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  1. Byrdman4real

    Beason on Rivera

    Exactly how I feel
  2. Byrdman4real

    Titans Jags

    Just told my wife the same damn thing
  3. This team is full of disappointment
  4. Byrdman4real

    ESPN on Panthers Collapse

    Looks like the media and journalists starting to put the blame on Coaching, Equaling to Rivera
  5. Byrdman4real

    Opinions: put Cam on IR now

    Yes, IR him now
  6. Byrdman4real

    Who is feeling 'ok' right now?

    Exactly how I feel
  7. Byrdman4real

    Cam Arm Is Done

    He's not done, but need a lot of rest
  8. That explains it all. Cam arm is injured