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  1. I remember Berman singing “momma gonna take my Cota Chrome away” after a Cota int. Classic.
  2. Lil Jon and pastor Troy did one that would have been hip a while back. Still bangs. I can always get nice and angry with some slayer: Also sampled by lil Jon a while back and also still bangs:
  3. We better figure out the nickel package quickly w those WRs that we have to cover. Jackson matches up w cooks, Bradberry on woods - I’m completely fine w those matchups. Cockrell on Kupp?
  4. The answer is Richardson and Hurney. Richardson built the team and got hurney so things would be done his way. Strictly with the players, you couldn’t ask for much more in terms of great team culture than what JR brought to the table. His fingerprints are still all over the team and hurney is still the GM.
  5. None of that but schedule is far from a walk in the park this year.
  6. If he were to sign, the major benefit is that we upgrade from underwhelming and inconsistent Butler to previously-pro-bowl McCoy with seemingly a chip on his shoulder. Now we’d have Butler, love and maybe cox, the Samoan fella from the eagles, or the 2nd year guy from last year as backups on the line.
  7. No chance Addison plays 3-4 end. He said the other day he dropped like 10 pounds. He is clearly an OLB and probably one of the starters. I imagine Irvin takes the other spot and the rookies and journeymen that we have can rotate in.
  8. A year off from football? That’s going to mean suspensions for some when they come back from a year of doing blow and slapping their girlfriend around.
  9. Panthers replacement tryouts - huddlers only. Are any of you jackasses left handed?
  10. I might take Ginn at 60yds. Maybe Robby Anderson. 60 is a totally different ball game though. That’s where some of the longer WRs would have an advantage. Not relavent, but my 60 time for baseball was 6.6. suck it.
  11. Shift Gaulden to nickel and Drop Shaq to S? Probably not but it might not be terrible.
  12. Torrey is an easy cut. Does cutting CAP free up anything? we will cut some LBs But idk if that wi save money.
  13. Perfect! Our kind of guy! He will fit right in with the rich history of forgettable safeties and safeties I wish I could forget.
  14. He should go to philly and just stuff every single play w Cox.
  15. wildcard! Aldrick Robinson. Do we keep 6 now? Are there any other backup receivers in Minnesota that we can sign? Koren Robinson with that hometown discount? Mike Wallace?
  16. His pocket awareness and movement was better than Cams, as was his throwing outside of the pocket. I was very impressed which was why I questioned drafting a backup. Will would have rather had a safety.
  17. Philly Brown was UDFA too. Granted that his career isn’t what Norwell’s is. Still he was a contributing, starting WR on a super bowl team.
  18. Because Colin Jones? Because he is a known commodity and we are fairly comfortable with the floor that he brings. Its like calling up your ex when you are single and looking for some ass. Yea she can’t tackle but im not trying to marry her, just need someone that looks-the-part for a little while until I find something better.
  19. I think we are going to run our base offense with an extra lineman. That’s obviously the plan here. Can you still do two TEs If you do an extra lineman? Rivera and Hurney can see that the recent trend toward passing offenses has gone too far. We will be ahead of the league when the bubble pops. Zig when they zag, boys!
  20. I swear you are in my head sometimes.
  21. This guy is a 3rd year guy but I’m expecting continued success from Harrison Butker. Looks like we drafted a good one.
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