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  1. I doubt the NFL is calling games. If that got out it would game over for the NFL.
  2. Fun fact, I played high school ball with Jarrett Boykin at Butler High School. Cool to see him in Carolina again.
  3. P.I.A

    Huddle Workout Warriors

    Take the weight from her.
  4. P.I.A

    Huddle Workout Warriors

    Whats good, all?! You all have made some awesome progress. I finally hit a goal of mine, a 300lb Bent over row with minimal lower body movement. Kind of weird goal, but I believe back strength is paramount. Also Trying to hit a 225 ****** grip, behind the neck press (klokov press). weird goals FTW.
  5. Im 12, and what is this.

  6. P.I.A

    Huddle Workout Warriors

    I explained to DB that I was on borrowed time and I didnt have time to pull more since my command was basically yelling for me to get back to work. I had at least 440 in me.
  7. P.I.A

    Huddle Workout Warriors

    probably an RC issue. When I broke my collarbone I had massive RC issues because of it healing wonky.
  8. P.I.A

    Huddle Workout Warriors

    Thats amazing! My 415 was easy, but due to being on borrowed time I wasnt able to go higher. I feel like ive got 440- 445 in the tank.
  9. P.I.A

    Huddle Workout Warriors

    Ill catch you soon! Youre a beast!
  10. P.I.A

    Huddle Workout Warriors

    Whats up all? Its been stupid at work so my posting has gone down the drain. I was able to compete in a camp wide powerlifting comp. this past week. I competed in the 191-202 class at 195 There was some stiff competition to say the least. My number were: Back squat- 445 Bench- 325 Deadlift- 415 total-1185 : #1 in my class!!! there some great benchers here, but no one really squats. I think thats what enabled me to take #1. woooooooooooo
  11. P.I.A

    Huddle Workout Warriors

    Back when I was big into pre, I would get up to 4 scoops. no bueno.
  12. P.I.A

    Huddle Workout Warriors

    Two questions: 1. I cant tell because of the angle, but where are you hitting on your hips when youre hip driving into the second part of the ******? My mid thigh is where I tend to bump, but you seem to be hitting on your pelvis/ pubic bone area. 2. What kind of Olympic lifting shoes are those?
  13. P.I.A

    Huddle Workout Warriors

    I finally smashed my goal of 320 paused on bench! And hitting 20 BW pullups at 198 doesnt hurt either.
  14. P.I.A

    Huddle Workout Warriors

    Fiz, is this you?