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  1. And the plate did exactly what Kyle thought it was gonna do. He just didn’t execute the game plan. Can’t be be putting scoops of mashed potatoes on kids heads. Puts too much pressure on the defense.
  2. I expect we’ll have a solid first half game plan. Then Rivera won’t adjust and combined with not being able to overcome the officiating we’ll get embarrassed in the 4th qtr.
  3. All options includes Cam coming back. You think he would say that if we won yesterday and Allen threw 3 TDs? No we got destroyed by a horrible team, partially because the replacement QB poo the bed.
  4. Actually sounds like he’s open to keeping him with all the hype around Kyle Allen, and the media actively campaigning against Cam with their ignorant lies. Nice try Jeremy.
  5. Keep Cam, keep Hurney, fire Ron. Keep Norv for Cams consistency or bring in Chud.
  6. Cams coming back baby. Bring on the swag and the dabs.
  7. That would require us to play him and actually know what we have with Thomas. But unfortunately Ron wants to Kris Mangum this dude.
  8. The team is too talented to tank for a top prospect. Best bet is to let Cam heal and give him another go next year unless he wants to force a trade. My only concern there is that if Ron is fired then we’re gonna have a new OC and a new learning curve for Cam. Would like to see some consistency in the game plan so he could hit the ground running.
  9. Even his whole analytics thing is bullsht. It’s just situational, common sense gut check calls. And he still fugs that up.
  10. No he has to go. It’s not the losses. It’s the way we lose and the fact that this team has some promise even without Cam and we get blown out once we face any true test, after a bye, or a must win rivalry game we haven’t won in 2 years. Its over. I’d even keep Hurney and I definitely want Cam back but we need an offensive minded head coach and we need him yesterday.
  11. If nothing happens this week I would imagine next week is Rons last game if he loses. Tepper can’t stand for this kind of product.
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