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  1. This only way the Sam project works is if he had adequate protection. We just continued his ruin by out Jetting the Jets. He’s got this yip/hesitation. He’s incapable of just letting the ball go on his first read. Probably due to four straight years of getting his ass kicked. It probably can’t be coached out of him at this point.
  2. Doesn’t matter. We’ll just get another corner.
  3. “I knew I should have kept the receipt.”
  4. Jason La Canfora tweeted that an unnamed source said that, "April Showers would bring him in." Not sure who she is. Stay tuned.
  5. Chud is so overrated here. Teams were stacking the box and daring Cam to throw. Cam's long ball was great and he had a prime Smitty catching them...and a really decent Oline. 6-10, 7-9. Year 2 teams were teeing off on constant zone reads and the narrative was "Chud's trying to showcase his genius to get a HC job." I never understood this take as I don't see how sucking leverages oneself. It worked on getting him that HC gig, so what do I know. However, his results elsewhere suggest I might have been right.
  6. Ok here’s a longview positive. If Moton and Christiansen are the answer at tackle, interior OL is a lot easier to fix.
  7. I’m not interested in your opinions. I just wanted you to know what the word “literal” meant in the off chance that you might stop making poo up then saying that others “literally” said it.
  8. He literally did not say that. he literally said, “a lot of it is on me.” And when I say “literally,” I actually literally mean it in the literal sense of the word.
  9. Eff Russell, but we didn’t need to go there, did we?
  10. I realize that, but just saying any garbage lineman would be above average with an extra two tenths of a second is ridiculous.
  11. So two tenths of a second would make guys like Elfliien and Paradis good? Our o-line would be top half of the leaugue with Teddy B under center? I forget, was Paradis good last year?
  12. You talking mass calories or Balco “supplements?”
  13. The rookie wall is real. Injuries from lack of conditioning are real, and Rhule/Fitts know this. Mark my words, Deonte and Brady will be in heavy rotation, If not starting, by week 6, and the line will improve. Mark it.
  14. It was during the Rivera era, so I played for the tie.
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