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  1. iamhubby1

    Eric Reid

    In today's NFL, if you hold a team to 20 points, you give yourself a chance to win. The D did their job. Now Fuch, and Gano? I get it. We lost. So heads must roll. But let's be honest. This Offense should have been able to score more than 19 points. Point your grubby little fingers in that direction.
  2. Not as much as we miss not drafting Tom Brady. Looking at that atl record. lol
  3. I'm sorry, but I got a chuckle out of this one. Because you don't know any names on their Offense, there is no excuse not to shut them down? lol Imagine that. A fan that knows little, to nothing, about an opponent. Yet expects us to steamroll them. That RB has 3 games of over 70 yards rushing. The Lions have won all 3. Yeah, he might be dangerous.
  4. Oh, I don't know. Signs of improvement. Slow down the run game, get pressure on the QB, tackle, things like that. Just look like a Defense that knows what it is doing. Just because you think the Lions Offense is inept, it is still led by a very good QB, with a RB that can actually do RB things. And Galladay is not slouch either. If we show signs of improvement. Should it matter who it comes against?
  5. I thought I read he was practicing Thur. Well, damm. That helps us, cuz he is probably their best Defender. This looks more and more, like a Panther win. @bababoey Justed checked, and he is expected to play. Still could be a game time thing. But as of right now, they expect him to play. He is a good one. Even at 80% he is pretty good. But a limited Slay is still their best defender. And that is not a good thing for them.
  6. I don't think there are many Defenses out there who are producing to the level the Huddle wants to see. So our D is not the only D having a tough time. Also, we have 4 weeks to get our act together for the aints, and beyond. It is possible that we can figure out a way to generate more pass rush. I know folks are nervous about our pass rush. But it can get better. And if that happens, we can compete with anyone.
  7. There ya go. That's the spirit. ha Baby steps.
  8. iamhubby1

    What Detroit Lions fans are saying

    Stafford has 32 game winning drives. And his 4th quarter passer rating is over 102. And 4th quarter within 7, it jumps to over 127. I think that speaks volumes of how well he can play late in the game when the pressure is on. I get it. The Lions usually sux. It sux to be a Lions fan. But that does not automatically mean that Stafford is not a quality QB. Or is not clutch.
  9. True. But if Washington wins that Division. They will have no bearing on the Wild Card. Hellz bellz, we very well could wind up playing them in the Wild Card Round. Pay backs are a B word.
  10. On the other hand. In the Playoffs, the team with the better record is almost always the better team. Now granted, there are years where one of the Wild Card teams is probably better than 1, or even 2 of the Divisional Winners. But as a whole. Yeah, the better record usually indicates the better team. It is not a given that we are at our ceiling. That we are not capable of getting better. It just seems to me. Too many folks are of this thought. That we are who we are. IMO, it really is not out of the realm of possibilities that this team can improve even more. We still have 7 weeks to work on things.
  11. I usually am averse to giving away future resources. But man, if there is a DE that we absolutely have to have. Then I say screw it. Go for it. Then again, it scares me giving away future resources on a Rookie who has never seen the field. Glad I don't have to make that call. It would paralyse me with fear of making the wrong call.
  12. I say, if the Defense does play well. Washington deserves a break. No excuses.
  13. Actually, the biggest loss was Lange. That Oline has not looked good once he went down. That Offense is struggling big time. Slay is back at CB. And that is basically it Defensively. They are struggling big time on D. I hate saying this. But...We really should win rather handily.
  14. What if we beat the Browns, then sweep the aints? Is Ron safe?
  15. There ya go. If we don't do well, you are covered. If we do do well, you are covered. Win win for you. lol