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  1. Yeah, because we all know the best time to talk to a football player is right after a loss. Cam looked excited before the TB game. But all of a sudden, he done. I love this place.
  2. You folks can't stand 1 loss. Yet you are willing to lose for 2 years. LOL
  3. Thread is bad, and OP is bad for starting it. But hey, you gots to get that pie. Am I right? Just a few weeks ago Cam said he felt like a rookie again. But all of a sudden he "Has lost interest". LOL I have said it before, but it bears repeating. You folks are killing me.
  4. You gotta love how folks will throw out almost anything to try and make their point sound valid. LOL
  5. I can't be the only one who finds petulant children funny? Can I?
  6. I think everyone saw that. It is the reason I don't like Instant Replay. Refs have been screwing up since inception. Why do we have to take that away from them? Two things about Instant Replay. 1. Refs are reluctant to make a call. Let Instant Replay figure it out. Bull. 2. It is the main reason games last so long nowadays. Get rid of it. And let the Refs ref. End of rant.
  7. I saw Olsen help, as well as Manhurtz. Obviously, not often enough. Williams would have a good play, then turn around and screw the pooch. He'd give you just a glimpse of being adequate. Then break your heart for even thinking that. We had 9 possessions in TB territory, and got 4 FGs. That is not all on Daryl. But man, it sure did seem like it.
  8. There ya go. Although it's dang sure the scouts didn't prepare me for this. I tell ya what.
  9. Um? Thank you? Just go with your heart. Screw everything else.
  10. LOL this one actually made me giggle. Thank you for that.
  11. Still not feeling it bro. Come on, put some thought and effort into it. You can do it. lol
  12. It's like a race to see who can put out the hottest hot take first. It used to bother me when fans turned on their team. Nowadays, I just find it humorous. I would not go as far as to pity them. For they know not what they do. They entertain us. And I don't think that is their ultimate goal.
  13. I see that. Folks had high hopes for this year. It is very disheartening to feel like all hope is lost 2 weeks into the season.
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