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  1. Hurney 1.0 sucked as a GM outside of the first round. The reason we have Cam is he put together the worst team in the NFL. Luke was the result of a not much better season. A couple of gems here and there in his drafts, but for the most part, he poo the bed. GMan was meh in the first. He got Star and Benji looked good until he got hurt. He was never the same after. Shaq was supposed to play a lot sooner than he did because TD was going to retire years ago but that didn't happen. He got CMC and then he whiffed big time on Butler (we'll see if he's any better in the 3-4). He hit some gems too so I'll consider that a wash. And he put together a competitive team despite being in cap hell from 1.0, which was a major accomplishment IMO. 2.0 Hurney drafts aren't looking terrible, but I think it's too soon to crown him GM god. He's making more moves that doesn't leave the huddle scratching their collective heads. The team looks good on paper, let's see how it does on the field.
  2. If I had to guess, I think they were following his instructions because he had the most information at the time regardless of how little it was. I would think he would at least know general location of the shooter, type of weapon from gunfire, auto vs semi, possibly how many shooter(s) from people running out of the building, any possible demand not to enter or more people would be shot, the list goes on. That info would need to be relayed to incident command before orders were given so in theory, it makes some sense as someone on the outside looking in. As far as being the scape goat, he's definitely not the only one responsible in this and it shouldn't all land squarely on his shoulders. The families putting accountability on him alone is not fair or ideal. The shooter is 100% responsible for what happened. No one can say with certainty that if he had entered the building and engaged the shooter that he would have saved anyone. There could have been 18 dead, maybe more if that just fueled the rage even more. A lot of people poo'd the bed in this and blame needs to go to them too. I like to think that I would have done more, I tell myself I would have, but hell, I don't know. If I'm being completely honest, in that instant, I may have frozen too. The only thing I genuinely lay at his feet is directing other officers not to enter. That wasn't his call to make and why he did, we may never really know. This whole thing is once fugged up poo show. Hold people accountable, just make sure it's the right ones accountable for what they really could have done.
  3. Would love to see these 2 guys ball out for the back-up spot. We all know the job is Cam's if he's healthy, as it should be. I would just love to see these guys playing like there's no tomorrow instead of studying the dynamics of a clipboard tension spring like DA.
  4. Cam doesn't fall into line with other QBs. His stats compare to no one else so it's really hard to gauge how much he should make. The biggest question is his shoulder and if he can't throw a pass over 30 yards on game day, you can't pay him 30+ million a year. Opposing defenses have to be afraid of the deep ball and if your QB can't make that pass, it gives the defense a significant advantage regardless of what other ridiculous abilities he has. I hope his shoulder is 90% or better and he can make that throw. If he has an average year by NFL QB standards, I think that's where you have to base your salary offer moving forward.
  5. It looks like part of why he's being held accountable is he ordered other officers to stay back from the building while the shooter was still active. He prevented other officers from taking action is how it's being told and that's where the criminal negligence is coming into play. While it's going to be hard to prove, I think it is possible that his actions of preventing other officers from action meets the standard of recklessness. He knew (how could you not) that by keeping other officers from engaging the shooter, it was likely that other students/faculty would be injured or killed. If they went in, he would have to follow and he obviously didn't seem very eager to do that. A perjury charge has also been added for lying during questioning under oath.
  6. This guy didn't rush in to help. There's a reasonable possibility that he would have become a casualty himself. It's easy to say what you would do in a situation until you have been in that type of situation. What would I realistically have expected from him? 1. call for backup/swat - SRO aren't likely to be trained to handle 1 on 1 shooters. As soon as that's done. Policy may say that he's to "immediately go to confront the shooter" but without specialized training, that just sounds like suicide. Without special training in how to advance on an armed subject alone, I don't think many people would go trying to neutralize a threat like that even if it's policy. 2. get people away from the building and to cover if he's outside and try to get what information from people running as quickly as possible. Information is key in that type of situation and knowing where a shooter is, how many, etc can be readily available to pass on when backup arrives. 3. if in the building, depending on the layout, find a choke point in a hallway and try to keep the shooter from getting past. Act defensively, do not go on the offensive. 4. When backup/swat arrives, be able to give any relevant information to whoever is in charge and go on offense from there. The PD seems to have had a piss poor response time and overall reaction for this as well. His actions seem to have been unreasonable and therein I think lies the real reason he's being charged. By accounts I've seen, it seems he actually hampered action against the shooter instead of helping to resolve the situation faster and I think that's how he gets charged with criminal neglect and it sticks. If he had acted in a reasonable (for his training) manner, maybe not even trying to take down the shooter but just go in and get people out as safely as possible and minimize casualties, I think the conversation changes.
  7. SmokinwithWilly

