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  1. gmonjimbo

    Problem with our offense

    The problem with the offense is pace. Rivera would love to lead the NFL in time of posession, but we don't have a mammoth offensive line like the Eagles. Also, Cam is a rhythm player. When he gets into a grove, he is lethal. They have to do what's best for the QB and not try to hammer in a philosophy of ball control that is not working.
  2. The Panthers biggest need are at DE, OT, OLB, Nickel, and S I would keep Newhouse, Reid, and Byrd. I would also try to keep Funchess and Daryl Williams but the money has to be right. I would go after Clowney and Landon Collins. Peppers is 38 and Addison is going to be 32. Team needs a premium pass rusher on the edge. They can't wait another offseason to address this. Landon Collins will finally be the longterm fill in at SS after having a revolving door at the position. Great in stopping the run and has really improved in pass coverage. I like the combination of Collins and Reid in the backfield with Gaulden rotating in at both Safety spots and playing Big Nickel. Depending on who we resign or acquire in FA will impact the draft of course. However, I would still go DE in the 1st round even if they sign Clowney, Fowler,etc. In our division, we need a good rotation. 2nd round- target an OT if we are unable to resign Daryl Williams. Chris Clark and Matt Kalil are not long term answers. 3rd round- target an OLB. If TD is gone, Mayo will be in the lineup. I like Mayo but he is MLB and special teams ace. 3rd round comp- target a CB that can also play in the slot. Again in our division its important that we have 3 CBs that we can rely on. Captain Munnerlyn is a liability and we are seeing more teams put their best WR in the slot at times to get a good matchup.
  3. gmonjimbo

    Where is McCaffrey's touted explosiveness?

    One thing you have to factor in is supporting cast. Samuel is able to make that explosive TD run because defenses are keying in on McCaffrey. When a defense loses sight of him, you see the 20 yard run and catch he had on the final drive. I doubt Kamara would get explosive plays every week if he didn't have Michael Thomas, Ted Ginn, etc. for defenses to focus on.
  4. gmonjimbo

    2 VERY winnable games ahead

    Baltimore has a balanced defense from top to bottom, but the Eagles have the best rotation of DL in the league and IMO are a tougher matchup for this offense than Baltimore. I do agree that the Panthers cant afford to get down early, have to start fast and put pressure on BAL offense.
  5. gmonjimbo

    Can you imagine?

    I agree, but I believe this offense can flourish come November and December. I really hope that Norv has more sway to embrace a faster pace on offense. Also my biggest concern for the Rams and Chiefs is adversity. They are blowing out teams but what are they made of when things are not going their way? I see a good veteran QB knocking both of these teams out in the playoffs.
  6. gmonjimbo

    Cam Continuously Save Us

    I think they have to adjust their mindset. Cam is at his best when the tempo is fast and can get into a rhythm. Ron prefers to play ball control offense. I'm not saying they should be in no huddle all the time but we have to play with a better sense of urgency.
  7. Panthers have to realize that they dont have the offensive and defensive line of the Eagles to coach the way they do.
  8. According to Rivera, Funchess ran a double move and had a couple of steps on Norman, had the QB shoulder not been hit could have been a TD. I would have agreed with your conclusion about Torrey Smith, until I watched the second to last drive. It seems that Cam is very comfortable with targeting Torrey on comeback and crossing routes. Curtis Samuel only playing 3 snaps is criminal. He can make things happen and I thought the coaches recognized that after he broke 5 tackles on 1 play. He also was able to get consistent separation on the outside against both Giants CBs. Chris Manhertz should not be playing over Ian Thomas. Ian Thomas can block as well. Yes he will make mistakes but he will at least show up on the defenders radar. Manhertz is a self check. We give Defenses a break when we don't put our best personnel on the field.
  9. gmonjimbo

    Positives from yesterday?

    The team didnt quit after going down 17-0 like the Jaguars did. These type of games build character not only for the short term but long term as well. Funchess played like a big physical WR that we expected him to be when he got drafted. DJ Moore did not go into a shell after those two fumbles, he kept fighting. Torrey and Cam might have found a string of plays that they can build a rapport on Offense got into a really good grove in the second half. It's disappointing they only had 3 drives to operate and couldn't finish it at the end. Thomas Davis and Olsen might be 34 and 33 respectively but they can still play in this league and help this team win games.
  10. Then he will be fired within a year or two. I think Rivera at most has one more season to prove himself. He needs to treat this season as an audition for the new owner. We will find out in PHI how comfortable he feels in the job.
  11. Samuel had a few snaps on offense. I was shocked he didn't play more after scoring a TD last week and getting good separation on the outside. Jarius Wright is a solid slot WR but Samuel can make things happen.
  12. For me opening up the offense is about a mentality. We attack opposing teams weak links. We went after Dunbar hard once we got down and moved the ball short and intermediate. I agree the deep ball is lacking from this offense, but the bigger issue is whether we play with a sense of urgency on offense at the start of the game instead of when we get down by double digits.
  13. I don't have a problem with LT's analysis but I think he is lacking context. I assume he just saw the final score 17-23, but didnt watch the game from beginning to end. The Panthers went down 17-0 early because of turnovers and conservative playcalling. Finally when the offense was able to open it up and move down the field, the defense allowed long time consuming drives. Hence why the Panthers offense only go the ball 3 times in second half. My biggest concern with this team is whether Rivera will realize that his defense is not elite and we need the offense to carry the torch for this team. We don't run the ball 5 straight times and punt on 4th and 1 if Rivera comes to grips with reality.
  14. I have to question the scheme first. It seems the foundation is already set by Rivera. We rely heavily on zone defense playing off coverage, which makes us susceptible to quick throws. I rarely see this team play bump and run coverage. Second, I have to question the personnel. Poe, KK, and Butler are not playing well. Coach Washington can call more blitzes but when you are limited by a lousy scheme and sub par performances from key players there is not much you can do.
  15. Yes those 5 straight runs set the tone. Redskins got shredded on MNF through the air, but we dont look to exploit the matchups outside until we get behind. I wish we would go into games ready to attack defenses instead of just trying to establish an identity of running the football.