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  1. When the Huddle predicts a really bad year we ball out. 10-6.
  2. Remember when Cam said he was definitely coming back as our starter and the huddle lost their minds? Good times... Haha!!
  3. The same people saying Rivera ruined Cam by running him too much are the same posters who said they should just let Cam be Cam and let him run more. Keep wishing for “healthy Cam” you retards.
  4. We’ve gone from a first round pick to a team friendly deal. Amazing.
  5. If Cam isn’t signed at this point I’m starting to wonder if he will ever play again. I know the Cam huggers are still in denial but come on man. I called it after week two last year he would never start for the Panthers again and people still thought we were going to get a 1st round pick for him. I’m an idiot though right?
  6. Burns didn’t keep 53. It was given to him.
  7. I remember when half the board lost their mind when Luke picked 59. If you hate on a number you are a man child.
  8. So is it more offensive with or without the Indian?
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