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  1. It's cool you want to dismiss that teams are dinking us to death, just to keep your tired rhetoric alive? That fact does hurt your argument. At the beginning of the year, most folks thought our Dline was going to be pretty good. KK, and Poe wreaking havoc up the middle. Allowing Pep, Addy, Horton, and maybe one of the kids to get after the QB. On paper, that looked like a solid group. Evidently the opposition felt the same way. Because every team we have played, well, except Dallas that is, has dinked, and dunked us to death. The very best way to counter a good pass rush? Quick passes. I mean, we get it. You love you some Kraken. And it's fine if you want to fight that battle until the very end. I mean, if it weren't' so sad, it wouldn't be so funny. But you have to see the irony in calling others nincompoops?
  2. I would love to know how many hurries he has. Because to my eye he is getting close, just can't get home. Hellz, this is true for most of the Dline. Close, but no cigar type of year so far. Teams really are trying to negate our rush with those shorter routes. So it is more of how teams are playing us, than how we are executing.
  3. I think you might need to start over. Reread the title, then the posts. (Even if the majority are just snark.) Because I think you may have missed the gist.
  4. Not sure you should make that bet. Just off the top of my head, it's pretty close to a toss up.
  5. I mean, who are we supposed to blame in this scenario? Unless you are using sarcasm to make a point. In which case. I don't get it.
  6. First; Thanks for the find. Cool info there. One of the reason we all come here. To get information we are too lazy to find on our own. You sir, are the tops. So, does this mean someone out there thinks Cam is pretty good? Now we just have to convince the rest of his own fan base. Still have to wonder why Panther OCs have to make it so hard on the kid. Just imagine what Cam could do with a competent OC?
  7. iamhubby1

    Eric Reid

    Sorry to burst your bubble. But according to Joe Buck. The NFL is once again racking up the ratings. So...once again, your outdated information is now...wrong.
  8. Can't argue that hypothetical scenario now can ya? My turn. Sure would help if Moore hadn't decided he was tired of carrying the ball around.
  9. Cucked is a submissive man who is cuckolded, or browbeat, by his wife. Or Cuck, to be conservative. So I guess we are a submissive, or conservative franchise. Which just might fit us, even if he managed to misuse it. Not sure you should count on @RumHam providing you with an answer. He is more of a complainer, than an explainer.
  10. iamhubby1

    Friday notes

    Well, then someone needs to get down to the basement and tell whomever is doing this to get their poo together.
  11. iamhubby1

    Friday notes

    I know, right?
  12. I was going to make fun of the fact that you left off Moore, but went out of your way to exclude Smith. But I agree with your McC, Olsen, and Samuel assertions.
  13. iamhubby1

    Friday notes

    We lost wearing those last week. Maybe someone with a brain can tell Miles we need to switch it up. Everyone knows you don't wear the same clothes after a loss. This franchise is messed up all the way down to the basement.