.
  14. When Luke got cleared from concussion protocol I almost fapped. Is that adoration enough? @nostrathomas2
  15. Yeah.....I'm not opposed to Wegher over Fozzy.