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  1. Would love to have a TE like Pitts on the roster, but I agree he will go in the first 15 picks if he continues to play like that.
  2. I was more impressed with the QB Kyle Trask from Florida and his TE Kyle Pitts.
  3. The criticism of Donte Jackson is overblown. He looked good early last season, then suffered a groin injury and played through it. I still think he is starting caliber No.2 CB in the NFL. The loss of Bradberry will hurt this defense because Jackson is not a No.1 CB, he should not be matched up against Mike Evans, Mike Thomas, and Julio Jones. Frankly, if you want to know who is hurting the defense the most watch Shaq Thompson and Tahir Whitehead.
  4. I'm very concerned that the team has yet to record a sack. I know the Raiders have a good offensive line and Brady has a tendency of getting the ball out of his hands quick. The LB and Safety play besides Chinn is as expected. Shaq Thompson is more of a follower not a leader, he was comfortable taking the lead from TD and Luke. I never saw him as a guy to fill that hole once they left. Whitehead looks like a CFL player, too small to help out in the run game and poor in coverage. Boston and Burris are guys are good rotational players if they see 15-20 snaps a game, anymore they become a liability.
  5. I agree with most of what you are saying. Alabama could have won 10+ game with Hurts, but I felt they had a ceiling with him at QB. Also, I believe LSU had not beaten Alabama since 2011 until last year. What are your thoughts about Justin Fields? I have more concerns about him because Ohio State QB have not translated well in the NFL.
  6. I agree. I'm not necessarily talking about talent. I am pointing to the fact that Alabama was noticeably better offensively once Tua took over for Hurts and they had practically the same players and coaching staff at their disposal.
  7. I respectfully disagree. Alabama had almost the same supporting cast and coaching staff during Jalen Hurt's tenure. Tua took them over the top because he was a difference maker with his accuracy and creativity. Hurts was still a good player, did well at Oklahoma and got drafted in the 2nd round. In Joe Burrow's case, I believe LSU is as talented as any program in the country with the number of players they send to the NFL each year, however, their subpar to mediocre QB play prevented them from beating Alabama. Burrow's final season at LSU with Joe Brady took them over the hump and had arguably the greatest single season at QB. Lawrence is a great prospect. My concern for him is that when you get picked #1 overall you start at the bottom with the worst roster in the NFL. It is no longer going to be where you have the best 53, you will have to elevate your supporting cast.
  8. My issue with Lawrence and Fields is how good are they when their skill position players are all 5 star recruits. What I liked about Burrow and Tua is that they took teams that were typically mediocre in the passing game (Alabama and LSU) and transformed them with their arm talent and creativity. I say this because the best QBs in the NFL today typically did not come from schools where they were pre season No. 5 or better every year, they had to elevate the players around them. I would take Lawrence no.1 because I agree that he is the safest prospect and checks all the boxes in terms of height, speed, and accuracy. However, I don't believe he will change our offense over night. This team is about 2-3 years away from competing.
  9. His turnovers have been killer. 1st one in redzone, second one within our own 30, then this one when we could finally tie the game. Has a bad tendency of turning the ball over under pressure instead of taking the sack or throwing it away.
  10. Been pleased with how the secondary has played. Very disappointed in Shaq and Whitehead. When I compare them to Lavonte David and Devin White, its no contest. Need to take LB in the first 3 picks
  11. I like that we settled into this game in the second half. Its the little things like this that I want to see as I evaluate Rhule during the season. Might not win more than 5 games but are we correcting our mistakes and competing
  12. Have one of the worst LB cores in the league. Don't understand why they signed Shaq long term.
  13. also nothing Donte could do. Good communication between Brady and Evans. I know a lot of people like to rip him for every play he gives up.
  14. This is was a get right game for the Bucs and they are playing like it. Have to finally address offensive line in the draft. For 3 seasons, they havne't allowed our QB to compete
  15. Too early to tell. The offense is good enough to win 5 games and the defense is bad but young, there is an opportunity for them to improve not get worst like an aging defense. Will take the season in stride, I'm not going to actively root for them to lose in hopes of drafting a certain player, this isn't the NBA, where one player can make the difference.
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