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  1. These coaches have this team where they are. They r not calling a perfect game...but 15-1...really?! i am pissed as can be, but our coaches r solid.
  2. I'm sorry, but your 'derp, b/c Cam throws high' comment seems, your words 'retarded'. Why try throwing other peoples opinions under the bus? Because you have all of the answers? Seems sophomoric. You think Gettleman its not aware & it is NOT a consideration that Cam throws high?! I will guarantee you that it is. Is it the primary analysis? Likely not. Gettleman is not so simple that it's all about size or all about Cam...he assessed this player & obviously really likes his skills. From watching college, I've always liked hat I saw out of Funchess...will be interesting to see him & Benjamin lined up on 5'10" CBs.
  3. Yeah, I think we all need to know the Panthers have been in good hands with G-Man. Reaching for 'need' is never a long-term winning proposition. We wouldn't have Luke if we only drafted for 'our' 'perceived' needs. I too worry about our OL (G-Man's aversion to taking them early), but am glad he isn't just reaching b/c everyone will feel like he 'gets it'...he does get it. Both the 1st Rd pick & moving up to take Funchess surprised me, but I think we will be a better team b/c of both.
  4. Yeah, I agree completely...especially with the "no GM knows" comment. Everyone has their 'sense', but ultimately it comes down to do you sit & wait OR is 'that' player the palyer who will make a huge difference. IF he is, & the GM is right, it is all worth it. I love forward to seeing to monsters on the field, especially in light of the fact that our franchise QB throws high on a regular basis...so to that point, I understand Funchess....just wish we waited instead of giving up picks.
  5. With what G-Man was looking for, we could have traded out of our #1 & got Shaq Thompson (probably without moving up in the 2nd, but if we did move up...take where we took Funchess), then Funchess in the 3rd (maybe giving up another pick or so to be sure). It seemed like a reach. Anyone know if they thought DGB was still available at that time? He went right before I think...that would have made sense to me.
  6. DawgzLife

    Panthers Begin Head Coach Search?

    Problem is...a coach is supposed to be the 1 to motivate the team. If he needs pressure like this to perform...he is not the answer.
  7. DawgzLife

    Panthers Begin Head Coach Search?

    You think Gettleman needs to 'defend' this?! Not me. Rivera has had plenty of time to put a winner on the field. He's never put the team in the running for the playoffs, even with some great talent overall. I hope it's not only true, but that we actually make the change. NFL is a win now league & he has shown that he can only win in garbage time. If we go to the playoffs, he may deserve to stay, but nothing less. I am likely the moves Gettleman is making, so far.
  8. DawgzLife

    Panthers Begin Head Coach Search?

    Hope this is true. I'm not sold after 1 solid win against the Giants (zero wins) & where our DL was insanely in BEASTMODE. We will see in November against the Flacons where we really are. The cards, vikes, rams & bucs would all be beat by the talent on this team with a top notch coaching staff. Time for Rivera to put up or shut up. Come to think of it, Rivera actually doesn't say much 1 way of the other.
  9. My bad...I haven't posted enough yet to not be a newbie obviously! :o I happened to look at that area for the 1st time & it listed it as a 'groaned at' post. Groaned at seemed to indicate bad to me. Thanks for the clarification & helping me to get the rookie mistakes out! :)

  10. Dawgz.......Pie is good. :)

  11. You groaned me for posting 'A Dash of Optimism (+ team decisions)'?! Afraid I don't understand. It was a post supporting our team & you never posted any opposition to describe why you disagreed or didn't like it (instead you gave me pie?). Color me confused.