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  1. They've been great overall. Really can't blame them for getting gassed when the offense can't score.
  2. If we can give Jake Delhomme an entire season to tank and look like trash then we give Cam came at least a few more games to see if he improves. I can't tell if he's still getting his game back or if its the other way around. Scary outlook right now at 0-2. Hope we turn it around.
  3. The last guy who played LT effectively for us was Taylor Moton and yet we refuse to fuggin play him there. Blows my mind.
  4. If y’all don’t believe the refs can’t be indignant and can’t rig the games. I don’t know what to tell you. That was horseshit and they cheated the Panthers tonight.
  5. Saints fans acting like they have the right to bitch is hilarious. What about the repeated face masks they didnt call on the Saints earlier in the game? What about Cam being outside the pocket for the phantom intentional grounding. Why can’t we replay SB 50 in what was an obviously rigged game. They have been the NFLs golden child for a decade. When Brees gets head hunted and they don’t call it then I’ll feel bad for them.
  6. This is the first game Im attending in very long time. So I’m super stoked. Is there a huddle tailgate tonight? I know there’s going to be one at Unknown Brewing.
  7. It was a well deserved non call after the years and years of the officials catering to Drew Brees’ candyass and the Saints poo hole team.
  8. I agree it is tiring to see the "Cam isn't smart enough, isn't reading the field" arguments. Those arguments stem from assumptions based on Cam's personality that are totally ignorant. And its easy to say those things as a fan when most of them don't know what's going on anyway and who's actually open and what the play is designed for. When Jake Delhomme threw 5 picks against Arizona, was he not smart enough to read the field? Or maybe he just always had some tunnel vision and when he lost his zip on the ball he couldn't make the big plays anymore. Cam had a below average game the other day and I think that's fair to say. He does deserves some criticism. I think we can all agree he needs to not only return to the Cam that he was but eventually must improve and go beyond where he left off from mid season last year. I still think he can do it. But the overthrows and clock management need to be taken care of.
  9. I find the ads to be hilarious
  10. Good take OP. Can't wait to have Bruce Irvin in the line up also. I think having him in the rotation is going to be a big factor.
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