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  1. Let's see how he feels about the organization when he's due a contract and he has to deal with a GM that isn't Hurney caliber.
  2. It may be confirmed, but is it official? And if so, is it officially confirmed? I DEMAND ANSWERS!!!!!
  3. It would be interesting to see how guys with all the physical tools but overall bad QBs scored on it. (eg. Sam Darnold)
  4. This offseason's alts are the best since 2011. Not quite as colorful, but damn good.
  5. Now that Rhule is gone, Chubba knows he's not getting a second contract anywhere.
  6. "Folks" have an opinions and support them. "lunatics" create troll alt accounts and spam a message board with their opinions. I might have missed the emphatically pro-Stroud accounts, but I haven't seen any.
  7. If we take Stoud and he doesn’t pan out, I would say, “Damn, he had all the tools. Oh well, some things just can’t be predicted. It sucks that we finally got a QB that had great size and mechanics and just couldn’t get it together.” Conversely, if we take Young and he flamed out, I would think, “How could we ignore historically bad measurables?” I would think Fitts isn’t a great judge of college to NFL talent and made the decision based on (as the huddle currently likes to say) “IT” factor, and obviously doesn’t have a great feel for how important that is. In short, Stroud busts = sucks, but unexpected. Young busts = Should have known, Fitts gotta go. (For the record, if we draft Young, I’ll be a fan and hope they know way more than I do.)
  8. Probably. But if it seems obvious that coaching is good and personnel is the problem, Reich might get a pass if he's on the record saying he wouldn't draft Young.
  9. Pretty smart of Reich to be a “consensus builder.” He may survive if Young is drafted and busts out. Fitts will not.
  10. I think if it's close, you go with the guy with great mechanics and not the one with historically bad measurables.
  11. I know you are all dying to know my thoughts. Here they are; If we draft Young and he ends up on his back throwing up alien gang signs like Tua, we are all going to feel like it was avoidable. That is going to be tough to forgive the powers that be for it, especially if Stroud balls out. If Stroud doesn't pan out and Young thrives, it's a lot easier to not blame them for not gambling on shaky measurables. For me, anyway. Stroud 2023. Make the Panthers great again.
  12. Great city for a guy that likes to roll the dice. On herpes, anyway.
  13. Pies are amazing. Any food group that ranges from Pecan (the best pie, hands down) to Pizza to chicken pot cannot be frowned upon. Also, cheesecake is technically a pie, as if the category needed to be improved.
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