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  1. Yeah but the refs are sure to bring the post Katrina sympathy boost, it will still be a tough game.
  2. I don’t think he makes that big of a difference. He’s good for a couple big plays but once it comes playoff time other teams will overachieve. You can stack a team all you want but match ups are match ups. Once they face a team that ain’t afraid and punch them in the mouth up front it won’t matter.
  3. Eh idk. I know that Curtis is popular trade bait around here. But he's a versatile guy that can make a difference and serves as depth at multiple positions. If we had him against the Bears I bet we would have won the game. And if you trade him all the sudden WR doesn't look that great behind Moore and Anderson.
  4. We were without Samuel, CMC, and just lost KK. The fans in us say we left a W on the field and to an extent that is true but we we played a tough ass game yesterday against a stellar defense. It was an excusable loss, some of the mistakes were not excusable but im not mad we didn't win per say.
  5. That's true. Under Rivera the game would have been over in the first qtr.
  6. You mean funny how racism and media slander works.
  7. Yeah Teddys an intel i5 and DJ, CMC , and Anderson are 3080 GPUs. Just gotta find our 5900x in next years draft.
  8. Oh it was bad no doubt. But DJ won’t make that excuse. He pretty much had the catch and botched it rolling down.
  9. Cam would have converted those 3rd down runs too where Teddy failed. Need to just admit we were wrong, apologize and sign Cam in the offseason.
  10. There were very fine people on both sides of the 4th down. DJ could have nabbed it but Teddy made a poor throw. Absolutely no excuse for the final INT though. That was awful. Probably learned that from Brees.
  11. Jesus one more chance. Gotta be pleased with the fight we’re showing
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