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  1. What do you want? He has good hands, he ran the the top 40 yard dash of the receivers at the combine, also had the highest bench. But I'm not the one to put a lot of weight on the combine. The thing is all of his results translate to the field. He simply runs away from the defense he plays aggressive, plays mean and puts pressure on the defense. Oh not to add that he's 6'2 213. Simply great for a number 2 receiver that we should be looking at, specailly with Ricky Prohl coaching him up on his route running.
  2. My question to everybody is why aren't more people talking about Chris Conley. I watched his highlights last night (obviously highlights don't show players flaws) but I feel in love with him as a receiver. He catches with his hands, blows the top off of defense and he goes over the middle to catch anything. I honestly don't know why he isn't been talked about as a late day 1 or day 2 pick. If you haven't seen his highlights please take a look.
  3. Why is Amini on the right side of the line next to Bell?