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  1. Actually, he got hurt on the almost sack the play before. He left the field wincing in pain. Not sure why he was even on ST after that. Oh well, things that make you go, WTF.
  2. IMO, rush Defense is most defiantly a want to kind of thing. It is a can you impose your will kind of thing. It is a manhood kind of thing. So yeah, it can be turned around in a hurry. The operative word being "Can". That said. Our run Defense is near the bottom of things I worry over.
  3. As a general rule, getting gashed on the ground is preferable to being gashed through the air. Even with the occasional chunk run, it takes forever to score when running the ball. Which is why we were still in the game against GB even though we gave up 160+ yards on the ground. Now if you let a team throw all over you, with a handful of chunk plays? That team can roll you over in a heartbeat. Giving up 400+ yards through the air will definitely put points on the board. So if I had my druthers? I will take getting gashed on the ground over being gashed through the air. Best case though? Limit both, and roll to victory. Yeah, that's the ticket.
  4. Why? Tom Brady doesn't use his legs. Why does Cam have to? I am pretty sure Cam will slow down as he ages. But he is a competitor. He is going to do whatever he has to to win games. If he is healthy enough to play QB, he is good enough to take us wherever we want to go. Cam will always be able to pick up those short yardage plays. That is all the running he needs to worry over. Cam having to run is the rally cry of the fearful. Too afraid to allow your brain to believe Cam just might be good enough to win without running.
  5. I am loving how folks are just convinced Cam is done. Or that he will never be the same. Letting their fear distort their reality. Then they get all testy if they cannot convince you otherwise. lol I see no reason to believe that once Cam returns, he will be full bore for years to come. Which would mean that Kyle will never be more than a backup plan for us. Keep Kyle around until his contract becomes prohibitive, then ship him off for whatever we can get. Just the nature of the bidness.
  6. I concur with @CRA, if we can get to at worst 6-3. We are pretty much staring the Playoffs right dead in the eye. That said. If we can get a win out of this weekend, and get to that 5 game win streak. We will definitely be putting the rest of our schedule on notice. So IMO, this is a pretty important game. Go to the west coast and win. And we can show folks we are a team to be reckoned with.
  7. I love having both on the team. And for the time being it is still feasible. But...sooner or later...we will have to choose one over the other. At some point, Kyle is going to want to get paid. THAT is when we have to decide. Until then? Yeah, having both is a really good thing. You have to realize that teams are watching this. And if Cam returns to form. They will start calling. Hopefully, the powers that be will have already mapped out their strategy. Because it IS going to get interesting up in here. When the time comes for the FO to make their decision for either Cam, or Kyle. Man, that is going to be some shite right there. Edit to add. Kyle MAY be happy being Cams' backup at this point in time. But that will not last forever. He is going to want to spread his wings sooner or later.
  8. I am extremely happy with this situation. I am also extremely happy I don't have to make this decision. A HEALTHY Cam. You would have to pry him from my cold dead hands. Kyle? Best case. He is a great backup, with starter potential. Worst case. He is just a flash in the pan. Maybe he is just a good backup. How Kyle plays going forward will probably do nothing to ease this decision. But sooner or later. We will have to pick one. That is where folks are getting euphoric. What can we get for the QB we don't keep?
  9. Yeah, sorry about that. I did not mean for that to sound as snarky as it was. Was going to edit, but... I didn't.
  10. Cam is not !00%. The trade deadline is Tues. There will be no trade this year. If Kyle continues to win games. AND Cam gets healthy. THEN this offseason, we will have some hard decisions to make. Of course this is all contingent on Kyles' on field play.
  11. Pure speculation on your part. The Panthers are not going to trade him this year. Cam injuries will carry past the trade deadline. That does not make Kyle "Untouchable", it makes it improbable. Edit to add. Only someone with their head in the sand can not see the attention Kyle is garnering. He is a hot topic right now. One way or another, that can be a good thing for us.
  12. Kyles' play has absolutely put him in a position where he needs to be talked about as a long term solution. (Whether for us, or some other team.) But, he has also not played enough to be able to give a definitive analysis of what he can become. He perfectly personifies the phrase "Hurry up and wait". Because at this point in time, NOBODY knows what he is ultimately going to become.
  13. Damm that Kyle Allen. Damm him to heck. Oh yeah, what about Cam played against tougher teams. And his Oline was whack. Yaha yada yada smaller windows. So happy for Kyle. He has kilt it. Stupid Kyle. He was only supposed to hold down the fort, not take command of the whole danged army. Let Cam heal. Kyles' got this.
  14. That's the rub. If Kyle is on an insane run like that. How do you justify putting Cam back in? But you have to find out where Cam is at also. Tough call by all concerned. Then again. He will have been around the building. He will have been at practice. The team should have a good handle on when exactly Cam can come back. If after all that, and the team pust Cam back in. You have to believe they believe he is ready. If they put Cam back in before he is ready, other than Kyle imploded anyway, they will never live it down. Edit to add. If they mess this up. It could get real ugly.
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