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  1. 2020: 11-5 (Wild Card, lose in Wild Card game) 2021: 7-9 2022: 12-4 (NFC South winners, lose NFCCG) 2023: 8-8 2024: 13-3 (NFC South winners, SB winners) 2025: 7-8-1 2026: 10-6 (Wild Card, lose in Divisional Round)
  2. I guess it depends. Should we take a contract that last two years...no big deal. We have Batum that long and will be no good next year anyway. 21-22 before we actually could do anything I figure. Now Any contract longer than that and multiple solid assets better be coming our way.
  3. Gettleman was absolutely better than Hurney. He fixed Hurney’s mess. Hurney took over and we became this crap again. That being said, both should be distant memories if we want to improve.
  4. I am not a football fan. I am a Panthers fan. That being said, I understand than much of the reason I have still cared about football this decade is because of Cam. Many sports I use to care about (NASCAR, NHL, NCAA FB) I no longer have any interest in. I never thought I would lose interest in them, but I eventually did. Should Cam leave this offseason I imagine whatever interest I have in NFL would be scarfed up by soccer the way it has devoured most other sports. I would like to say that I will still be a Panthers fan without Cam...but I am not willing to pay the little disposable income I make teaching to watch Kyle Allen again. I would only watch the games broadcast locally, which would likely be the two Bucs games. Should I go several seasons of watching only two games I imagine it would become like the aforementioned sports that I no longer watch. I would wish Cam well, but I doubt I follow him. Outside of the occasional bet I imagine it would be the end of my watching football altogether.
  5. A trade sending and MVP starting QB from a 4-2 team to a 2-5 team would be just about the dumbest trade in NFL history
  6. Tulsi is not running as a third party candidate. Clinton is just pissed that Tulsi said Trump won in 2016.
  7. We have absolutely no way of knowing that. She did not go through a primary so who really knows where she would have stood. Bernie would have likely won though. He was popular in the states were Hillary choked.
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