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  1. This is pinned in the Panthers section? Christ... I’m checking out. See you next year.
  2. The fan boys will never accept that Cams time in Carolina is over.
  3. I have watched every game. Why does not posting mean I wasn’t watching? You just argue for the sake of arguing.
  4. Which one of the many wins we’ve had should I have shown up for?
  5. Pal of Jangler? WTF? As far as my absence my son was born so I’ve been tied up being a father. No good response as usual so just attack the poster themselves. Pathetic.
  6. Why? I was a fan long before Cam was ever here. Should you go follow another team if you no longer believe in our head coach?
  7. It’s obvious he doesn’t even try to draw teams offsides anyone.
  8. Yes draft the best QB available and hope for a stud.
  9. Yep. Bartender who has unlimited travel money and makes shitty movies.
  10. Actually best case is he wins us a Super Bowl one day.
  11. I really regretted trying to wear boxer briefs instead of just briefs. It set my healing back a couple weeks.
  12. I just had mine done 3 hours ago. It looks like I have 4 balls right now. I’m enjoying my Hydrocodone and a mixed drink waiting for the 2nd round of the draft to start. The two Valiums before hand were more effective than I thought they would be.
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