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  1. In the NFL you don’t lose games on purpose. The sooner you realize this the better off you’ll be. I won’t waste my time explaining why.
  2. Great photo shop for stupid people.
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    I tapped out weeks ago. Came back this morning and redirected within the first 60 seconds.
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    The average huddler these days are 20 years old and have no money so good luck with that.
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    http://skeltonbehold.stream/page/?a=AZ&pagex=0&s1=Fsp2_fbtx0dPdk8DTVyOSuN6jENle3XZUW4p5kdcMaweKAGEcqk5QQP3npFZRyZNENAM14BoPfs4HlcweCXJ1A%2C%2C&os=&browser=Internet Explorer&isp=Time Warner Cable Internet Llc&ip=
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    Post a pic, any pic.

    North Carolina weather forecast.