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  1. Awesome player and professional. He had all time talent. I do wonder how his career would have gone without Deangelo.
  2. Wouldn’t matter if we traded for him because the refs will still cheat a Cam Newton lead team to the Super Bowl.
  3. Love the helmet but I think they should have kept their stripes. Also they don't really need a black uniform.
  4. What’s with your anti Camness lately? He looks healthy and ready to roll. He played some of the best football in his career the first half of the season. If he’s healthy we will have a great offense. Nobody wants us to suck. We just want want to make the best use of our picks. The only reason we didn’t win a SB is because the league didn’t want us to 4 years ago. Other than that Cam has been the best and most successful QB in our history. He deserves our respect and benefit of doubt.
  5. I think there is a greater chance of Newton succeeding and the team succeeding if we use all of our early picks on bolstering the supporting cast. I’m not against drafting a QB but taking anyone in the first or second is doing a disservice to the immediate success of the franchise when we just saw that we have two back ups that can keep us competitive, especially Allen who looks extremely solid. The benefit to drafting a QB in my opinion isn’t that he can take over the franchise or even play competently. It’s that drafting a QB sends a message to Cam that the team isn’t entirely based on him. Much like the point you are making. I see Cam benefiting from some competition and challenge. That doesn’t mean I seriously think we need to consider his replacement. Because if he’s healthy and driven he’s one of the best in the league. Cams problem aside from his shoulder is that we have catered the offense too much to his skill set than Cam has taken on to playing an NFL offense. And that is not his fault at all as Rivera and Co just want to win and keep their jobs. But if we want to see Cam be his best than I hope Norv continues to expand the playbook and we see Cam return to standard formations, behind center and single back. We did this in 2011 and 2012 and Cam had a serious chip on his shoulder to prove he was a drop back thrower. And I absolutely believe he is . We just need to let the man play. Most of our passes have become shotgun, RPO, or screens to CMC and that makes us predictable.
  6. I think Kyle Allen proved to be a capable back up but if we draft a QB I hope it’s no earlier than the 3rd round. Rehab aside, Cam could probably use some competition to come in and push him a bit.
  7. In all seriousness it was pretty obvious it was a rigged game.
  8. I will purposely wait a week after the opener to avoid loud and crowded theaters
  9. Love me some Cam but this is kind of in poor taste.
  10. Offensively we should be pretty damn good. Just need to get a back up RB and dare I say a big body WR. I do have some concerns with Samuel but if he’s healthy he’ll be a pro bowler. Defensively yeah I’m a little scared right now. They really need an edge rusher to deliver and a safety to pair with Reed.
  11. I don't mind the game being longer at all if it means Cam Newton doesn't get head hunted without consequence anymore. It's really not going to add that much time I don't think that is a positive thing. Fans want their team to have the best chance as competing. I think this is part of the reason the NFL has become over saturated. People begin to care less when they start to believe their team isn't getting a fair shot and that league is influencing games. You can't tell me the 2014 Playoffs wasn't a shut the Panthers up game, or that SB 50 wasn't a teach Cam a lesson game and head hunt him for 60 minutes with no calls. I think that just pisses people off. The league should always be in pursuit of a fairer game. I don't believe the players and coaches should have to factor the refs potentially screwing them into their game plan. Additionally I don't mind the game being longer because they decided to get a call right verses a potential loss in seeding or playoff elimination. The more refs can be held accountable the better.
  12. That's really all they need to do. Make OPI, DPI, and roughing challengeable.
  13. The problem with that logic that these are professional players. Some of the best athletes in the world are on both sides of each team. The margin for error is incredibly small. Even blow outs can come down to the root of a few big plays. The coaches and the players work too hard to get cheated out of the game by a poor officiating crew. And we the fans pay way too much money just to see our favorite teams get screwed.
  14. As much as I hate the Saints and enjoy their tears something does need to be done about this. It will only benefit the rest of the league. If we could have challenged a couple different plays, we beat the 49ers in the 2014 playoffs, we likely win SB 50. If you want to make the game more fair than we should be in support of this.
  15. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t tainted. Russia definitely infiltrated Facebook and social media and had a huge influence. Also, validating the election of an ignorant dumbass isn’t something to be proud of.
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