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  1. It wasnt a bad rule because the ability to overturn a 50 yard penalty needs to be there. I would rather they just make PI a 15 yard from LoS penalty and be done with it.
  2. Nyah, just keep politics out of this one.There's already a corona thread in TB. This one should be about sharing information and discussing how it affects us rather than all the political BS.
  3. Everyone knew we were taking Grier at 100 last year a month before the draft.
  4. Actually I dont need 3 years to judge the draft strategy. Burns and Miller, two 3-4 edge rushers, taken to play for a coach whose time was almost over. New year, new coach, 4-3 defense and 2 guys who will have to add weight, and possibly sacrifice speed and agility to be able to play effectively. Stupid draft strategy, easily foreseeable. Trading up to take a tackle in a weak class. Weak tackles get moved to guard, which that draft was strong in. Little was falling, which means other teams were concerned about his ability to play there. 1 year later, he's moved to guard. We could have drafted a center/guard and saved the extra 3rd. Hurney had a round 1 draft grade on him which means immediate starter. He couldn't beat out Darryl Williams who played worse than Matt Kalil or Byron Bell. Strategy fail. Grier with 100. We have never developed a rookie QB. Cam relied on his athleticism. He never really improved his passing game the way you would expect a top QB to do. Going into the season with a qb coming off his 2nd shoulder surgery with a 3rd round project and an UDFA. Draft strategy, stupid. I've already explained picks 5,6 and 7. Building a team isnt just about finding successful players. It's about finding the right successful players to fit needs. Realizing strengths and weaknesses and using that knowledge to its maximum potential. That's where Hurney failed and why the players themselves don't matter. Even if they succeed, the time wasted waiting for now 4 projects to develop and the starters we needed that were available that we skipped for projects is why this draft is a failure. It's not like any of this was a mystery before the draft. These are things that were painfully obvious to fans on a message board and we ended up being right. Last years draft was a shitshow, and not because of the players themselves. Hurney cannot, and never has been able to build a team.
  5. Last years draft was a failure. It's not about the individual players, its about the positions taken. Two 3-4 edge rushers, a tackle in a weak class when the IOL class was strong and needed, a developmental QB for a franchise that's never developed a rookie, 5th round RB that would never play, 6th rd tackle was the only good pick, and 7th round WR ignoring our need for. kick returner. Even if every player worked out, the draft itself highlights a serious lack of vision and direction. That is the real Hurney draft legacy.
  6. If they do, I wonder how many teams will hire "temporary cleaning staff" that happen to be hackers. Pats and NO for sure.
  7. We could always trade Hurney for him. After all Marty does have that whole 1st round pick thing down and Miami has 3. Am I right?
  8. Would you be "all in" with Miami tanking like they did and not even trying to hide it?
  9. So would it be morally responsible to start making moonshine?
  10. If we can move down to 9 with Jax for Okudah, or 12 possibly to Vegas for Hebert I'd be happy. Brown may still be there at 12, or Id be happy with a top OT. Played around early on first pick and managed to turn 7 into 3 first rounders. 7 for 12 and 19, then 12 for 22 and 25. Its possible by trade values, and we could fix quite a few holes. Only downside really would be all 3 would be up for contract at the same time.
  11. If Okudah is there I think he's the pick over Brown. I like Brown, but I think it's easier to find a run stuffing DT than it is to find an elite level CB. Simmons is tempting too, but of the 3, I think Okudah would make the most difference. Action Jackson as our top CB is a scary thought going into training camp, whenever that ends up being.
  12. It really depends on who would trade up and what our likely net would be. Looking at former trade partners, Vegas (12 &19) and Indy (13) were possible but those are now both off the table due to the genius of Bill O'Brian and obviously Indy having traded that pick away. Vegas might have jumped AZ to get Jeudy since AZ was in need of a WR with Fitz about to hit retirement. I can't really see them moving except maybe Hebert but I think that's a stretch. Jax at 9 is possible to get Okudah. Cleveland might go to 7 to get their choice of OL. 3 OL could go 7, 8, 9 leaving them with nothing if Gettleman or the Chargers or both go OL. Jets could do the same at 11, but I don't think it's likely. 13 is about as far as I feel comfortable moving, but let's look on further back too. Tampa is 14, no trade there unless it's an unbelievable offer. Can't help the division rivals. Same with Atlanta at 16. 13 is San Fran and 15 is Denver. Neither one would target Simmons, Brown or Kinlaw enough to move up. Maybe Denver for Herbert, but they just drafted a QB. 17, 18, 19 is Dallas, Miami and Vegas again. Dallas is a wildcard. I think Miami uses this pick to go to 2 for Tua so it's probably gone. Vegas might try to move this pick to move up to 7 and keep 12. It's possible but not likely. By this point, I think the players we would need (OT, DT, CB, LB), top prospects would all be gone and the net for moving back to 20. According to trade value chart, Jax would have to give up 20, 42 and 73, possible if they stay at 9 and could land Okudah and Simmons. Philly I don't see moving, Minnesota would give up 22 and 25 to break even. At that point, towards the end of the first, picks are riskier, top prospects are likely gone, and it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense, at least to me. I see us staying put at 7, taking Okudah, Simmons, or Brown in that order ( I still want an OT), and we head to the second or trade our 2021 1st and some change to jump back into the 1st and cripple our rebuild. Just my $0.02.
  13. It takes more than hitting on a 1st rounder to build a team. He hasn't consistently picked up great talent, I'd argue the opposite. Hurney has done well in the 1st but he has done poorly at assembling a team. He has no real strategy for team building. We've had 6 day 2 picks the past 2 years and come away with very little. Burns isn't a 4-3 end. Last year's draft was a waste. 2018 isn't looking promising outside of Moore.It's always the same thing, he thinks we're 1 or 2 pieces from winning it all, drafts accordingly, then it usually all falls apart fairly quickly. Hurney is a yes man GM that didn't get a job offer in the NFL after his 1st go round. If he was that great at putting together the team but the coach was the problem, someone would have called him. Instead he ended up doing local sports radio. That says a lot.
  14. Peppers was a consensus number 1 pick that could have gone to the Texans. No real skill with that number 2 pick. Cam is borderline HoF, more for his running skills than passing as a QB. Number 1 pick. Luke was another top 10 pick. Gross top 10 pick. I'd rather draft 0 HoF and actually have a team that competes than sit at home come playoff time and keeps drafting in the top of the draft.
  15. Got together with a few friends and got 150 pounds of chicken just under 100 bucks split 4 ways. I'm out in Washington but I'm sure you guys have the same. Our local farmers are putting together baskets since out farmers markets are closed. Drive up,10-20 bucks depending on what you get, weeks worth of food for a family of 4.
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