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  1. You attacking Cams IQ makes you look like a complete tool. “Not Smart” Do you know the man on a personal level. How do you know how smart he is? Can you provide evidence other than the way he speaks? And this BS about his leadership is ridiculous. Cam put his body on the line every game. Any teammate he ever had that wasn’t MeAngelo has praised the man. He brought the Panthers confidence and arrogance. Something our aw shucks perennial 7-9 franchise has never had. Whats next. You’re gonna say he can’t read a defense either. Please welcome Colin Cowherd to the board everyone.
  2. Damn man. They could stack their roster pretty well if they just stay put.
  3. Is this the one where the refs screw Peppers out of the block FG and cheat us out of the game?
  4. Cowherd has always been a biased scumbag in regards to Newton. Pretty sure Cam impregnated his wife behind his back. No one in their right mind takes Taylor over Cam.
  5. No matter how you look at it Cam was treated poorly. Doesn’t matter what the game is behind the scenes. The way it looks right now is they straight up lied to Cam and the fans that the best QB that ever played for them was going to be back. They had the new HC sit there and lie about it. I always be a Panthers fan but yeah it doesn’t sit well with me. I don’t want to be a fan of people that do that in general. Smitty was disrespected too. We were all here before Tepper and he’s acting like a Colin Cowherd tit sucking a hole. It just is what it is. I hope it all works out but he doesn’t care about the legacy of the franchise beyond a surface level. Bringing Smitty back was PR for him.
  6. Let’s be honest here. SB50 was the NFL’s way of punishing Cam for being unabashedly black and confident and himself. All so golden boy Manning can get his retirement trophy.
  7. Watching this knowing we're now gonna be starting Teddy Bridgewater.
  8. Trying to apply now but the website keeps crashing. I thought they were going off 2018 taxes though?
  9. Has to be Luke if we’re being objective. He retired early but he maximized his potential while being the most cerebral MLB the NFL has ever seen. He single handily kept us in games by putting his lesser talented teammates in the right position. He was without a doubt the best between the ears and was athletically a beast also. He was also a total pro and upstanding dude.. For me. 1. Luke 2. Smith 3. Cam 4. Peppers In terms of who I’m the biggest fans of at this moment 1. Cam 2. Smith (GOAT pound for pound) 3. Luke 4. Peppers
  10. So Cams supposed to have consistently top 10 passing stats on top of his great rushing stats in order for you to recognize him. So he literally would need the ball in his hands every single play passing or running. They go hand in hand. Cams not taking lay up throws. He’s running for them. And if first down isn’t successful then he’s consistently throwing in 2nd or 3rd and long. So he has less attempts at short yard gains. Every pass in our offense was do or die until Norv Turner got there. And when he did Cam was on a roll before injury. It’s not hard to understand.
  11. On their best day, who would you pick to be your QB Matt Ryan or Cam Newton? Exactly. Like Candyass Matt Ryan or Drew check down Brees. Has anyone ever thought that maybe these guys are the ones that overrated? Sure they check down and inflate their stats so arm chair madden QBs can crown them as best in the league. But how many times have we seen them both choke in the clutch. Kirk Cousins has amazing stats. Yet everyone knows he’s not a franchise QB. With a guy like Cam is just doesn’t matter as much because the impact and influence he has on the game isn’t totally tallied in the box score.
  12. All it takes is to not be a simpleton and have an IQ over 80 to understand that Cams rushing stats affect his passing stats. He’s not usually throwing on first down. His passes have more meaning and aren’t inflated by easy completions. It’s also been more advantageous for Cam to run for the small gains and conversions because it’s the smartest play to make instead of throwing to shoddy WRs.
  13. Why should he stop running. So you can argue his passer rating on the internet? It doesn’t matter. Stop acting like you can’t see the total package of the player. And let’s stop acting like he can’t play from the pocket. If he didn’t have to carry the running game the majority of his career he would have had more inflated stats. The dude plays to win.
  14. Truth. You’re telling me Delhomme didn’t know he was hurting the team when he was throwing 4 picks a game, knowing his back up was better?
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