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  1. The one TD is no head scratcher all. Our redzone offense is terrible because when the field is shrunk like that, it's a BIG difference maker for a very young, inexperienced QB, NFL defensive coordinators know this... If Allen can figure out THAT part of his game THEN he may have a chance in this league as a starter. And you're right, those are really good numbers for a young receiver like Moore. Hell, it took Steve Smith 3 seasons to become the "consistent" playmaker he was. One thing I'd like to see in Moore is him finding that extra gear and "shoulder chip". That's the difference with the college game and the pro game, the big play makers have a knack for hitting that nitrous switch to separate and leave everyone in the dust once they get the ball. You can see that he's close, I just hope that it comes full circle.... If he's working hard it will without a doubt. And he's a bit of a quiet, shy type guy... I'd like to see a little MOORE attitude out there. Show us a little passion and fire, a little "I will not be denied" attitude once in a while... As an NFL WR, I think you need some of that to put you over the top, if you watch film, a lot of the great ones had that. Honestly, I think Moore will be fine, the guy CLEARLY has the intangibles. It's just a matter of growth and ummm... dare I say, QB consistency.
  2. Very good point my friend! We live in such an instant gratification, win now society and it's hard to keep that into perspective. You're absolutely right!
  3. He's the 22nd ranked SS in the league and 51st ranked DB... Personally, I'm not sure he's worth it. I sure haven't seen him be a "difference maker". His biggest influence so far is with the media... Yeah, and it's funny how certain people here can't see the potential issue with Reid putting THAT jersey on in that moment... It's laughable.
  4. Are you really naive enough to think that the kind of controversy that a player like Kap and Reid have had around them cannot (like I said, potentially) negatively impact a locker room? Serious? If that's the case then why has Kap been out of the league so long? Why was it such a big thing when the Panthers signed Reid? Why was he out of football and not signed by a team immediately? Deep throating the NFL's boot??? Holy crap man! They are NFL FOOTBALL PLAYERS. This is what they have dedicated their lives to, it's a dream come true to be a part of this and make millions of dollars in doing so. Every single player can have their own personality and believe what they want to believe in, they have that right no problem with that. But when your MAIN focus DURING the season is all about your political beliefs, and you are a key component on defense, and they are relying on you to make plays and you don't.... If I was in that locker room, I'd have something to say for sure, not necessarily out loud, but maybe, depends on the player/ individual I guess. The point is... see how this may disrupt/divide a locker room? It's the EXACT reason teams do not want Kap and why Reid was lucky to get another shot.... That's why it chaps people seeing the interview after the game. They mostly do not care about what his beliefs are, they just see how he was late getting over to help Luke on that bomb to Julio and how our defense just sucks as a whole. Do you REALLY think this kind of controversy can't have a negative effect on a team? Does Reid play like his mind is on the game? I'm not so sure, maybe he just sucks. If it is why use it as a platform? You have a long off season for that. PLENTY of time to express yourself.
  5. Do you see how this thread has turned all political and got way out of bounds? Well imagine what the Panthers locker room could potentially be like. Just all over the place instead of a tight cohesive unit like say.... The Niners. Funny how that's the team Kap and Reid played on huh?
  6. Yep! He knew the journalists were coming and he couldn't WAIT to get that jersey on. That was indeed his primary focus after the team that gave him another shot gets completely embarrassed at home in a "must win" game. This team has no focus, no pulse anymore... *time and place*
  7. Where are our safeties? You mean Eric Reid that was late getting over top help on that play? Well... we all know where his focus is, and it's miles away from being the best NFL safety and Carolina Panther he can be. There's something Tepper could address "FOCUS"!
  8. When Reid says, "I think every team in the league could use Colin's help", it's probably not the type of help ANYONE is thinking about or needs for that matter.
  9. I don't blame people for leaving. This team actually plays worse AT HOME. How is that even possible? Everyone is tired of this s*&t show.
  10. And it's not like he won't get that $300,000 (or whatever it is) "fat and strong" check this week. These guys make big, big bucks for that reason too, so I do not feel sorry for him, DW is a grown ass man he should KNOW how to be grounded.
  11. Lol, these guys are millionaires!! Deal with the harsh criticism or perform better... Period!. Our offensive line as a whole is a complete joke, I could line up at DE and get a sack against them damn. Maybe they NEED some negative publicity to motivate their overpaid asses, because clearly coaching isn't doing it.
  12. VERY GOOD point!! I think this sums it up about as well as it can be... Nice job!
  13. For the most part, I think EVERYONE would agree with this statement no matter how they have labeled Allen. That's exactly what most of us think "fair" would be here. Definitely... Fair enough!!
  14. Congrats all!! , @LinvilleGorge, I've always wanted to ask you about that name. I grew up in the Linville area, just outside of Linville. Been to Linville Gorge and Linville Falls so many times I cannot count, basically was my stomping grounds. It truly is GORGEous there! I miss it a lot sometimes.
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