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  1. An offense that appears to play to strengths while minimizing weaknesses. Already a drastic improvement over Ron and Norv.
  2. Agree with you here and would add that without preseason, Brady hasn't seen our line in action until now in game situations. He may have simply had more faith than was warranted. I'm willing to give him a few games to become accustomed to what we have to work with.
  3. I did notice several times on close up shots of the crowd that people were screaming and masks were down/off. I'm sure that is not going to go over well.
  4. 42-28. We win. Teddy B catches a batted pass and runs it in for his 1st TD as a Panther.
  5. I'm not going to knock them for trying to win it all. We had Cam and Luke and barely any effort into building a winning franchise.
  6. I stopped going to football games long before Covid. Overpriced tickets, hellacious parking and traffic, flat warm beer and food that tastes 2 days old at best. Maybe if the team puts together a more consistent product I'll go back to a game in town. More than likely I'll still watch it on my flatscreen and enjoy the tailgating experience the whole game for about 25% of the price of going to the stadium.
  7. For the right price he might be worth a shot. We need the help, especially with the receivers in this division.
  8. I'm extremely critical of Hurney, won't deny it at all. I think his biggest shortcoming is the ability to formulate and plan for the future. So many of his moves look to be for 1, maybe 2 seasons. And I know this is a win now business, but you have to be able to play the long game as well as the short, and he just falls short so many times.
  9. Fournette isn't bad. He's been in a poo show in Jacksonville. Some people are put in a position to succeed, some aren't. I'm not sure how well CMC would do down there. From top to bottom, that FO has been terrible and the coaching hasn't been much better it seems.
  10. In some ways we are better prepared to respond, and in some ways we aren't. The world has become a place where a few seconds of notoriety is worth whatever lies you want to spew. There's no recourse for what someone says on Facebook or through their own podcast. Misinformation is rampant and has caused issues worldwide. The truth tellers of this virus have been there since the beginning but has been drowned out by the noise. Isolate the elderly and those with weakened immune systems. The rest of us can take reasonable precautions such as masks, distancing, etc. and the world keeps on turning. Something else to consider to is the population itself. We are less able to provide for ourselves today than 100 years ago. Cities have always been unable to provide for the masses, but the more rural and less populated areas didn't interact nearly as much as we do now. Mass transportation was in its infancy, families grew a lot of food for themselves, and population density was a lot lower. While we may have the ability to care for each other better with a more effective health care system, the ability to isolate ourselves and prevent the need for that health care is far lower than it was 100 years ago.
  11. KB is one of those head scratcher picks for me. He had a lot of potential but never seemed to be the same after his knee injury and the loss of his mother. His has always been a what could have been career. He wasn't a highly motivated player from the start, but he never really seemed to get it back together after his mom. Sometimes it's really hard to get back out of that "dark place."
  12. Besides being able to draft well in the first, this may be his only marketable skill as a GM if we were looking to trade him for, oh I dont know, say Jack's magic beans.
  13. I would say 20ish because they didn't really have an NFL starting caliber QB last year. I think they will finish 10-15 area because CMC will take so many targets, but have the potential to be a top 5 group.
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