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  1. I agree, but that's almost immediately identifiable to most people in the Carolinas. Its catchy, its local, and easily marketable. The name is also much more exciting than the Charlotte FC. Seriously, the names hes picked make you want to go to it as much as your neighbors 5 year olds school play.
  2. Excellent article. Still when you said I played high school football all I could see was
  3. Just from a marketing standpoint, Carolina Reapers would be so easy. Without much effort Feel the burn We bring you to tears Gonna make you sweat It's getting hot in here too hot to handle
  4. Saw thread title, first thought. WTF did he do now.
  5. I do that as an adult. My pillows and blankets are really bourbon.
  6. what they did was next to nothing. 750k, 4 game suspension and lost 1st round pick for a few SBs. Sounds like a good trade off.
  7. Can't believe I'm gonna say this but I agree with S.A.S take on it this morning. If the NFL does nothing after Spygate, deflate gate, and now Chiligate, fug it, if you can't beat em, join em.
  8. Gonna be the new selfie when a woman leaves a guy sitting at the table when she gets a mysterious phone call her bff needs assistance. #Dortched
  9. I wonder if it could be a legal matter in a court of law at some point. A lot of betting happens on NFL games, and if the NFL/Goodell knowingly covered up cheating, which could affect the outcome of games, it could be a problem.
  10. Its absolutely believable that he would cheat, even against the Bengels. Brady is showing his age and NE needs a bye and home field advantage. This isnt about winning a single game, its about putting the team in the best position to go to the SB again. On a side note, fug BB, fug Brady, fug Kraft. No HoF, vacate SB wins and force Kraft to sell the team. On a side note #2, if its found that the NFL has known about this and allowed it, could it be considered point shaving of some sort.
  11. He will continue to take part in the draft sitting next to Mel Kiper's hair on stage all the while peddling his new product GOATs milk, which causes delusional NFL visions but does produce a funky tasting albeit creamy cheese.
  12. I'm right there with you. There were reports of the Pats filming our practices. It's amazing how they shut us down in the first half, but once we changed to a game plan they hadn't seen after halftime, they couldn't stop anything.
  13. I'm sure Kraft would know. And the coords would have to know, otherwise what good does it do to steal signals if no one can use them. I think going back and stripping a few SB titles would be sufficient. Start with a certain SB staring one Jake Delhomme.
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