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  1. At least the player's name is in the title. I hate it when people post click bait garbage like if the team desperately needs a WR, you'll see a headline "Panthers Sign Wide Receiver to 2 yr Agreement". You open the thread to see that it's some practice squad nobody. If the name isn't included in the title, I assume its a no name signing every time. You bet your ass if we signed a big name player his name would always be in the title.
  2. 3 of the TD's that game involved some sort of misdirection with McCaffrey. Even as a rookie, he had coaches scheming hard against him. Your second sentence answers your first sentence.
  3. What he just said about playing the players that fit his philosophy regardless of seniority should make a lot of people around here happy.
  4. That's not similar to this situation at all. Snyder and Jones aren't the type of owners to throw a bunch of money at their coaches and let them have full control. They both seem to be changing their style with their recent hires but it still remains to be seen. What Tepper is doing is the exact opposite of what those owners are known for: buying in to Rhule's sports science program, letting him choose his staff, etc. Rhule is a program re-builder and there is no way he takes the Panthers HC job if Tepper is going to be back seat coaching the whole time like Snyder and Jones.
  5. Yeah they got their short term wishes but they don't realize what they will lead to long term. Unless the qb situation is figured out immediately, we're looking at another year or two of huddle finding a new toy to put all the blame on. If Hurney isn't gone, he'll be blamed first and then it'll go to whatever poor bastard chooses to coach this train wreck and then they'll print shirts like the Redskins did saying "SELL THE TEAM" because Tepper didn't bring a championship to Charlotte within 3 years.
  6. If Dan Snyder promised to fire Bruce Allen and to let Rivera choose his QB with the #2 pick, why wouldn't a coach want to start out there? How exactly is Dallas or Cleveland a better option right now than Washington? Why does Rivera getting his perceived perfect fit immediately mean no one wanted him so he took whatever he could get? A lot of you guys are trying really hard to substantiate your hatred for Rivera and are now grasping at whatever might fit the narrative. What if Cincy decides to pass on Burrow or Tua comes back with a perfect bill of health by draft time? It's basically the same situation Rivera got when he took the HC job with the Panthers but this time he knows all the things he wishes he did differently. Honestly, dude was probably happy the Panthers fired him. This team is likely going nowhere for the next few years if Cam doesn't come back healthy. This defense was bad before the firing but turned into absolute give up 35 points a game dogshit post firing. Rivera didn't have a choice in the matter but he might have gotten out at the perfect time.
  7. You do realize that they aren't going to open up the defensive playbook in a preaseason game right? If this was a real game Bills probably go 3 and out baby!
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