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  1. I cannot claim to know what I am doing, but I can say that Boeing, Spirit, and to a lesser extent Southwest have me feeling good this week.
  2. We have absolutely no way of knowing that. She did not go through a primary so who really knows where she would have stood. Bernie would have likely won though. He was popular in the states were Hillary choked.
  3. The winners in this whole thing are the Debate One people not named Warren. It gives them a chance to stand out. Although I think have Pete in that debate would help also just for more eyes. I would say the bottom six in Debate two are the big losers as they will have no chance with four of the top five in their debate. Biden is a loser here also, he would be better off letting his biggest pursuers tear each other up. Kamala and Pete are winners as they have opportunity to go after the top two For Warren it is probably a wash. She has the chance to stand out, but she also will be the major target in her debate and it will almost certainly be lower rated since about 3/4 to 4/5 of voters have their favorite in the other debate
  4. I mean, to be fair, he would have a lot more resources if elected.It will never happen so long as there is so much money in cancer treatment though.
  5. Agreed on not right side, but there is often a wrong side, and I would extend that to most of the rest of the world as well. To me the best decision is almost always to just stay the bleep out of it.
  6. I will probably change my opinion on this, but I would have felt better had we lost a hard fought battle to Seattle than lose to this stupid team because our guys forgot what they were out there to do,
  7. Exact same boat here. One of my best friends is a Bronco fan so we agreed to root for each other if our team lost. If it is a Pats/Cards Super Bowl we have agreed to go see a movie that evening. I also agree, Denver is the better match-up.
  8. Two different games. One lost on a missed 27 yard FG while the other has never been in the game
  9. I was feeling really good about Under 44.5 until that damn Alex Smith scramble and pass
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