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  1. Right but no one in their right mind would do that because they know that Cam plays a different game than the rest of those players. Accuracy issue aside. Cam's percentages look average because for the majority of his career he wasn't inflating his completion percentage with short passes. He wasn't making lay up throws, he was running for them. So that's one less pass attempt he would have had to pick up completions, and it's more pressure to make throws that convert for a new set of downs. Couple that with the fact that the Panthers WR's have been league leaders in drops the last two years. And the previous rosters had consisted of the likes of Kalean Clay, Ted Ginn, Philly Brown, a lazy KB, and King of drops Funchess you see where issues may arise. Before 2019 the Panthers were pretty much top 5 in running the ball more than they passed for like the last 5 years. So when Cam throws the pressure is on. Sure he's had his problems but Cam doesn't pass the ball so internet QB's can debate his stats, he plays to win and using his running in combination with that.
  2. Yet you know Cam is a better player like everyone else does.
  3. Brees is a stat padder. He's not reliable in the clutch. They'll lose again in the playoffs and it'll be hilarious.
  4. Fox was such a blind Jake homer. He should have started Moore from the second half of the Arizona playoff game onward. Not saying Matt Moore was ever an all star but that was his window to be a starter in the NFL and he had shown he was better than Jake in his limited time in 07.
  5. One thing I blame Rivera for is taking the quickest route to success with Cam. We were on the way to a dynamic offense with Chud, and we should have kept Cam on that path. After that it seemed we were pretty much RPO, play action, and screen passes. Probably because Ron was trying to keep his job.
  6. So I don’t know what’s going on here but I read about half of it. I agree about Cam though. If he’s healthy and good to go why in the hell do we trade him? We won’t be able to draft or sign anyone that is better than Cam Newton. If we trade or release then we are still going to sign a FA QB that’s going to cost the same amount or more than Cam did and with lesser talent. That’s a lot of time, energy, and potential draft capital to wast than give Cam one more try that you’re already paying for.
  7. That’s because I dont have to prove my support of the team to anyone. I’ve been on this forum for years. My 13 year old self cried when we lost Super Bowl 38. What upsets me is that the likes of Jake Delhomme has been treated with more dignity respect than Cam Newton. He carried this team to a SB, has been taken advantage of by his HC, and never given the real accessories he needs to be successful. He has been slandered by the media and pundits for years. Someone should stick up for him and I certainly don’t mind doing it on the internet.
  8. Didn’t he see a league leading specialist that told him he didn’t need surgery for the lisfranc at first? I won’t deny Cam takes some blame. But I entirely blame Rivera for trotting Cam out there weeks 1-2. It was obvious Cam was a shell of himself.
  9. It’s a bit different for me with Cam. Being the first legit franchise QB. Him bringing confidence to the team and being the person he is. He’s been a consummate teammate and pro. For all the sht he’s been through with Rivera, the media and the bigots, he deserves another go to maximize his potential.
  10. I'll still keep my fan card but my investment in the team will be pretty gutted. I won't tune in every Sunday. At least for a while. I'll come back around eventually, but like you say if Cam's healthy and they trade him it's just not excusable. And to be honest it tells me that Tepper buys into a lot of false narratives surrounding Cam and media driven BS. He seems to care a lot about the idea of a team rather than utilizing the gems he's got.
  11. I still think this is overblown just because Tepper got pissy at the media for nagging him about Cam. Just before that there was a consensus that he was likely to stay. Unless Cams team is deeply offended by Teppers comments(which I think is possible) I still think Cam will be our guy. And if he wants to leave it will be a Cam decision to request a trade or release. If Cam is healthy, why would we trade him? There isn’t a QB we could draft or acquire that would be better than him, short term and likely long term. If we get rid of him and he’s healthy. Then we lose our franchise QB who was on a bargain deal. Then gamble that we trade up for a QB who isn’t as good as Cam. Then we sign a crap stop gap veteran QB We waste time in FA releasing Cam to sign a lesser QB for money than we would have paid retaining him. All that draft capital and energy in FA would be better spent rebuilding the roster to see what Cam can do on one more year with an innovative OC. If he fails, then we grab our QB next year and he’ll have a solid offensive line with him to grow with. And some might find it arbitrary but ridding the team of a healthy Cam Newton is going to make fans hate Tepper. It rubs me the wrong way also. He just got here and he doesn’t know how beloved Newton is here. It’s a big deal in the eyes of the fans. Sure I know it doesn’t matter but its gonna look bad for Tepper, especially if Rhule isn’t successful.
  12. Well if you trade the best RB in the NFL then you’ve just created another hole in the roster and lost the one safety valve a rookie QB could have used.
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