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  1. Goondal

    Deadwood: The Movie (2019)

  2. Goondal

    Game of Thrones - Season 8

    This is perfectly accurate. The way a show ends has a dramatic effect on my personal rankings. Currently for me the GOAT is The Leftovers followed by The Wire. Those two are simply on another level from anything else I have ever seen. Six Feet Under sits on Tier II for me while Tier III contains a handful of shows, namely Deadwood, Boardwalk Empire, and The Sopranos. The reason they are ranked as such, despite those three having higher peaks is because they fumbled things down the stretch (Deadwood did not have an ending, Boardwalk Empire had a rushed final season when they really needed two, and The Sopranos went on too long and dragged late in its run) while Six Feet Under produced what I believe to be the greatest finale of all-time. With the Deadwood movie coming out the potential is certainly there for it to finally separate itself. It will never touch my top two, but I expect it to slot into the three spot. As for Game of Thrones, I feel it has dropped in quality the some. Even so, I expect it to fall somewhere in the 4-7 range when all is said an done, unless they totally bleep it up (which, after S7, is certainly possible).
  3. Goondal

    Game of Thrones - Season 8

    I could definitely see a betrayal of Dany. Tyrion was rightfully disturbed by her having Randall and the douche son Tarley burned to a crisp. One thing I have wondered the whole time is what will happen when Sam and Jon find out about this act? How will Sam react? He did not like them but I cannot imagine him being okay with that. If it does come down to a choice will Jon choose his best friend of his new lover? Additionally, it could be a precursor to another act that could make her betrayal justifiable.
  4. Goondal

    2018-19 North Carolina Tar Heels

    I love that idea. My fantasy baseball league works the same way with draft order. Because it is a snake draft teams in the middle/lower picks will occasionally pick the last pick to get the first pick in the second round depending on what players are kept and where the drop off is
  5. Goondal

    2018-19 North Carolina Tar Heels

    That right there is the problem. KU themselves is not scary, but a four seed should not have de facto home court for the second weekend.
  6. Goondal

    2018-19 North Carolina Tar Heels

    I am sure Roy called a play for all possibilities and prefer not letting them setting up their defense. That game was decided by our inability to shoot from 3
  7. Goondal

    UEFA Champions League

    Well, at least I do not have to worry about which QF matches TNT will determine that I am worthy enough to see. I can only imagine the response if a network forced fans to pay for the first two rounds of the NBA, MLB, or NFL playoffs. Embarrassing season for Bayern and garbage premiere from TNT
  8. Goondal

    UEFA Champions League

    That is the poo you would expect to pull on FIFA
  9. Goondal

    UEFA Champions League

    Of the four teams through so far, three of them did not win their group. The only group winner to advance was the Portuguese team. Wonder when the last time that happened was.
  10. Goondal

    Game of Thrones - Season 8

    Agree completely
  11. Goondal

    Been noticing a trend lately...

    Cord cutters and soccer fans are populations that often overlap. I can say this...I really hope the Bundesliga goes to ESPN+. FOX sucks, their package is more expensive, and has a ton of other content as well
  12. Goondal

    The Man in the High Castle

    I really hope it does not go eighteen months between seasons this last time. I love that show.
  13. Goondal

    2018-19 North Carolina Tar Heels

    I feel bad for Zion and hope it is nothing serious. The fact that he had to play this year in college is beyond idiotic. Sadly...if it is a major injury it could eventually have a positive effect long term because players like him should be able to go NBA. Do not feel sorry for Duke though. Build around three guys and do not be surprised when one gets hurt and only two others can score
  14. Please let there be more than two
  15. Giving the Saudis nuclear technology could be the single worst idea in the history of mankind.