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  1. BigCat

    Cam Newton Healthy, Confident

    Besides being healthy, Ace Boogie has completely finished classes, which I'm sure was taxing splitting time between OTA/ Training Camp and Auburn. He will be able to get familiar with his receiving corps as well as run without pain. NFL watch out!
  2. BigCat

    Cam needs to step up this year

    Although you have valid concerns, the one that should be held back is Cam's inconsistency. List any QB that could have succeed with the lack of protection that's been the OL? "ON PAPER, the line this year should be the best option in as many years, we should see a different Cam AND team this year.
  3. When I read the name I said the same thing. Can you some announcer saying the Carolina Panthers just sent in Daniel Bit%#[emoji23] at Guard.
  4. I'm hoping that DE is the absolute last draft position consider by DG.
  5. BigCat

    Panthers talk to Greg Jennings

    Jennings is not coming to Carolina. He's coming to the end and trying to get another ring before its all said and done.
  6. This is one of the best post I've read in a while. Between the experts Raving about 40 times and fans upset because the fastest receiver on the draft board wasn't selected, I just shake my head. The team needs a receiver with intelligence, heart, and a large catch radius (all three). If he doesn't have these three skills, he's just a JAG (just another guy).
  7. They continue to count the Panthers out, good. All they have to do is use this as "bulletin board" material and let the rest happen.
  8. Coach is correct. Cam has to become more consistent at short range passes (note: he's getting better). Cam needs to continue to learn to shift and throw forward together, not shift back and throw forward. The latter produces high uncatchable balls and interceptions.
  9. I feel KB and Brown is the future tandem here (CB is a better receiver than returner). They both did good enough as rookies to see how improve going forward.
  10. If the Panthers go in another direction, it may be good for both sides.
  11. BigCat

    Panthers talk to Greg Jennings

    I hope this shows that DG IS NOT just sitting around twiddling his thumbs letting free agents pass by the Panthers, like SO many fans think.
  12. BigCat

    Rookie Camp Notes

    Oh okay thanks. I feel he could find a role here.
  13. BigCat

    Rookie Camp Notes

    I guess Philly Brown didn't make the cut. I was hoping he did. He seem to have to have potential from what I read about him.