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  1. I don't thinks it's that as much as being wary of the OL bust rate.
  2. Does it really happen often enough to have reliable data?
  3. Well fug me with a stove pipe. The Panther that hails from South Cack is back. The only thing worth keeping around from the 2015-19 era. Forces of nature are at work here. Cosmic alignment and karma/science type poo. Maybe even chakra balancing and what not. I don't know, but something is happening in Panther land.
  4. These guys seem to really feel confident with their later round picks. I hope they’re right. I hope they’re not getting into “5 pennies is better than one dime” territory.
  5. Any rants about leaving the forum or no longer being a Panthers fan must be long winded and full of angst and hyperbole.
  6. I tried my first pickled egg last year. Not a fan. They are surprisingly dry and chalky for something that’s soaking in liquid.
  7. My theory is that Teddy didn't take coaching very well. Nice guy, but a little hard headed a la RGIII. There were a couple of Rhule pressers where Coach seemed exasperated with Teddy. "We don't reach the ball out at the goal line" etc. If their philosophy is to keep throwing things at important positions until you find your franchise guy, I prefer that to digging in and doubling down on mistakes rather than admitting failure.
  8. He's gonna make Damiere Byrd look like Armanti Edwards.
  9. I don't know if it's Rhule or Fitty, but I like the fact that players that underperform are shown the door. Rivera/Hurney would have Whitehead inked for 5 years.
  10. ...and that's why you would fail in the high stakes world of traveling hotel massage.
  11. Teams get spoiled and complacent when they have a really dependable long snapper. I blame our lack of success on JJ. Should have been cut years ago.
  12. No way to know that. Building a complete team and not mortgaging your drafts and cap for three years, and getting a QB next year very well may improve the chance at a SB.
  13. I wish our coach and FO would have kept their disappointment with Teddy a little closer to the vest. I guess you really can't really keep this stuff from leaking.
  14. he should donate the twelve bucks that he saved by not getting an Uber to the family. Moron.
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