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  1. I should mention, I hate the international games as well, and find them incredibly unfair to the teams involved, especially the team surrendering a home game. Unfortunately we are stuck with them so I figure what is the best way to accomplish what the league is trying to do while making it as fair as possible. My thought behind making it an OOC foe means it also takes those games out of the tiebreakers. You are correct, most fans are in their teams markets. I guess I am biased as I am not. The first week schedule idea would also be a ratings, money-making bonanza for the league. Hell, they could do it over Labor Day weekend and have games running all day Monday too.
  2. Not sure how feasible it is, but my idea: -seventeen games (eight home, eight road, one international) -two preseason games -three byes (one has to be after your international game) -your Thursday game comes after a bye -Super Bowl on the day before President’s Day (many people are already off) -your international opponent is from the division in the opposing conference that you played the previous season and finished in the same position -every team has a home away from home in Europe. Each European city has an AFC and an NFC team (A city like London could have more). AFC is the home team in even years and NFC is the home team in odd years. Ex. if the Panthers and Bengals are Berlin then fans there get to see one of their two teams each year, thus building fan bases. This allows for European fans to have teams to follow and raises interest without having to deal with all the logistics of having a full time team there. -international games are on at 9am or whatever and are split between the two networks so each one gets eight extra games in a new time slot -all player contracts and the salary cap are automatically increased by 1/16 to accommodate this seventeenth game -Opening week has two prime time games on Thursday, Friday, and Monday the way they do now for MNF. On Sat and Sun each network has a 1 and 430 with one prime time game. So all teams are nationally televised and all fans get to see their teams opening match
  3. I wonder which will be abandoned first...New Orleans or Miami
  4. We have a QB coming off shoulder surgery that could not throw the ball ten yards last year and our offensive weapons have very short track records or, in Olsen’s case, has had major injuries in consecutive seasons. The potential for a top five offense is certainly there as we have high ceiling talent all over, but CMC is the only one I would say also has a high floor. If a division rival had those type of questions marks we would laugh at a top ten raking for them.
  5. Seems to me they both got a boost.
  6. I wonder if there is a less exciting team in sports than this one.
  7. We just finished 7-9 and lost seven in a row before beating the Saints backups to close the season
  8. Goondal

    Trump 2020

    Depending on the nominee there may not be a good reason to vote Democrat. That however is not a good reason to vote for Trump. People voting for one party because you cannot think of a good reason to vote for the other party is what bleeped up our country to begin with.
  9. 4 year 140 is what I understand as well but if LAL can only offer 27 per year that is only 108. They still need the cap space to offer the 35/yr, yes? Sorry, as a baseball/soccer guy, these cap things are like a foreign language to me.
  10. Of course, who knows on Space Jam 2 and crap, in 4 yr 27 mill is only 108 million. That is less than half what we could offer.
  11. What contract can they offer?
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