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  1. Kyle Allen did a very good job of getting the ball out of his hands and to the playmakers in the one real game we saw him in. He also had better pocket awareness and a better internal clock than Cam. I’m optimistic he can do it. But he is still going to get killed if we don’t cut the poo and switch the tackles back to where they should be. Just use the eyeball test. Their body types and their previous play both dictate which positions they should play. Also, just admit they suck and trade for Trent Williams.
  2. People are having a problem swallowing that pill. We have a QB that can’t perform basic QB functions. There are probably 30 other QBs in the league that would have us at 1-1, if not 2-0.
  3. Get a bottle of whisky and watch another replay of Thursday night’s game.
  4. Yea fug ATT. I asked about 3 channels when I was signing up and told I would have all of them.... guess what. I don’t have any of them. Was told the internet would be twice as fast as the twc because it’s fiber... it’s not. Dropping these fools very soon.
  5. We as a species receive like 70-80% of what we know through our eyes. We are all visual learners. It irks me when people say that they are a visual learner as if they are some exception to the norm.
  6. Where is the huddle that I know and love? I was expecting to see posts saying that we should try and get him for a 2nd round pick.
  7. Has anyone ever not been a visual learner?? Blind people I guess? I love when people have to state that. Like they are different than 90% of everyone else. I guess us normies just prefer tactile learning or osmosis maybe? Personally I learn the best by absorbing the information through my skin.
  8. I remember really wanting to draft him for the panthers.... guess it’s a good thing I’m not a GM
  9. Sounds a lot like the Luke-haters. “How many of his tackles are 10 yards down field?”
  10. He hasn’t disappointed this offseason. Has fuged up every game that he has played with terrible angles to the ball carrier.
  11. Idk what kind of fans Indy has but if he had been a Cleveland or Philly QB, they’d already be in the streets burning poo
  12. Why didn’t he suck the cop’s.... wait sorry I thought I was in tinderbox for a second
  13. Yep. I kind of like it better because it’s realy all about picking guys that will get a ton of playing time. I always just stack panthers backups. Byrd was my old go-to - Brandon Wegher that one year. Holyfield is a no-brained this year.
  14. Gonna roll out a panther-heavy daily fantasy lineup w Godwin, Holyfield, Ian Thomas, and either Allen or Grier. Which QB would you guys play?
  15. I’m confident that Ron would like to get Torrey Smith out there across from Moore and see what he can do. Maybe we’ll see Curtis as a starter in a few years.
  16. You guys really don’t think Butler makes the 53? I find that really hard to believe. Where he was drafted is a sunk cost. He isn’t living up to that pick but we don’t have a ton of depth on the line and he seems like a natural fit for our scheme. I think it’s going to be harder to justify the guys that are too light for the 3-4 end and too slow for olb.
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