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  1. Yeah that was when I knew with 100% certainty that Rhule sucked. When he announced that "the process" was just a catchphrase and not an actual plan.
  2. So he wasn’t insinuating the guy was a homosexual by saying he eats dingalings and he meant it as a compliment? Interesting.
  3. Even if there were people saying this, is it really any more irritating that the people that start building time machines every time Fields has a decent game?
  4. To commemorate this event, I will be wearing a tank top on Sunday.
  5. He was caught on camera saying "Rat farts!" after one of Pineiro's misses. This is a farce.
  6. Yeah, it's called being one dimensional and having no QB. It's ok though, Fox/Rivera ball will beat a few bad teams. If we can find a competent QB, Wilks will have us holding steady at .500 for a decade. Hurrah.
  7. Misfired. Can't delete a post? I'll just take this opportunity to say "balls" then
  8. Did someone complain about the ads in the game day thread?
  9. Of course we can easily find a DL replacement. Have we already forgotten how nicely Kony Ealy and Vernon Butler fell into place?
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