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  1. I think people are confusing with what I'm trying to say about Luke here. Schematically he could be out of position or trying to dissect too much which leads to him over diagnosing and so on. What I'm saying is he's just not as physical as he once was. And I believe 100% of that is his history of concussions, which is impacting his play. Luke is a smart guy. I would not put it past him that he has actively changed the way he plays/tackles to limit the hits to his head. We already see the thing around his neck. I think he's trying to be as pro-active as possible without actually hanging it up.
  2. I'll respectfully disagree. I can get on board with the front 4 not letting the LB's play clean and he's getting chewed up a bit. Which is not letting him flash what he can do. IMO however, he doesn't attack the game like he use to from a physicality standpoint. Still has all the tools and ability. That hasn't gone away. I just see him more times than not meet a runner head on and almost try to shed some of the impact. Which usually results in him arm tackling and throwing guys to the ground. I don't see a lot of drive and drag from him AS MUCH. Not saying this is an every play occurrence with him.
  3. I made a thread last year after he came back from his last discussion (and got downvoted). He 100% plays different now. He is not as inclined to stick his nose into things as he was earlier on. He's reticent in how he tackles. Have you noticed he more times than not arm tackles guys and does this whole throws-them-to-the-ground move? He is trying to protect his brain and I can't say I blame him at all. It just is making him not as effective as he was before. He just plays the game differently now. Still a good player. Not at the same level as he was though. Has to be tough for him to want to play the game but probably can't play it the same way as before.
  4. The unfortunately reality with our O-line situation is, outside of Moton it needs a ground up rebuild. I know it may not be the popular opinion but I even think Turner's play has declined in the last season +. The obvious is this can't and won't be fixed right now. You just gotta either game plan or patchwork this bad boy to give us a chance and not get Cam killed. Amini doesn't fit any of those.
  5. panthermonium

    JAX Sept 13

    Couldn't have worked out more perfect. Warm weather, first game of year where everyone is jacked about the season, other stuff. Just perfect.
  6. panthermonium

    San Diego

    Denver/Boulder/Ft. Collins is also legit. Just came back. Ahhhhhhhmazing beer scene.
  7. panthermonium

    JAX Trip Details

    lolol. When that photo was taken in 2000, I was the hippest kid on the block. Puka shells ftw!
  8. panthermonium

    JAX Trip Details

    In. You'll be seeing this mug all day..
  9. panthermonium

    OTA Observations

    Kugbila looks enormous. In a not so good way. Good stuff Zod. Always appreciated.