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  1. OneBadCat

    Wednesday notes/pressers

    Would love to see if Haynes could help our pass rush.
  2. They beat us and at this rate we haven't shown we're going to keep them from torching us.
  3. The offense has to step up. Right now they look like the same 2017 offense. They only play when they are losing late in the 3rd quarter. They are fixin to get stomped by New Orleans yet again. We have the weapons. I don't understand what they are waiting for. Also Curtis Samuel needs the damn ball.
  4. We’re paying millions for a 1000yd back we don’t even use. I love CMC but damn we need to get everyone involved properly.
  5. Funchess was a badass today. Simple and plain
  6. STFU Jake Delhomme was good for like 3 years. After that he got lazy throwing to Steve and got figured out. Cam is not the reason we lost today. He made some mistakes but he didn’t fumble twice and didn’t call cowardly plays in the booth.
  7. I’m hoping this will the loss that gets their ass in gear. The Panthers should have stomped on the Redskins today.
  8. OneBadCat

    Rivera "It's a 4 quarter game"

    Let’s get one thing straight. We don’t lose this game if Moore doesn’t fumble twice. But I’m disheartened by the loss because coming back from it and winning is the mark of a great team.
  9. If we bounce back and beat the Eagles then yes
  10. Why didn't we play for the first down those last two plays? We had the timeouts. Fuggin bullsht man
  11. Why didn't we go for the first?