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  1. To me the most blame lies with Ryan’ for it starting and McConnell for it continuing. The votes were/are there to end the shutdown and there is nothing Trump can do about it. They just refuse to allow votes. Trump is third for making this non-issue an issue. Schumer himself cannot block a vote but Senate Democrats as a whole would be fourth for promising to filibuster any wall bill both before the new Congress. Not sure how much blame Pelosi gets. Yes, she will not allow such a vote but the votes are no longer their anyway.
  2. Goondal

    Bird Box

  3. Could also be a great spot for players to go to avoid being tagged.
  4. Coaches and institutions get rich while kids either give up their bodies for free or go into major debt paying for overpriced schooling. Seems like an excellent system
  5. Will they also sign players out of HS? Otherwise I feel the XFL could have a leg up in the long run if done right. Interesting that both leagues have teams in Orlando, Memphis, and Birmingham. The others will have no direct competition in their respective markets.
  6. Not a threat to NFL but could effect NCAA. If the pay is enough and quality of coaches good then they could develop into a decent minor league system where players get paid and do not have to pass Western Humanities to play. If they were successful that way then you could see other leagues try the same tactic, forcing NCAA to change. Not holding my breath but I would love this scenario.
  7. Goondal

    For those who don't want the border wall

    Canada probably should though
  8. Goondal

    For those who don't want the border wall

    We should not be spending that money either.
  9. Goondal

    House Seeks To Abolish The Electoral College

    Those two electoral votes is where the problem comes in. That is 102 extra votes that disproportionately go to states like WY, ND, and others that are largely lacking people. If you take the Mountain Time Zone (ID, UT, AZ, MT, WY, CO, NM) and throw in ND, NE, and KS you get to 55 electoral votes. Those states had 24,716,950 as of the last census. Meanwhile, CA also has 55 electoral votes and a population of 37,253,956. More than 50% more residents, same number of electoral votes. Not a fair system at all. If you wanted to make the EC “fair” then give each state one vote per congressional district plus DC and get rid of the other 102 votes. Would not be perfect, but would be much closer to representing the country.
  10. If I were ever elected it would be a tough call. Should I get sworn in on my copy of Die Hard or with a bottle of Jack Daniel’s
  11. Goondal

    Unborn Victims of Violence Act

    US law also once defined slaves as three-fifths of a person so I can see why they would have a lot of credibility on this subject
  12. Goondal

    Y'all Mad

    I am worse than mad...I am indifferent. That is the last place a sports team wants its fans.
  13. Agreed. Besides, no longer following a sport does not make someone a bandwagon fan. It is not like they are switching allegiances or something.
  14. Goondal

    Rivera's wife cryptic tweet

    It means that I should be grateful that my great-grandfather was a Red Sox fan because because the Hornets and Panthers will forever be content with mediocrity.