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  1. The team that year could have done anything if the refs didn't screw them against SF. Our pass rush was brutal.
  2. Might be the only one here but I didn't find it to be all that great of a movie. Kind of meh for me.
  3. Didn’t deserve it? We lost a rigged game in SB 50. We weren’t allowed to compete in the Manning Retirement bowl. No shame in it. Just gotta hope Cam can take us all the way now.
  4. 100% I sometimes wish this was something Cam would openly touch on more. It would help with the constant narratives against him. But I’m also glad he doesn’t care.
  5. Just to add on what you just mentioned but one of the most impressive plays Smith made to me in his career wasn't a huge gain but it was against the Rams(in St.Louis) years ago. It looked like he was gliding across the field and on TV it was as if he went out of bounds but the way he got two feet in on the sideline was incredible.
  6. I believe we did actually do that in preseason and it is by far the best variant. The blue with white pants also looks good. The black and silver is quickly becoming a classic. I also still dig the all whites. We’ve got the best unis in the game.
  7. Ultra talented back that didn’t live up to his potential and would rather blame others than himself. CMC is gonna leave you in the dust DWill
  8. Jesus Christ man. Are their ratings so flawed that they have to intentionally low ball players to get the simulations right?
  9. Hmm Maybe we should do Cheerwine and Sundrop instead.
  10. At some point though it’s the voters fault and the citizenry that is too retarded to stop voting against their own self interest. Bernie and Warren are clearly the best choices but should Biden win the primary it’s a no brainer to vote for him. The people that didn’t vote when Hillary won the primary and the ones that switched from Bernie to Trump are just as bad and carry as much blame as an ignorant Trumper.
  11. Almost want Peppers to come back for one more go.
  12. I guess my point here is that although this blew up because of the Saints(which was awesome and hilarious), it brought a huge problem in the NFL to the forefront. Pass interference penalties are a huge problem in the game and have too much impact. It does need to be addressed and it would go along way for the fans if we held the officials accountable to their mistakes. And after being a Panthers fan my whole life I can confidently recount many many times where one review could have changed the game and or a season. This kind of rule change levels the playing field for a franchise like us. We have been doormats to the officials and NFL narratives for years. You only have to look at SB 50, or 2014 playoffs vs SF to see for yourself. People say human error is part of the game but that is just an excuse to see a team get screwed. The officiating should always be progressing. And if it's makes the game a little longer than so be it. If it keeps Cam from being head hunted or Eric Reid being unfairly flagged DPI because a ref doesn't like him then I don't care. I care more about the Panthers winning than an extra 20 minutes. All they have to do is single out the penalties that are challengeable and or eliminate PI as a spot foul.
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