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  1. A benefit of sweeping the Islanders is that we got to rest some and get a few bodies back from injury. It's great having Svechikov and Martinook back. Ferland and Mrazek are also both saying that they will be ready for Game 1. For those that don't follow hockey closely or are new to the game here's why that's important: Andrei Svechnikov is our star rookie we picked #2 last year. He has a special skillset that we lack on the team. He's a very good shooter, skater, passer, and he's gotten much better defensively over the course of this year. He can make plays that most can't and he's looking to score on a team with a lot of passers. He's going to be a star soon. Jordan Martinook is usually a fourth line energy guy but did spend some time on the third line for a bit. He tends to stick up for Andrei on the ice and Jordan, Andrei, and Dougie Hamilton (a defenseman on our team) are pretty close. It also means the AHL player filling his spot can go back to Charlotte. Micheal Ferland is a guy we picked up this year in the Calgary trade along with Dougie Hamilton. He plays a physical game and in the past has laid some big hits to go along with the points he scored. The second half of the season he's been hurt quite frequently and we have no idea what the injury is and his production has stalled as a result. If he can go back to playing the way he was at the beginning of the season he would be a huge asset to the team in this series as a deterrent to Marshand of Boston who likes to take cheap shots at opponents. Petr Mrazek is currently our #1 goalie we acquired this year as a free agent. Since January he's had an outstanding record. He's been on the front page of NHL.com several times for some of the saves that he's made this year. You can see that the team has confidence that they can win any game that he or Curtis McElhinney (our other outstanding goalie) starts. All three levels in the Hurricanes organization are doing really well. It's incredible to think that the Everblades (ECHL), Checkers (AHL), and Hurricanes (NHL) could sweep every major championship in North American professional hockey this year.
  2. The thing with the Hornets for me is they have not given me a reason to care since they came back. I was hype af for their return thinking it would be the old hive and I was wrong. The experience is just okay, the teams have been awful, and our one chance to get a star was taken from us when we didn't get to draft Anthony Davis. The fact that they didn't get any stars to play with Kemba is going to go down in history as one of Charlotte's biggest failures all time. Kemba plays his ass off and doesn't have the help to get to the next level. I'm not saying anything groundbreaking but if it is so obvious to a layman like me, why didn't the professionals do a better job of giving Charlotte a championship team? I have been an avid Hurricanes fan since they came to NC. I still have a picture of me by the Eastern Conference Championship trophy. Going to the watch party for game 6 at PNC with 10k crazy fans for a game that wasn't even played there was one of my sports highlights even though we lost. The Hurricanes did no favors for their brand between 09-18. Missing the playoffs that many times leads to a whole generation of lost fans. Even this years performance is a year or two earlier than expectations. They have some good kids in the minors and a system that is consistent. They will be good for awhile. So many cards had to fall right for this year to happen for the Hurricanes it's insane. Unfortunately, those same cards have never fell the right way for the Hornets and that's why there is more indifference towards those who aren't diehards.
  3. Do you think we double up with another edge rusher in the 2nd or are other positions more valuable?
  4. If Push was gonna kill a man, he should at least have the decency to hide the body. That was on the level of Hit 'em Up type savage. All this waiting is not a good look for Aubrey.
  5. What do you feel are the expectations of the ceilings of some of our newer guys like Funchess, Butler, and Bradberry?
  6. That's fantastic man. When you publish it make sure we can get it through amazon. [Mick Foley cheap pop] Use the amazon link at the top of the page to give support to your very own Carolina Huddle! [/Mick Foley cheap pop]
  7. I love saying this but that drive they just ran the motherfuger down Seattle's throat and made them take the L on that drive. Keep Pounding boys!
  8. Wait, the refs gave us a call? What is this world we're living in?
  9. Funchess, man, you wanna play in this league for a long time, those are the passes you're going to need to catch.
  10. I don't even know what Cam saw there. There was no way he was going to complete that pass under any circumstances.
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