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  1. Call me old fashioned but I don’t think premier running backs who are payed premier running back money should complain about having to do premier running back sh!t.
  2. If that’s true (which honestly reads like huddle fan fiction) he should have rejected his fat contract and gone elsewhere. It would have saved all parties involved some grief.
  3. Brees is such a knob. “Hey everybody! I’m injured, but look at me! My imagination is finger lickin’ good!” Dork.
  4. I agree, my post was sarcastic. If McAdoo/Campen had come out and said that this was their strategy, most of the huddle would think it's brilliant, but since the consensus is that these decisions are Rhule's, of course they are the dumbest mistakes ever.
  5. Yeah, I had not seen that article, but if Person posted an article using unnamed sources with vague job descriptions saying Rhule had the sharpest football mind they'd ever seen, I would take that with a grain of salt too.
  6. So all these bad decisions in training camp ( Ickey/BC, Corrall, Darnold etc.) coming directly from Campen and McAdoo? I though they had NFL experience and would do foolish Rhule-like things.
  7. I had forgotten that you were the last Brady apologist. That aside, link me to an article about Rhule's micromanaging that isn't a beat reporter guessing like a huddler.
  8. Y'all have invented a ton of sh!t for sure, but most of it is huddle fan fiction. Rhule is a micromanager. Other than message board nerds guessing, where has that been reported? When he said publicly that we needed to run the ball more and we ran it less that Sunday, why was that? Did he not micromanage hard enough or did Brady suck? Are we suggesting that Rhule managed the offense, called out Brady for his own bad play design then fired Brady for doing exactly what he was told?
  9. More silly college BS! We wouldn't have to deal with these eyesores if it wasn't for Matt Rhule! I mean, last year he was kind of fat! It wasn't easy to find a way to get that topic in this thread, you're welcome.
  10. So, according to the huddle, BC is a Canton-bound franchise LT, and we're not mad that we drafted Ickey, but we're mad because he's not getting all the precious 1st string reps ahead of our incumbent franchise LT? It's confusing. Can we just stick to calling Matt Rhule fat?
  11. I hate to disrupt the echo chamber, but by all accounts, the players really like Rhule.
  12. Whoa. Stop. He wasn't first on the field today. It's over, man. I'm sorry, but it's over.
  13. Keep your huddle lore in the "wasting reps" thread. It's the hierarchy that every NFL team uses. Plus if Sam has put in some work and looks salvageable as a backup it might help us deal him elsewhere.
  14. AND he stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night. Look out Sam.
  15. So the Rippadong alt is Jeremy's. Super.
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