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  1. Goondal

    NFC South

    I wonnder how the other divisions look. Our division has to have been the most balanced. Best guess is the NFC West comes next in that regard.
  2. I have felt all along that they were the best team this season, but sports that decide their champion in single elimination formats see their best team lose more often than not. No team is immune from the curse of the one game sample size.
  3. Oh they probably will. At which point, one or two more of these and they will not be around anymore.
  4. If we had to lose then I am happy it happened the way it did. Had we lost close then they could have stuck their heads in the sand and continued to ignore the obvious problems defensively. The talent offensively is too damn good to waste with this poo defense.
  5. Goondal

    One thing about your party that you could change.

    That is a good one. Just getting on the debate stage would be the obvious option, but that is not the type of change we are talking about. The thing about Libertarians that pisses me off most is the constant "you are not a real libertarian" crap whenever two people disagree on something.
  6. Goondal

    The Remaining Schedule...

    3-2 in the last five. So anywhere between 9-7 and 11-5 pending the next two games. Should win both but could easily win neither if there is no pressure
  7. Goondal

    Game Day Menu

  8. Goondal

    Gameday Thread .... Fearless Predictions???

    -Democrats pick up thirty-three seats in the House -GOP loses NV but picks up MO and ND for a +1 net in the Senate -Democrats have a big night in state and local races, flipping many state houses/governor's mansions (including here in FL) -Both parties claim victory -Much of Trump's agenda is stopped, but he is able to keep packing the courts and bleepin' up foreign policy -Attack ads for 2020 start at midnight
  9. Probably not the first time. Any civilization with the technology to reach us is probably so far ahead of us that we are of no consequence to them
  10. Goondal

    Game Day Menu

  11. This has all the makings of a Rivera game. Much like the Bears and Bucs last year and Skins and Giants this year, there is no reason for us to struggle, let alone lose. Throw in the dominant performance last week and it just feels like one of those frustrating games. I think we will win, but not convincingly.
  12. One thing I know for sure is that I was right all along about Jon Gruden
  13. Goondal

    Have you voted yet ?

    Yeah, we have some really stupid ones all the time. Several times there is something I like that I cannot vote for because something bad is tacked on. Much like bills in Congress
  14. Goondal

    Have you voted yet ?

    Thanks for the info. I am in FL though. I know for certain I have 1 yay and 1 nay. Pretty sure most, if not all of the others will be no but still gotta make sure.