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  1. I finally got that promotion I applied for. Thanks boss. We'll do a shot at the huddle Christmas party.
  2. Payton is going full Belichick. "I'm such a genius I can even win with TeeBow v2.0 under center!" It's very possible he's in for a rude awakening.
  3. DJ, Chinn, Derek Brown (borderline/potentially)
  4. Does it count as a pressure if an edge rusher flushes a QB from the pocket and completes a TD? As far as unnerving the QB, I guarantee you the guys that put the QB on his ass are more effective at it. Sacks are overrated as far as evaluating DT productivity. Edge rushers not so much imo.
  5. Wait until we stop throwing market changing deals at LBers. We might even be able to fill a hole with a top FA at some point.
  6. Well, we did just sign one of the reasons they sucked to be the leader of our team, so…. (just a joke Darnold fans.)
  7. Ruining your former team’s draft position in known as a “Dirty Rivera.” Man, this is good stuff. I kill me.
  8. Having the sole win in the last month of the season is known as a “Rusty Darnold”
  9. Yeah, his default setting was “butthurt troll” for years.
  10. It’s funny how a lot of people here think that the solution to our LT problem is to throw $20 million a season to a RT. I always wondered why Moton didn’t try to slide to LT years ago if he’s really interested in top dollar. I guess he’s insecure about his abilities on the left side. Better to be a dominant RT than a mediocre LT. I get it, I guess.
  11. Give me a break. It's been said on here ad nauseam in multiple threads, so after year of it you ask me for a source and say I'm making it up?
  12. No, just conjecture on my part since we can’t seem to get a deal done.
  13. Moton has always been hesitant to move to LT, now he wants top LT money. I want to keep him, but not if it keeps us from affording an elite LT in the near future.
  14. No kidding. Hell, I'll be happy when training camp starts just to give us something to read about.
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