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  1. No, because when it was finished it very closely resembled artwork that was plastered all over this country by racist groups. And unless you've been living under a rock somewhere, you've probably seen a few of those posters, even if it was in a history book.
  2. SmokinwithWilly

    Colin Kaepernick Would be a perfect fit for the Jags.

    With Gruen appearing to have a fire sale, if I'm the Jags GM I'm on the phone to Oakland trying to get Carr. Maybe a 1st and 2nd for Carr but it could salvage their season.
  3. He may very well have been trying to do a very poor photoshop of Reid without racist intent. Unless you have been living under a rock all your life and have somehow never seen any of the 1000's of different posters like the one shown earlier, I don't know how you could look at what he drew and not see the resemblance to so many of the racist cartoons that were drawn. Intent makes a statement, or in this case a drawing, racist. If I drew this, I'd be pleading ignorance, but damn, it would be hard to believe I didn't know.
  4. You can't see the tip of the ball but my thought is the explanation if there is ever one given will be, he had control when the tip appeared to touch the ground judging by the size of the ball, but he didn't retain the grip while he rolled over and didn't maintain possession. That said, didn't see the tip of the ball, can't overturn the call on the field. Eat a bag of dicks with some curly fries NFL review guy.
  5. I turned it off halfway through the 3rd quarter. I got tired of watching the team crap all over the field because they weren't prepared, again. I'm happy they won, but I'm not sorry I turned it off.
  6. At least he didn't follow the RR mentality of keep someone on the field, or coach's box until you've exhausted every excuse 50 times over again. Cards are in a terrible position with Rosen behind that line, but it's hard to criticize his qb performance when he's under pressure as soon as the ball is snapped. Cam didn't fair so well when our offensive line couldn't block a 90 year old in power scooter either.
  7. The Panthers need a coach who can see the way the NFL is changing and adapt to it. It has never been easier to pass in the history of the NFL. RR has many talents as a coach, but not recognizing the need for change and making it has to be probably the most frustrating of his characteristics. Personally, I think someone needs to be brought in for player talent evaluation and that person needs to be responsible on game day for putting people on the field. Ron can't get out of his own way when it comes to putting the right people on the field. Realizing that you can't be a master at everything is one of the hardest things to do, but is also required for long term success. Bring in an "expert" you trust and let them make that call. It's really hard to do, I struggled with it in my business because I am a control freak, but I actually have more control now because I only have to watch 1 person, not 10.
  8. SmokinwithWilly

    Please Help a commissioner!

    Sounds like it's an unbalanced trade and the league saved the rookie from themselves. Cupp/Gordon is clearly the better side of that deal.
  9. SmokinwithWilly

    Kelvin Benjamin being Kelvin Benjamin

    He's going to be the Jamarcus Russell of WRs.
  10. We aren't forgetting. The frustration with Rivera is almost Shula-esque. Deficiencies in coaching, personnel choices, and game management are so glaringly obvious to everyone that it's unbelievable. Rivera is/has wasted Cam and Luke both. While I can't stand BB, the one thing you can say about him is he puts his players in the best position to succeed. He adjusts his system to his players, playing to their strengths. RR does the exact opposite, beating a square peg into a round hole no matter how obvious it is to everyone around him it's not going to work. Cam and Luke have made RR successful on the W/L record books, not the other way around. George Seifert won 2 SBs with Montana and Young at QB, came to Carolina and absolutely poo'd the bed. Right now, RR looks a lot like Seifert to me. HoF players that make the coach look much better than he is.
  11. SmokinwithWilly

    Lemon car

  12. SmokinwithWilly

    why the panic over the giants win??

    People are happy and feel fortunate we won. People are upset by the same things that continue to plague this team under Rivera, poor clock management, too much loyalty to vets despite piss poor play, never putting a team away, poor personnel management, lack of team consistency week to week, year to year. The Giants aren't terrible. OBJ is top 5 when he wants to be, Barkley looks legit, Eli can be a stud or a dud depending on the day. We were fortunate to get a win at home with the way we played.
  13. SmokinwithWilly

    Head Coaches don’t grow on trees

    I consider Ron to be a slightly above average coach. If he could get past his ridiculous obsession with starting vets over more obvious talent at the same position, I would put him in the category of above average. It might be considered a minor flaw to some, I consider it a major one. Part of his job is talent evaluation and putting the right guys on the field. Week after week, we see him put guys like Torrey in when difference makers are sitting on the bench. It usually takes an injury to get the more talented guy on the field. We only have Cam and Luke for so long, two HoF guys in the prime of their career being held back, imo, by a coach's refusal to see what is right in front of him. The NFL has been evolving into an offense oriented league for years. It's time for us to jump on that bandwagon. Defense doesn't have to win championships if their offense can never get on the field. Scores in the 30's and 40s are becoming the norm. The league has QBs so protected, Cam excluded, that if you fart in their general direction it's a personal foul. It has never been easier to score points in the history of the NFL. Ron's unwillingness to change is his greatest weakness. Without Cam and Luke, I don't think he's CotY 2x and definitely not employed here. I don't know who to bring in as a coach, but if I'm looking, I'm looking for someone who is willing to see the future and embrace the changes needed to take this team to a Lombardi. I wish it was, but I don't think Ron's that guy.
  14. SmokinwithWilly

    Personally, I find this disgusting!

    I have a CC and I carry, but you wouldn't know it. I don't wear it out in the open. That's just down right stupid. That's an irresponsible CC and it actually pisses me off to see people do it. When I see it I want to walk up behind them and crack them upside the head with it before they knew what happened. If I didn't tell you I was carrying you would never know. I don't live my life in fear. Having it doesn't change how I walk, talk or act. I'm a little more prepared in the event something unexpected happens. Carrying any weapon, be it a gun, knife, baton, spray, taser, etc carries with it a responsibility. If you aren't prepared to accept that responsibility, or the personal consequences of using it, you shouldn't have it. 90% of the people that have a CC probably shouldn't.
  15. SmokinwithWilly

    Personally, I find this disgusting!

    I don't think anyone is going to get far trying to argue that giving money to people who were never slaves themselves from people who never owned slaves themselves. That alone will get the door on even being open to the idea slammed in your face %99.999999 of the time. I don't believe that a reparation of money to the individual is the key to long term success. Give a man to fish.... Instead I think it would be much more open to discussion to bring the position that instead of giving money to individuals, we as a country reinvest within their communities. Showing how giving a proper education creates adults who can be proactive instead of reactive, invest money into local business and allow growth, create the opportunity that their ancestors were denied. Show how creating a strong community actually benefits the rest of the country and actually takes less resources in the long run. What I've said sounds very simple when it isn't. It's not just about the country providing the resources, those resources must also be used wisely. It's a partnership and must be treated as such.