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  1. lol @ everybody trying to pretend like they’re not constantly wondering what Josh “Bullet Head” Thomas is doing nowadays. He made Brandon Hogan look like Jordan Pugh. (Honorable mention : Legadu Nannee)
  2. I have a hard time with the giving up a lot of picks. I’m going to go out on an unpopular opinion limb here: I would be ok having another great draft and FA season to fill in damn near all the holes even if that means another year of Teddy. There. I said it. Get Teddy’s contract off the books and get a QB next year when the league is (hopefully) less QB desperate.
  3. Jangler and Montsta too. I wonder if some of those guys are still around with different names.
  4. I loved his use of yards per point stats to demonstrate that TeeeBow was great because he was efficient and didn’t score too much too quickly. lol There were many on here that couldn’t resist engaging. Like moths to a flame. That was some funny poo
  5. Dude. PFFL was hilarious. Why anyone would ever bite on his idiotic nonsense was amazing, comical, and at the same time, sad. My favorite troll alts: PFFL (my all time favorite, a true artist) BWood Apple Bottom roofing guy from Tampa
  6. Wow. This makes me realize that I've been on here for a decade now...and i still consider myself a "new guy." My first visit as a lurker was Pickles' first start. Good times..not really.
  7. Matt Rhule also spoke very highly of Will Grier, who never got so much as a whiff of playing time. Rhule has a soft spot for the college kids and wants to talk them up, but he seems to know what's what.
  8. I hope their “analytics” include keeping tabs on who (Rhule/Fitt/scouts) has the best track record in regard to drafting.
  9. Brilliant. The dude finally gets his shot and now he finds out it's for a comp pic and working under Marty fuging Hurney.
  10. I'd be willing to bet Fitty's been thinking about our QB situation damn near non-stop since he was granted an interview.
  11. I'm starting to wonder if Teddy has a bit of a RG3 thing going. Likable, but doesn't take coaching very well. The quotes from Rhule about TB toward the end of the season made it seem like they were frustrated as hell with him, and not just his performance.
  12. They stole our Appaloosa model!!!! Those magnificent bastards!
  13. The edit button disappears after 5 minutes. You have to proofread right away. It's so people don't change it after responses and reactions.
  14. This thread must be a negative rep test by the admins or something. Two brand new posters with opposing cartoonish hot takes. The huddle is a mysterious and whimsical place. ‘Tis always been as such.
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