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  1. A trade sending and MVP starting QB from a 4-2 team to a 2-5 team would be just about the dumbest trade in NFL history
  2. Tulsi is not running as a third party candidate. Clinton is just pissed that Tulsi said Trump won in 2016.
  3. I heard he has only one 100 yard game against us. Was that incorrect?
  4. I am more curious about if by 4pm Sunday I will even care to watch the game, but I firmly expect to lose.
  5. I do not care, which is the biggest indictment on this franchise at this point. For over two decades I lived and died with this team. Last night I chose a good night's sleep and being rested for today over watching the game and when I woke up to my brother's text stream of his observations I simply shrugged and started my day.
  6. He clearly caught it. Whether it is considered a catch per their convoluted rule, I do not know
  7. Seems to me they both got a boost.
  8. We have absolutely no way of knowing that. She did not go through a primary so who really knows where she would have stood. Bernie would have likely won though. He was popular in the states were Hillary choked.
  9. The winners in this whole thing are the Debate One people not named Warren. It gives them a chance to stand out. Although I think have Pete in that debate would help also just for more eyes. I would say the bottom six in Debate two are the big losers as they will have no chance with four of the top five in their debate. Biden is a loser here also, he would be better off letting his biggest pursuers tear each other up. Kamala and Pete are winners as they have opportunity to go after the top two For Warren it is probably a wash. She has the chance to stand out, but she also will be the major target in her debate and it will almost certainly be lower rated since about 3/4 to 4/5 of voters have their favorite in the other debate
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