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  1. See, that's the rub. The game of football has changed. You no longer need a superstar QB. Spread Offenses can be effective without them. Sure, it is great for fans when you air it out. But it is not an end all be all for an Offense. IF you have a complementary team, you can compete. That said, Teddy basically has this, and maybe next year to show out. I really don't see us taking a QB this year. Unless Teddy just implodes, or we luck into Trevor. But next year? All bets are off.
  2. You can quantify it as you wish. We are still tied for 2nd.
  3. It really is a win-win for us. IF Teddy plays well, and leads us to respectability. We can just keep building around him. IF he isn't up to the task, and we have a bad year. We are in shape for that QB of the future. Teddy deserves the chance to show what he has. Just ask his accountant. If he can get this rag tag team to play as well, or better than today. We may be able to live with that.
  4. I am not sure how many games we will win this year, but after 3 weeks this team has shown some huzpah. That is all you can ask of this team. This year. There are a bunch of teams that will be in the running for the top of the draft. IMO, most, if not all, have guys they may HAVE to keep for a variety of reasons. So there is a real good chance that no matter what happens this year, we may have a legit shot at that oh so elusive Franchise QB. IMO, if this team plays like it did today. No TOs, few penalties. We can compete. Let Teddy show what he has. Then let the draft shift itself out.
  5. First off, I pied you because you had 9 pies and mine made a whole pie. Nothing like having a whole pie. Second, great answer. Garrett may indeed have a shot at making the active roster, but it is a long one. Bersin though, has probably no shot. He is great for what he gives you, but we need more than that. KB can be both a possession, and a deep threat. Funch has shown he can do more than we thought. Ginn Jr. can do what he does. Philly, if he could stay healthy, is quality depth. If Garrett is for real, he may be that last WR. With Byrd, and Hill, fighting to prove they belong. So...We have the first year of true competition at WR. There truly is talent fighting for roster spots. Something folks have been clamoring for for years. Too bad for Bersin. He truly could be a quality WR...He can do everything you want out of a WR. Except for that pesky lack of speed thingy. When you have 2 WRs he could be your 3rd. But when you have 4 or 5 fighting for a spot, he is basically outside looking in. Really hate losing a guy who knows the game so well. But sometimes, that is just how it goes. Really could be interesting to see if he could be a coach, cuz he truly does understand the WR position. It does surprise me how many WRs don't understand the position. Getting by on athletic ability alone can only get you so far. Guys like Bersin who acutally understand that position, get left in the wake. tl/dr version: We had the #1 Offense last year. No reason to think it won't be as lethal this year. Makes one giddy for the possibilities.
  6. Hey, fans need to get into a rhythm too. If you don't practice complaining, how you gon get good at it?
  7. Yes ma'am we sure do. And I for one am loving it. Course after almost 100 years of marriage, it really feels good to love something again.
  8. And the other half of that is; Grab a top DT this year in case we lose Short in 2 years. Short just may out price us by the time it comes to resign him. He may want up to 4mil more than we can offer. We offer 9-10, but he wants top DT money of 14. We draft his replacement this year, we are still in the running. We could get a TE in the 2nd or 3rd and still upgrade Dickson, and help out the Offense as well. I don't see a TE in the 1st as a good pick. I really am hoping we go D-line in the 1st. Also, we do have Simonson waiting in the wings. Although I ain't sure how RR and Co. actually feel about him? If that is true about Lawson? Why has it not been taken care of by now? I mean, Clemson is big time. They could have taken care of it last year. Just makes me wonder what the deal is? How do you rate a player who plays with a brace? Where are you comfortable drafting him? And do you think he can play as a rookie, then address it next off-season? Lots of question for a 1st rounder.
  9. I don't think folks forget this. I just think they get ideas in their heads and want their own theories to work out. Gman fills out the bottom of the roster with those cheaper FAs, then uses the draft to fill in the top of the roster with, hopefully, talented young guys. It has worked well for him, and us fans, for two years. That said. This is the first year he actually has a few dollars to play with. We may get a different look at the Gman this year. Will he stick with what got him here? Or will he make a splash or two? The ONLY thing I do know. He will do what he thinks is best to make this team better. And that my friends, is all we can ask. If Gman can improve this team again this off-season. We WILL be a team to contend with for a long time.
  10. How did I lie? You have not mentioned 1 football fact or stat in days. All you do is passive aggressively respond to folks making fun of you. You have made it abundantly clear you are not here for the football. I just showed you what we see. No lie involved. Unless you count your own useless contributions. Any way. I'm done with you. Buh bye.
  11. 2 derogatory statements right there. And I didn't even have to leave this page. Your holier than thou demeanor is getting old. I just hope that the team you don't root for has a better year next year. Then you will be able to feel the absolute joy us Panther fans are feeling right now. Bye bye now.
  12. Cool story bro. Making fun of fans that care about how their team does. Yeah that ain't personal. You are on a sports forum. Trying to instigate arguments about a game you claim you don't care about. Seems to me that football has more meaning for you than you realize. Either that or you just enjoy contradicting yourself. If you didn't care, you wouldn't be here.
  13. So...for your own amusement you come on a PANTHER forum and disrespect us. You must be able to see how silly that makes you look. The only excuse I can see for your behavior is the fact that you have no life. Why else would you waste your time being berated by fans of a team you have no interest in. To be honest. If you don't care who wins. The least you could do realize we DO have a dog in this fight. We ARE going to defend our team. And we are NOT going to take being disrespected by someone that doesn't care lying down. You do see how silly that makes you? Right?
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