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  1. Well said. The final two seasons were rushed as hell...but the actual endings to each storyline made sense (except for Brienne being with Bran instead of Sansa).
  2. Thank you. I have had four different arguments about this in the last twenty-four hours.
  3. I have said to several people that part of me thinks the reason I am less pissed than others is that I have seen superior shows (namely Boardwalk Empire) suffer from rushed final seasons. Big Love suffers a similar fate in its penultimate season and then they did not know how to end it and Deadwood got no finale (which they are hopefully about to remedy thirteen years later) while they dragged The Sopranos out to long. Not everybody can end like Six Feet Under. At least Game of Thrones ended most of their storylines in what I felt the appropriate way, even if if felt like most storylines skipped a chapter.
  4. I never would have thought several years ago I would grow to care about Theon again. Well written arc and damn well acted
  5. https://www.businessinsider.com/best-tv-finales-of-all-time-the-americans-30-rock-breaking-bad-2018-6 Between our discussions of All-Time great shows and the GoT finale coming in seventy-two hours, I figured this list would interest people. This is one of my favorite TV lists of any kind personally, as basically all of my favorite finales are present. Thoughts?
  6. That is what I was thinking. Or maybe the fact that he knows his identity awakened his ability or something (that one is more far-fetched)
  7. Loved that one too. There are just too many to choose from for me.
  8. Yes it was. It needed two final seasons and only got one. Meanwhile, The Sopranos had too many in my opinion. Another of my favorites (Big Love) had a rushed penultimate season and then they stumbled to the finish. Maybe that is why I am not as upset as so many on this season of Game of Thrones. I have seen this happen to better shows before.
  9. That is what I was thinking. Although Viserys died from hot gold and Jon burnt his hand on a lantern.
  10. I do not have True Detective as it is not finished but.... The Leftovers The Wire Six Feet Under Deadwood (could jump a spot pending the film) Boardwalk Empire The Sopranos I guess I should have said Top 6 =)
  11. With Varys and The Hound out the only characters left I give a poo about are Arya, Sansa, and Davos. As long as they all live and Tyrion dies that I will be satisfied
  12. I have heard the ideas that Dany has Drogon torch Jon and he either does not do it or Bran wargs into him or whatever. Any chance it happens and Jon just Night King smirks at her?
  13. It has already forfeited that right on my list. Of course my Top 5 All-Time HBO shows and my Top 5 All-Time Shows are one in the same
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