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  1. I don’t think his body is breaking down I think he’s trying to conserve himself to play more years, problem is he isn’t going to be playing many more years if he doesn’t run because he’s just not that great as a pure pocket passer the threat of him running opens up so much & it’s like he doesn’t even think about taking off any more. The Bucs won that game because of jameis using his legs and we would’ve won if cam used his. Now we also would’ve won if the offensive line wasn’t complete trash and make shaquil barrett look like the best pass rusher in the league. That 2nd to last play was a touchdown if they didn’t let barrett get through with no resistance to hit cam mid throw
  2. It’s the best call to make right there when you have cam.. it’s definitely better than the one he made. fug norv turner and fug cam if he doesn’t start running the ball more again
  3. He looked more mentally broken than anything he was getting hit every other play it seemed like.. did you see when shaquil barrett hit him on what should’ve been the game winning TD throw because the LT got poo’d in & the LT came to help him up the look in his eyes was like fug you and fug this situation
  4. We need an O Line no QB is going to play well getting hit and pressured as often as cam was tonight. That o line made shaquil Barrett look like the best pass rusher in the NFL. Had he not got through to cam so fast and hit him on that last pass it was an easy touchdown
  5. What happened to the days of cam up the middle on 4th&1? We need to get back to it ASAP
  6. We need an O Line no QB is going to play well getting hit as much as cam did tonight. He played like trash though not giving an excuse for that. He needs to run the ball he’s just not a pure pocket guy but when he makes plays with his legs he’s an mvp caliber player
  7. Why the fug do they call that play instead of cam up the middle? This game was disgusting to watch the o Line was horrible and they need to bench cam if he’s not going to run he’s not going to be effective as a guy who gets -2 and 0 yards rushing
  8. Told you guys chill out, lol J No killed em! I'm really concerned about the team this year after this display but we just need to get out of here with a win and figure out everything else quick
  9. You guys are pessimists, chill out and let's see what happens, we are still winning..
  10. Wow I can't believe jacksonville is a challenge to our team
  11. can anyone pm me a link to watch... everywhere i keep going i cant get the annoying ass ads off my screen
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