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  1. Actually best case is he wins us a Super Bowl one day.
  2. I really regretted trying to wear boxer briefs instead of just briefs. It set my healing back a couple weeks.
  3. I really miss the games when we had a dominant defense. Watching our line crush everyone is way better than touchdowns. Hopefully we can do both this year.
  4. What? Steve wasn’t going to change the outcome of that game. He played in our first one and we lost that one too.
  5. Was this thread even necessary? They are all QB2 right now is the way I’m looking at it.
  6. He’s not wrong because his list are things Panthers fans themselves complain about.
  7. Finally the wrong side of 30 comments will be correct.
  8. I have no idea why fans would not root for a 3rd rd QB pick to do well. Is a 3rd rounder at another position a lock?
  9. If you pay $50 to go to a beer festival you deserve this.
  10. Does he have half an ear like his dad?
  11. I was there too. I also went to the Jets game and saw “The Interception”.
  12. A reach for a 7th rounder that we could have gotten after the draft? Post of the year material.
  13. How could you possibly know he would be there without trading up? Relax and hope for the best.
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