    Keto Diet

    What I did was figure out what foods I like to eat. Fish, tacos, wings and then build around it. Once of my mainstays has been broccoli slaw with salami and pepperoni added in. Instead of dressing I use ranch dip. It's pretty filling compared to a salad for lunch. What I have found is I don't really eat lunch now, I do 2 or 3 snacks until dinner because I can't really eat a full meal during the day because of my job. I try to do something crunchy with something I can dip because I love crunchy food. Figure out your 10 main meals and then try to adapt off those in a keto friendly version. That will probably help more than anything.
  8. I didnt say with the Pats. I said with BB as HC. With the weapons he had in Indy, I could easily see 7 or 8 rings.
  9. Hard to say if it would be considered a separate influence/being or not. Could just be a giant space alien with a magnifying glass giving out sugar cubes then burning the ants that show up.
  10. I was raised by evangelical Christians and heavily involved in the church as a child, but not for many many years as an adult. The biggest problem I had was whenever I asked the question "Why do you believe what you believe?" was the answer was always because the Bible says or our preacher said. They were puppets of an organized religion with no thought of their own. There were a few who could answer with a genuine reason but that was very rare. As far as the origin of the universe, whether you believe in the Big Bang Theory, or God created it, or some cosmic space monkey threw a piece of poo against an invisible wall and here we are, whatever, I don't care, we do not definitively know the origin of our universe's creation. Don't try to shove your beliefs of where we come from down my throat and I won't try to shove mine down yours. If you want to have a rational discussion about life experiences that have led you to believe what you do, great. If you want to recite a book to me and tell me I'm going to burn in hell unless I convert, piss off. Likewise, if you want to be completely close minded about anything I have to say and scream to me I'm an idiot because I don't follow your views, piss off. The very few true Christians (maybe 10 - 20) I have met were extremely humble people who kept their relationship with God a very close private matter. I didn't have to ask them if they practiced religion, you could see it in their daily lives. They tried to live a life filled with love and compassion for their fellow man, and tried to condemn as little as possible. They might not agree with you, but at the end of the day would still hug you and welcome you back into their home later. I do believe that there is a power greater than ourselves, based on my own personal life experiences, but I absolutely do not believe in organized religion. I am happy to sit down and discuss what I have experienced with anyone in a rational, reasonable manner, but this message board is hardly the place to try and have that kind of discussion. Religion has been perverted and bastardized in so many different ways, not just by Christians. At the end of the day, we should do our best to practice understanding and compassion for each other, instead of the hate and condemnation that makes us feel like we're better than someone else.
  11. For me it's like comparing Manning to Brady with Keuchly and Lewis. Manning was by far the most cerebral QB to ever put on a helmet, but Brady is more over the top talent wise and physically. Both are easily in contention as top 5 QB of all time, but Brady has more rings. With BB as head coach, I think it's possible PM could have had 7 or 8 rings. I think Lewis had more physical ability in his time, but Luke makes up for what he lacks by comparison, with his ability visual gifts of play diagnosis. Either way, if he can play a full career, Luke could easily be in the top 5 MLB of all time conversation.
  12. SmokinwithWilly

    Keto Diet

    I'm on day 6 and the keto flu has just kicked in for me. It's worse this time than it was the first. I'm dragging, feel exhausted and am having a hard time focusing and have a pretty nasty headache. Muscle cramps have increased from dropping so much water so I'm trying to get down more. I know I have a couple more days of this to go, and then I'll feel better but this part straight up sucks. It's strange because I'm not going as hard core as I did the first time, but it's carb deprivation is going strong. 2 more days until my first weigh in but I'm excited. My belt is already at its last hole and my pants are starting to get loose. First small goal is to lose 10 lbs. My first big goal is a pair of pants I've held onto for 4 years because I just knew I would fit into them again.
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