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  1. Mark my words I’m going to quote this when it happens for a victory lap, if cam newton is traded to the bears he will have a stellar season and lead them to the nfc championship game at least but more likely to the super bowl
  2. My take was spot on you were completely wrong you’re delusional old man.. mn2 1 mr scot 0
  3. You’re salty what you said was wrong I must know more than you, you thought kyle Allen was good lmfao and thought he wasn’t going to be exposed anyone with half a brain could see the 49ers defense was going to show kyle Allen for what he really is.. backup talent or maybe starting talent for the XFL
  4. He got exposed I called it and everyone sees he got exposed if you don’t think he was exposed you’re delusional
  5. Healthy cam doesn’t have only 158yards passing with 3 picks and puts up more than 11 points
  6. Cam needs to start ASAP I called it kyle Allen got exposed
  7. Prisoners of the moment and delusional, those people
  8. At least you have some sense I’m tired of the Allen is better than cam talk A healthy cam is no doubt better than Allen. We are a super bowl contender with a healthy cam with Allen we just aren’t I’m sorry
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