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  1. I could not stand McCain, but that is damn funny
  2. I never wish death on another. If I were to do so though, those four would be on the short list.
  3. I cannot claim to know what I am doing, but I can say that Boeing, Spirit, and to a lesser extent Southwest have me feeling good this week.
  4. I will probably change my opinion on this, but I would have felt better had we lost a hard fought battle to Seattle than lose to this stupid team because our guys forgot what they were out there to do,
  5. Exact same boat here. One of my best friends is a Bronco fan so we agreed to root for each other if our team lost. If it is a Pats/Cards Super Bowl we have agreed to go see a movie that evening. I also agree, Denver is the better match-up.
  6. Two different games. One lost on a missed 27 yard FG while the other has never been in the game
  7. I was feeling really good about Under 44.5 until that damn Alex Smith scramble and pass
  8. Not that I am complaining, but how did that PI get the ball to the 42? Contact started at the 50 and went until maybe the 48
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