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  1. fieryprophet

    What you just witnessed was G.O.A.T

    I don't care if he wins a million Super Bowls, Tom Brady means nothing to me and never will. He lost to Eli Manning twice lololol.
  2. I don't care that the refs gave the Rams the game because eff the Saints!!!!
  3. fieryprophet

    Defense wins championships...

    Number one offense lost the Super Bowl to the number one defense in 2015. Just saying.
  4. I put together another RL montage :D
  5. Our entire defensive system is predicated on consistent pressure and pass rush even when not blitzing, and it simply isn't there aside from the couple of a times a game that Julius Peppers shows up. KK Short and Addison are heavily under-performing and Obada has been a flash in the pan. Yes, the secondary is supbar, but no defense can hold for 5+ seconds down after down. If we don't blitz, we almost never get pressure, and that simply is not how this defense is designed to work. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like there are any ways to improve the situation this late into the season.
  6. fieryprophet

    Destiny 2

    I will check it out but Rocket League is still my bae.
  7. fieryprophet

    Destiny 2

    I played for a while on release but finally just went back to Rocket League. Honestly, that silly little car game has had the most depth of progression I have ever seen in any video game, simply because the skill ceiling is ridiculously high and the only limit is your own mechanical and strategic limits. In comparison to all my time I spent grinding up in Destiny 1 and 2, the satisfaction factor simply isn't there for me anymore as the endgame is just better gear to kill the same enemies with. Whereas in RL, nothing can compete with the sensation of collecting that virtual ball and watching the entire opposing team rush back to their goal in a panic, terrified of what insane mind-melting way you're going to score on them next.
  8. fieryprophet

    Destiny 2

    I am light 283 Warlock, with a clan, on PS4. I wrecked in D1, and will look to do the same in D2. Add me, gamertag is same as my Huddle username.
  9. On the screen passes note, our defense has always had great success against screens. Our linebackers are just too damn smart.
  10. My nerddom is showing, but that was Bilbo. Frodo was actually very reluctant to leave the Shire. EDIT: Ahh, I see my fellow nerds beat me to it. Damn, we're a enlightened lot, aren't we? ;)
  11. fieryprophet

    The Answer is on the Roster

    What's strange is that we never really were that strong of a running team this year. Take Cam away and the run game would have been middle of the pack. This year's offense was explosive and aggressive without having to hurl it 50 times a game. It really can't be stressed at how efficiently the offense scored while retaining that ball control flavor.
  12. I have always noticed that the people who complain the most about immaturity are usually absurdly immature themselves. They scream about Cam then try to tell me 9/11 was an inside job.
  13. fieryprophet

    cam vs jake

    Haha, long time. I haven't been video gaming anywhere near as much of late, got a lot more "real life" things to take care of these days :) And I will admit Destiny kinda burned me out when HoW dropped and I realized I would have to go through another leveling slog. . .
  14. fieryprophet

    cam vs jake

    If I was a professional athlete I would never sign anything for anyone, period. Autographs are the dumbest thing ever and I have never asked for one despite meeting a number of celebrities.