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  1. No the 2013 season they beat baltimore 34-27 with 2 pick 6 sixes a fumble return for a td and a punt return for a touchdown by tedd ginn jr. and then they went on to go 12-4
  2. That is exactly what they did. If they had proof they would charge him with the felony charge of witness tampering. They have not charged him nor does it appear they will.
  3. The quirk is that he had no choice but to sit through a trial by judge to have a jury trial. If there were the option in NC like in some states he would have probably opted for a trial by jury to begin with, which he would have been more likely to win. That is why NC has trial de novo which makes it as though the judge trial never happened. It is not a quirk or a loophole that the judges decision is vacated if you opt for a jury trial. Also there is certainly no proof that she has been paid off. I am of the understanding that if he had done that it would be considered a crime. I would imagine if they had evidence they would bring charges. Im guessing they cant provide any evidence other than hearsay.
  4. tight lines

    UNC Academic Scandal

    Actually the cases have no parallels. What the NCAA did in the one has absolutely nothing to do with the other.
  5. tight lines

    UNC Academic Scandal

    The NCAA response in the case was about limiting liability. It has absolutely no parallel to the UNC scandal
  6. tight lines

    UNC Academic Scandal

    Are you really going to go there? Do you honestly believe that even the worst possible academic impropriety could possibly compare to covering for a child rapist?