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  1. From conversations I have had with people in the know is Tepper is a VERY hands on owner. Makes sense, you do not get to his wealth by sitting on the sidelines.
  2. I think Tepper will hire Casserio when he becomes available. Hurney will be gone after the draft. Rhule will use Hurney as a source of information on scouting information on players but Rhule not Hurney will have final say in the player drafted.
  3. I expect Hurney will be gone after the draft. Rhule will pick the players and Hurney will be more of an advisory role. Much different than Rivera era where Hurney had final say of the picks.
  4. IMO the proof is in the pudding. Hurney has done a horrendous job. People may say he is held in high regard. I think they are blowing smoke. Why did no one hire him after he left Panthers last time if that was true. The record of the team, his draft history, depth of team, salary cap of this team and the fact the owner had to pay a ridiculous amount of money to get the coach he wanted to come here is the reality of how Hurney is doing. I also predict Hurney will not be the GM by the time training camp starts.
  5. One look at the drafts under Hurney besides first round even though I am wondering if Hurney talked to the coaching staff when drafting Burns and look at the FA pick ups under Hurney you start to understand why this team is in last place.
  6. My two cents... People do not want to go see the Panthers. I have two upper level sideline seats less than halfway up and two lower sideline level seats. My son got scheduled to work despite asking for it off so he couldn't use the upper level seats. I tried to sell them for 2/3 of face value on ticket exchange and got no bites despite being listed for several days. I asked a bunch of friends if they wanted them for free and it took me to asking my 4th person before someone finally accepted. These all are football fans that I asked too. If it werent for PSLs where fans have to buy the tickets I feel they would not come close to selling out. There were a lot of empty seats at the game yesterday as well. Many fans attending are clueless. The Falcon players were laughing at Panther fans yesterday. When the Panthers decided to go for it on 4th down many Panther fans were cheering the decision to go for it. It got fairly loud as a result. I saw multiple Falcon players surprised on how loud it got turn toward the crowd waving towels in the air, laughing and encouraging Panther fans to be louder. It was sad to see how they didnt know they need to be quiet while the Panthers offense was on the field barking out calls.
  7. Patriots OLine were more beat up. They only had two starters for that game and that includes Solder which was his first game back and playing less than 100% and out of position. Pats only had one healthy guy playing his position. Keuchly has more TDs than your wide receivers in the post season. Broncos may have the best defense but the Panthers have the best team.
  8. Not to mention the Patriots were 3-4 their last 7 games going into the AFC Championship game. Had multiple injuries especially to the O Line yet still barely got by them. Panthers beat the second and third best teams going into the playoffs to get to the Super Bowl. The Broncos barely got by two injury riddled teams. Their paths to Super Bowl much different.
  9. The funny thing about Bronco fans is they will be saying next week what Panther fans have been saying leading up to Super Bowl "Peyton is done..." "Cam cannot be stopped" "Our defense can't stop a power running team" Bronco fans are delusional right now and late to the party.
  10. I think the Texans beating the Bengals proved as a reminder to the Panthers to not take anyone lightly so you can throw that trap game theory out the window. I find it comical Redskin fans trash talking and running their mouth. They beat the Rams, Eagles and Saints. Teams all below .500. They are also 0-4 on the road. I guess they want to trash talk now since they will not be able to come 4PM Sunday and beyond.
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