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  1. I live in the Pacific northwest and have family in San Diego and that's pretty much a nice of putting it. Most people I've talked to consider him average at best and wouldnt want him for their teams QB. He really isnt well liked as a QB on the west coast, from those I've talked to.
  2. I'll agree that a majority of games this is true. But in big games, especially one like SB50, I absolutely believe that the league influenced calls to nudge toward the desired outcome.
  3. I'll say it can be influenced with referees. There were a myriad of questionable calls in SB 50 and even more no calls. While it's not proof of anything, I find Talib's tossing of Philly Brown by the facemask and the subsequent 25k fine disgusting. Talib came out after the game and said he deliberately tried to hurt PB and take him out of the game. And the NFL laughed and said good job. Even Broncos fans I was with when it happened said he should have been ejected. There were calls that were so blatantly wrong it absolutely influenced the outcome, and by the NFLs reaction, it would give one reason to think they approved.
  4. Hopefully we might actually try to use one of our other running backs to see if they have better luck.
  5. Always loved Frank Caliendo doing his Madden impressions. One can never underestimate the ability of Madden to insert Brett Favre into a dialogue.
  6. Every team needs that guy that is the heart of a team. He makes everyone else better around him. I think with the other 3, this team would be very hard to beat, even in a fixed Super Bowl.
  7. Steve Smith Peppers Reggie White Sam Mills I don't see how you can have the list without Sam.
  8. So am I. NO fans have no fear because of Brees' injury. They know what he will come back to be. Here, with all the injuries Cam has sustained, it's more about uncertainty. Training camp is over. No one really knows what Cam is going to return on game day.
  9. Its not about fear it's about the type of injuries. Cam has had 2 surgeries on his throwing shoulder in 2 years, a lisfranc injury, and has taken a lot more hits over the course of his career. He is a much bigger question mark than Brees after his thumb injury and a career that doesnt have highlight reels of brutal hits he's taken.
  10. Mine is actually a coach that has turned around a whole underperforming area of the game and that's Chase Blackburn. The guy has made significant improvements in an area of the Panthers game that's been ignored for a long ass time.
  11. One thing that's not really being talked about is how the rest of the offensive players are performing with KA over Cam. Offense is a group effort and if the offense as a whole performs better with healthy KA than they are with healthy Cam, that's something that has to be taken into consideration. Getting to the line early and having time to make adjustments is nothing to scoff at or dismiss. It's not who is the best QB when healthy, its who gives the team the best chance to perform well as a whole.
  12. At one time we thought Sean Gilbert was. We all remember how that turned out...
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