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  1. Ugh. You are so infuriatingly dim witted. The post you literally just quoted said I had a problem with the POINT. Not the argument. PSC is smarter than using a dumb point like that to counter racist arguments. Its very sad and telling you had to go back two years to try to find a post after claiming I was racist and you couldn’t even do that. Stop quoting me if you are going to continue to lie and gas light.
  2. It was a dumb point in that argument I had a problem with. Not the argument itself. Stfu
  3. All you have to do is ask yourself is “would the msm be pushing mayor Pete this hard if he was an actual progressive?” I mean we see the way they treat bernie and he’s a real progressive. It tells you all you need to know
  4. Be careful. Igo doesn’t like people coming after his boy.
  5. The redbaiting has been on a whole new level since 2016. It’s crazy to think this was the regular practice back in the Cold War era. Only a matter of time before we are reintroduced to blacklists
  6. Fryfan is getting paid by Jeff bezos confirmed
  7. And fug context too. It’s easier to put someone in a box that way right?
  8. And Elon musk and Justin roiland have been in pewdiepie videos. Are they alt right? That’s the problem with this transitive property-guilt by association labeling that people are alt right/neo nazis/WN. Google doesn’t really care about context. I mean just last week he posted a photo of Tim pool sitting at a table with I guess WN’s? And used that as evidence he was? But the context of that photo was Tim actually arguing against those people. the only thing pewdiepie has actually done with context is drop the hard R. That is inexcusable. Everything else as far as I’ve seen, especially that New York Times hit piece is purposefully leaving things out to make an argument and Google has taken the bait
  9. I think you are really grasping at straws going after pewdiepie and H3 imo
  10. It’s almost like we can’t see multiple other countries with better rated health care than we have who use the single payer system to point instead saying “trust me it’s going to be great” there is already evidence it’s better than the system we have now. There is evidence that it is highly popular among the people. But you have people who buy in to health care/right wing propaganda who think it’s some awful system. Plus old people are more resistance to change. No wonder you have a hard time grasping this
  11. You should bump the thread of McCain’s death to see how many posters actually honored/defended that POS
  12. What would you have liked joe to ask him? I’m genuinely curious
  13. You know she’s doing well when stories like this are being written. We need more like her
  14. Almost thought that was serious until I saw the twitter handle.
  15. Exactly. Huge racist. Everyone seems to forget he laid the ground work for trump with the racist campaign he ran against obama
  16. I wasn’t talking about the funeral. I’m talking about the perception of him since trump took office. It’s the same thing with Bush. Both are pieces of poo but are looked more favorably just because they’ve opposed trump. It’s laughable.
  17. No, it’s just funny how the narrative can shift for someone who was a piece of poo at the hour of their death. I’d say the first two headlines were move accurate and the only reason we are seeing the last one is that he was a lame duck and was going against trump. If he wasn’t against trump you think we’d see those headlines? I’m just curious
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